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    only earlier patches in ff14 are free content. later endgame is locked. in aion the whole content is free for one hour a day.

    i keep wondering what you lot would prefer:

    1. no free time at all and call the game pay-to-play
    2. call the game 1h-free-to-play-a-day so your semantics are corrected
    3. make the game free-to-play for the first two maps of a race and pay-to-play for the rest (like ff14)

    Man do you know how much playtime are the earlier patch ?
    - Hopefully lategame is locked since it's supposed to be a P2P Game... what's your point ?

    - They litterally have no reason to compare here lol you can play on ff14 100h+ without paying and still discover.

    - That what we call a subscription content.

    you can't compare that with 1h of playtime.

    (And i have the Aion subscription so.. i'm not just saying bad things for free)