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    EU drop rates are the exact same KR and NA had when they were on the same version. As for events, most events other regions are running right now don't exist for our version, just as they didn't have them back then :)

    We know the drop situation is very tricky though and we're doing best to try and guarantee a more enjoyable experience for you

    Well, you guys knew drop situation is very tricky since first few weeks since people were angry about it... yet after, lets say, 3 months? no changes at all except 2weeks drop event which for example always include Nohsana(WHY?!) and currently no BT.

    And of course this issue in threads below is soooo enjoyable that many players already left. For who exactly is vendor price nerf enjoyable?

    NPC Vendor prices 2009 vs 2023

    "It will be worth farming monsters"

    Double loot or whatever is coming tomorrow. "Lets try to ease the tension" - GF

    Gameforge, please apply the NA rates and avoid the 2.5 or 2.7 mess that caused the game to be on life support. The game is good but beside those who buy from bots, you won't have any fair player left at some point unless they are crazy or knows the timer of named monsters since they loot at least.

    • [Event] Siel's Instance Drop Boost - more information tomorrow - End: 20.09

    So i guess nothing will change in long term and we only get our mouth shut by adding drop boost from time to time...

    Can also be adressed the fact that vendor price for selling drops was nerfed to the ground + added daily limit? Nobody is buying the statement that reason was to stop bots...its perfect opposite and its money shower for bot owners.

    Either nobody from GF team is playing (which i believe because otherwise you would stop this nonsense) or there is different connection behind this...

    Same situation 10 years ago, nothing's changed I guess.

    Damn, that´s pretty huge difference.

    Wish we could get any reasonable official statement from GF, especialy about drop rates. Leveling part is only annoying but i guess everybody can live with that since its nothing compared to 1.2 or so (its not like you have to do lvl via mob grind because there is literaly nothing else) but drop rates issue is the critical point here. In combination with the massive 75% selling price nerf it is just too much to overlook...

    Celes  Drestam  Fossilo

    The reason for such horrible loot nerf is the bot situation...

    Which actually doesn´t affect them at all and only regular players suffer from this idiotic idea/"wannabe solution". Every drop and especially price for selling drop items is nerfed af. But nobody from GF is actually playing the game so nothing will change.

    Wonder sometimes how current search algorythm for dredgion works. Played usually solo (yes, i wasnt geared for the glorious +10 only parties but thats not the point) dred as SM and often waiting time was arround 1h but mostly had normal team composition, always healer, either both chanter and cleric or either, rarely without tank. Rerolled then to Chanter, lvled up and started going dred, almost always it was only Cleric/Chanter party in solo entry. Ofc i rather spent some time and searched for some pt or created one but still WTF.

    Dont be undergeared. It´s a PVP Instance that requires PVP Gear ....*Facepalm*

    Since there was this one sentence in patch notes, does it mean that lvl50+ drops will be still sold at NPC for that ridiculously reduced price?

    The daily Kinah sales limit for characters of level 51 and higher have been increased to
    2,000,000 Kinah.

    I mean i thought the idea was to be anti-bot solution but since this only affects regular players and there is milion bots + will be even more, can´t this shit be already lifted or reversed to original?

    I´ts hilarious when you go to mist armor merchant in Eltnen and you see low lvl blue gear that you can rent for 14days for price per piece that you can´t even have, not to mention all parts together (i know you get Rank armor for campaign it was only example). Either update every pricing (especialy skillbooks:?::!:) or dont touch that at all.

    Would love to have any response from GF about economy in this game. What was purpose of nerfing price for selling droped white/green items by so damn much, removing kinah from campaigns where basically you are not able to buy skills while you lvl up to 50 etc. I´m not saying we should get fabled item from every mob!!

    This definitely should be some kind of road where you slowly making progress, some joy of drops or enchanting weap/armor to +10, BUT when GF makes players struggle purposely with kinah so hard only makes them leave instead of paying siel aura again or buying premium pass.

    I wanted to experience the real 1.0 classic Aion where you struggle for months with leveling and green/blue armor... Such a shame that we get the easy version.

    And what exactly prevents you from struggling for months with green armor if you like that?

    I´m pretty sure he meant that everyone would struggle in obtaining some decent gear. Not some kind of masochism and running arround in empty green gear while all have SR set or many with 30/e30. Don´t think really think you could speedrun lvl50 within 2-3days back there same as we can in this version. (Ofc most of us don´t have that much free time for such grind tho)

    Sugar there is no "main"server... there are 2 servers to choose from and Taha isn't less thAn Atre by any means what so ever.

    LOL just check registered chars on myAion and you will clearly see that what you wrote is pretty far from truth. Of course numbers are not 100% accurate but still its quite huge difference, which only grew larger after opening Atreia character creation

    Open your eyes, there is lot of ppl :)

    Honestly i hope the idea of transfer or merge isn´t out of GF table.

    Last week i started leveling ranger(Taha, elyos side) and all locations before Heiron are quite empty, except of course bot trains, either the normally walking or teleporting ones. Dont get me wrong, i understand that many people are already at 50 and i finished 1st char when majority of server hit 50 so i know it won´t be same and that those 50s have almost nothing to do in these locations but walking in Sanctum or standing at Eltnen fort feels much much emptier. Definitely connection issues did some damage to player base, then opening Atreia cut some numbers from Taha and then release of D4 was pretty noticable.

    But as first post already stated, people will lose desire to play on server with declying population mostly filled with so many bots (still don´t get why nothing happens to them with all the video/picture proof being sent, whether GF has some kind of deal with ppl who are running bots or just want to proudly show great number of players ) and many players like myself simply don´t have that much time to start from 0 on main server

    Well, I wrote to support about the sudden blocking of my account. I had spent a lot of money in the game (shame on me). And what I heard, you think my account was unlocked? NOPE! Just asked to understand, forgive and blah, blah, blah...


    Support answer:

    Nice PR bs, if we at least could see any improvement. Bought aura + maxed up pass so i kinda feel you bro.

    Anyways saddest part is that Classic was few times delayed and we had such massive problems within first month after launch. Wasn´t there enough time to be prepared for such scenarios?? I´m sure Tahabata lost many players once Atreia was opened but with all current problems it ends up pretty empty if you ever (crossed fingers) manage to fix it and ofc Transfer/merge then isn´t planned=won´t happen

    Wait, so they really banned tons of random players? So we pay them for siel aura, pass etc to have nonstop unstable servers then we get banned and WE have to bother to write ticket which takes long to solve so there is another weekend where we are unable to play and yet there is again no official statement and we have to guess what is going on??

    Is this all some out of season april fools joke??

    Nice, waiting 1h in qeue to get droped out of dred. So glad we have that amazing 15% (LOL) AP boost event so i can spend whole day after work to get that AP back... oh wait...I CANT!

    Won´t honestly reopening character creation on Atreia kill Tahabata? Already Tahabata population number on myaion is not just "slightly" lower than Atreia (not sure how accurate the numbers are) but 1k for Temp/sin and 2k for other classes. If many players leave now to join main server that won´t be much balance. I wanted to join with gf but she couldn´t make it due bussines trip so we both went to Tahabata and if there won´t be any transfer options its not very cool to end up on the empty server. Not sure to continue buying premium pass + siel under such conditions.

    *Keep dumb comments like "lmao it just takes few days to get it all back looool" for yourselves, some people simply don´t have that much time like we used to and to catch up almost month takes more than just few days.