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    Started to play on the EAS few days ago and noticed a mistake in the current leveling system regarding the campaign quest. At first it's very confusing because it shows for example level 17, while in fact if you press J it's starting level 27.

    Is this supposed to be like that regarding the new leveling system or just a bug? because as you start out, At first you don't exactly know where to go

    Maybe it would be good to change that.:D

    I've played elyos since the beginning, due to friends leaving i played asmo for a while, And switched back to good old elyos. Regardless the community, it doesn't really matter which side you play. Both sides have great people, and not so great people. also both are strong factions, And both are crowded. Ofcourse there are more Elyos then Asmo but still...

    In all the years i play so far it's always been like this.

    Chose on what you prefer :) and play for fun. not faction wise.

    Thank you!!! finally someone who mentions it :)

    I play this game since about 2012, Ofcourse it's not as long as the old veterans in this game. But i can easily tell you a lot of people feel the same about old aion and wanting it back.

    Most of us miss these places a lot and have such good memories coming with them, Sillus mountains, North and South Katalam. Sometimes even the endless pvp for getting your strife gear while trying to do your garissons.

    All with all the game changed a lot, A lot of old people left the game, and a lot of new joined. Luckily the game became very new user friendly and a lot easier to level nowadays. If the level system would be the same as when Katalam was still alright, it kinda would've been a pain in the ass :D

    even though die hard player or casual, enjoy the game as many as you can :)