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    Why put a new set into the game, then change the medal system in a way that makes it unattainable for like 95% of the playerbase?

    I had no opinion on this yet but then i read this sentence and I like it the way it is. 55lvl ELITE means only elite (most hardcore) playerbase should have it. 5% is fine.

    And months of grind is good too.

    On the other hand if gameforge plans to release new update 3.0 or whatever it will be as fast as they implemented 2.0 then it makes no sense to grind it, true. It all depends how much they want to push new content.

    Ok its not 1,2kk, but 1,5kk then. Didnt fact check it.

    But the point of my post is still the same !

    (ps. and fact that most of us dont even know current kinah limit means it DOES NOT affect normal players)

    Since there was this one sentence in patch notes, does it mean that lvl50+ drops will be still sold at NPC for that ridiculously reduced price?

    The daily Kinah sales limit for characters of level 51 and higher have been increased to
    2,000,000 Kinah.

    I mean i thought the idea was to be anti-bot solution but since this only affects regular players and there is milion bots + will be even more, can´t this shit be already lifted or reversed to original?

    I´ts hilarious when you go to mist armor merchant in Eltnen and you see low lvl blue gear that you can rent for 14days for price per piece that you can´t even have, not to mention all parts together (i know you get Rank armor for campaign it was only example). Either update every pricing (especialy skillbooks:?::!:) or dont touch that at all.

    u re talking about gear for rent that is outdated and not worth it at all because you can buy goldies in broker or get rank gear while leveling. So bad comparsion (devs forgot to remove that gear from the game)

    1,2kk up to 2kk is decent lift. Keep in mind it only applies to items sold to NPC (aka. white or green armor or weapon). Kinah from Udas box, or kinah from broker sell doesnt count to this limit.

    To farm 2kk kinah purely from items to sell to NPC u have to farm for about 4 hours nonstop. Not many players can manage to invest so much time, not to say it is super boring. So while it is the best protection against bots, who kill those mobs 24/7, it wont affect many normal players.

    Look at this:

    A good computer can run up to +- 6 bots.

    NOW its 1.200.000 kinah per bot per day

    AFTER its 2.000.000 kinah per bot per day

    NOW one computer inflates economy by a whole new 7.200.000 kinah per day.

    AFTER one computer inflates economy by a whole new 12.000.000 kinah per day.

    A 40% increase. Almost double as much kinah as now.

    Idk what exactly you suggest as a solution because you didnt provide any solution or suggestion. But lets say its lifted to 5kk per day.

    That would mean you would buy literally nothing if u didnt pay real money for kinah. Because those who do, would push prices literally 100% or 1000%.


    DPS meter for an S rank/Stormwing Rush ok but for a mere DP A/Adma? and link wep, when the purpose is to get gear/wep and switch that Grogi Gear with a better one. Some of us do not have a credit card or bot army backing us. Btw some people just use it to humiliate others and not to teach them in a polite manner, that is very toxic.

    DPS meter is the most useful tool ever made for mmo-rpgs, Aion included. Absolutely legal to use. Not only when i run DP S or Stormwing, I always check DPS info about a player even for stupid Udas.

    There are plenty of players online and why would i take someone who is not on the same level (skill/gear wise) as me? It is simply to guarantee a quality and to avoid any unnecessary problems or delays with instance. And to quarantee that this player is not a noob and will not waste my time.

    Argument "Why we need to link weapon when we actually GO here for a weapon?"

    -Well we all had to start somewhere. You can run instances with ungeared newbies like you, and dont waste a time of someone who already did that and is better geared.

    In life, when you start doing ANY sport, ANY business or whatever. You always start with people on the same level. You wont play League of Champions when u just started playing football few weeks ago.

    You wont run with really good geared players when you just installed aion few weeks ago.

    It makes sense. If you HAVE dps, then u have nothing to hide. If you SUCK, then you cant expect GG players to take you into instances. Simple as that. Fair

    EDIT: To me, it is extremely selfish, ignorant and bad behaviour to want go to instance/dredgion with much better geared and way more skilled players. You should stick to players who are as good as you and as geared as you. Simple

    EDIT 2: WAYY BIGGER problem i face from tiem to time is "GG ONLY" parties recruiting in lfg, while all of them suck hard, no gear and no skill at all. That should be bannable. They wasted my time so many times. I ALWAYS WANT TO LINK WEAP AND SHOW DPS to avoid these scammers joining my group.



    Because I have some self-reflection, so i know what i am capable of

    1, I have not much time to play Aion

    2. Dont think I would be a good leader

    Better question is: Why are these people leading??

    Asmo on server Tahabata suck.

    Most sieges are led by players who dont have inteligency, qualities or experience to lead. It is because one legion - i will not name - is recruiting 10 alliances more than 60 minutes before each siege (literal spam - LFG is filled with it)

    After months of failures and bad leadership , half of asmodian is not even following them anyway. They skip sieges or go rather solo. Those so called "leaders" are now not respected, not followed by most, but yet they totally spam out whole LFG channel 60-90 min before each siege time

    And while leveling my alt in Fire Temple i met alts of those so called "leaders" they were acting like kids, blaming and flaming our party leader (not me) for bad pulls and for everything. Then said something like "You cant lead even FT group, pass me leader" and then "tonight i will show you how i lead siege, you cant even lead FT group"

    Yet he is capable of capturing lower abyss sieges only, but he is pretending to be Connor McGregor in FT

    Just putting it here as feedback so everyone knows. If you wanna play aion because of sieges, dont go taha asmo.

    While it shocks me to read how much time some players invest in trying to defend, excuse and legitimate botting and abusing, it also disappoints me how disapproving they are about suggestions. Admitted, one suggestion alone might not solve the issue, but several small ones might improve the situation.

    If you like bots and cheats, that is fine by me in the way that I can not change it and it being your opinion. However, stop inventing bizzare arguments to defend it.

    "If you like bots and cheat" - what? Did anyone mention cheats here?

    bizzare arguments? and yet no answers on them. Only super-naive fantasy answers which make no sense at all.... lol

    1. But they can lvl up to 30 fully automatic under 4 hours maybe? What u gonna exactly stop them spam lfg? And when someone buys kinah, he can literally search it on google. Plus you isolate potential new players who will feel very alone not able to find group for anything. I think this one is not making any sense.

    2. one evening run in brusthonin, bro, what u gonna stop? Again, they can level up 50 lvls in matter of few days. You ban one, there is another one the next day. You cant fight bots this way. And its literally one full-time job, not 15min one evening. LOL. With lot, i mean really lot of responsibility (every bot must be proven to be bot). You cant make one mistake. Its not so easy as you see it plus its never ending fight. Literally, if it have worked, they would be doing it, dont you think?

    EDIT: One full-time job which is pretty useless in the end.

    3. AP selling is very small problem, out of 10k players maybe 100 of them buy AP? idk, too small problem to waste resources fighting it. And i dont really see it as a problem. And about AP trading, it doesnt work, its a myth. Many people try it and then they see its so overrated.

    4. You think when someone wanna buy kinah, they wont because they dont see links in lfg? What is so hard to type two words in google?

    Bro i know how economy works and trust me, there will always be bots and kinah sellers, they ar ein every single mmorpg, in literally every single one. And they WILL be there, in literally every single one mmorpg! That means, if things get expensive because of lack of bots, rich players (rich in real life) will be the only one able buying it. Because they will always buy kinahs no matter how expensive it is. They dont care, because they make in one hour passively more money than you in month. Having this much bots makes it more fair for you and u dont even know it.

    EDIT2: Also, on Tahabata server there is already problem to buy some scrolls and food. Because of lack of bots. So even now, its sometimes hard to buys it. Demand is much higher than supply. Imagine if there is 0 bots. You wont buy shlt cuz rich arabian will buy it before you 10x overpriced.

    Stil waiting for your guide how to stop bots. What you provided wont stop sh1t. Sorry

    Why do you believe every sh1t posted somewhere on the internet? Anyone can say anything, but you clarly believe only what you want to believe. Disinformation at its best. I can say on discord that i spent 1bil kinah ..............

    Bots are not a problem at all. I remember first week or two everyone was begging for them. Everything was sooooo overpriced. You cant imagine how expensive would be pots/scrolls.

    Instead of crying about bots, can someone actually say WHA TO DO? Can you find a solution? Come on. No MMORPG in the world knows how to deal with bots yet so maybe you are smart enough and you tell us.

    An active GameMaster banning them? - ok double the price of Siel aura. Not a solution.

    And stupid kids saying "I can do it for free" , well this is not how it works. You are completely naive and lost.

    Lol why the F would i provide info about how they do it? Half the server who cares about that knows who were the players that did that. I have nothing to prove to you n offense but your opinion matters the same to me like mine to you, as it seems 0.

    P.s Get a life

    Why you so mad? Can you talk like a normal human without all this angry a rudeness? I quess not.

    You have nothing to prove because u cannot prove. There is AP cap that is working really well against trading. You can literally gain little bit AP thats it. NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS PER DAY like you claim. you are a liar.

    PS: I cant take seriously literally noone here cuz you are all lying and if i KNOW you lie about one thing, how can i trust you that rest of your claims arent mad eup lies aswell. Please provide only facts, not assumings, not what you are thinking. But Facts.

    Things often works different way than you think. So dont think. Use valid facts as arguments.

    You dont know what are you talking. Before you talk about something, you better check facts and do some research.

    There is not working "no gravity" hack in aion because Gameforge implemented protection against it, server-side check teleports you back to ground. It works on retail, not on classic.

    The point is if you create another account you need to level it up to 50lvl and then you need to log in to it everyday to sell it. Manually cuz programming all this is not worth it - impossible. For 2 euro daily, too much of work.

    There is nothing such as soloing boss. You are liar. Nobody can do it. There is NO hack that can help you to solo boss. It was 12 years ago. Not now.

    How can someone trade hundreds of thousands of AP?

    You can kill the same person 5x - 6x per day to gain AP from him.

    Per person max like 3k ap per day. (if you kill each other at same rank)

    please provide exact guide how is it possible. Or you are liar.

    No, the game will keep losing players over time just like any other mmorpg we have out there

    It´s not nearly the same situation as for all other mmorpgs out there. AIONs first turn was the same situation as for all other mmorpgs but AION classic is the second (and last) chance for AION and GAmeforge (and the natural outcome) screwed so many things:

    - the enourmos bot problem they don´t handle

    - the kinah income problem that is calculated by Gameforge

    - the AP gain problem

    - Tahabata as a second really underpopulated server

    - the technical problems

    - and the natural run of things that lots of people are disappointed because they check, that AION classic isn´t the old AION they new (not to blame Gameforge here).

    This and more is why AION classic already lost plenty of players and why should already disappointed players invest more time and money in a new patch 2.0? Sure, you satisfy those who wanted 2.0 from start but you dissappoint those, who wanted and want 1.9 or less, so its a zero sum game for player numbers with a slight variation up or down.

    mostly agree with u with one expection of bots. I think gameforge handled bots very well. They reduced world drops and kept droprate in instances which is one of the best protections against bots (unpopular opinion).

    They set kinah limit nearly impossible to reach by a normal player (with real life) but against a good protection against bots.

    All this makes it "too hard" for botters and they rather choose other games to bot in.

    Check this video:

    if u compare it to world of warcraft, aion is almost bot-less !!!

    If you want to play MMORPG without bots, on an official server, then dont play mmorpg because they are totally everywhere and gameforge handles this war perfectly.

    go show me other mmorpg with LESS AMOUNT OF BOTS

    This here is about AION and Gameforge only and just talking about myself, I don´t give a s..t how other games I don´t play deal with bots or not. And just because other companies do it worse doesn´t mean automatically Gameforge does it good.....

    Gameforge does it better than any other company = they do it actually good.

    or pelase define what does "good" mean.

    edit: After a little bit of thinking its looks very similar to real world where unsuccessful people start blaming government for they bad lives. Very simillar here, some players might be just very bad and so they blame it on gameforge or botters. Is it you?

    In fact. Botting is not destroying this game at all. I dont notice much of inflation on my server.

    One really good PC with newest cpu can run up to about 10 bots on virtual machines. That PC costs lot of money and if you do botting for living you cant work/use that PC for anything else.

    So then there is a kinah sell limit which is very hard to bypass as you need to be lvl50 to unlock current max limit.

    Means if you run 10 bots and u make about 2M kinah on each char its 20M kinah daily. About 20 euro. And you need to pay bills to run that pc.

    Its not attractive for botters and its overrated. All this botting problem is overrated and overhyped.

    Kinah sellers in aion make nowhere near the same money as they do in other games. Not talking about liquidity, because sell kinah in aion is much harder.

    Just instead of blaming gameforge go show me other mmorpg with LESS AMOUNT OF BOTS compared to playerbase. I am very interested. And name atleast few of them.

    Aion deals with bots perfectly.

    mostly agree with u with one expection of bots. I think gameforge handled bots very well. They reduced world drops and kept droprate in instances which is one of the best protections against bots (unpopular opinion).

    They set kinah limit nearly impossible to reach by a normal player (with real life) but against a good protection against bots.

    All this makes it "too hard" for botters and they rather choose other games to bot in.

    Check this video:

    if u compare it to world of warcraft, aion is almost bot-less !!!

    If you want to play MMORPG without bots, on an official server, then dont play mmorpg because they are totally everywhere and gameforge handles this war perfectly.