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    How can i see what version Im playing as haven't noticed solo instances

    Well, NA has 2.8 or something, here we have 2.5 now. You can select to do campaign instances in solo mode now if you click on the entrance. However, those are just for the quest, you won't get loot from them.

    Awesome thanks for the information I wasn't aware.

    1) Yes the classic version is probably the best if you're trying the game for the first time.

    2) You can level without siel, but you will have a lot of limitation including for loots. Given you will probably level solo, believe me you want better gear than grey/white loots or you will get smashed by mobs.

    Siel is pretty much mandatory and as for more $ needed, if you want to be competitive yes you will have to spend a lot of money even in classic (or farm instances 8 hours a day - because inflation from RMT makes everything very expensive if you grind instead of purchasing kinah).
    If you don't care at all like I do, you should be fine and progress at your own pace, just expect to die in pvp..a lot :)

    If anything try it for the combat system during leveling, it's really the best of this game i'd say.

    3) Sure, but make sure to choose Atreia as a server, Taha is quite dead.

    4) Never played on NA I can't answer on that, but NA is more advanced in patches and has less players.

    Ami dans le sens que tu as confiance et qu'il ne te ment pas sur l'envoi de l'énergie de siel, vu que c'est la méthode habituelle.

    Vérifie que le logo siel en jeu n'as pas plus de temps, sinon dit lui de contacter le support, personne d'officiel ne s'occupera du problème sur le forum.

    Le fix c'est de prendre les deux et d'en abandonner une.
    Mais oui c'est chiant, heureusement qu'à partit de la quête rang 5 ça change de PNJ.

    J'ai eu le même problème sur une autre quête aussi.

    Voila, l'inflation massive provoquée par les kinah pas cher des bots augmente le pouvoir d'achat artificiellement chez les joueurs qui RMT, qui se permettent d'acheter très cher, et donc tous les prix des items recherchés gonflent.

    Après par ruissellement sur les items plus basiques qui voient aussi leur prix augmenter par réaction, les joueurs en récupère une partie (ils gagnent plus).

    Mais globalement le péquin moyen se retrouve à devoir farmer de plus en plus pour suivre.

    apparently we have a different definition of new players.

    There are no such new players by your definition. Why should a real new player who never played AION start with AION, no matter if classic or live? This is a 12 year old game with old graphics, old engine, bad support, etc. If you start AION classic as 100% vanilla you have to deal with veterans with 12 years of experience, high end gear, etc. If you start classic as 100% vanilla you deal with veterans with 12 years of experience, who mostly know their classes and every way and trick, to reach goals faster and better. So why the hell should a 100% new player who never played AIOn hate himself that much to punish himself with competing with veterans?

    Well i'm a new player to the game, so they exist :)

    But I agree that given the toxicity and unhelpfulness of most so called "veterans" staying is quite a feat, and only people liking extreme difficulty would stay.

    Drestam: Rise the droprate and get kinah to the mobs (open world and instanzes) so pple will be very happy. I know its a risk because of bots...

    Literrally the worse fix that could be done out of many many possibilities.
    Don't do that.

    Just make sickness cheaper, and merchant crafting goods cheaper as well
    (like 4x cheaper, you can't craft a blue bow or staff that will hardly sell for 50k, if it costs 125k in merchant materials - and this affect also the price of plants and aether as nobody is crafting)

    I also read issues with fusion costs, and I find class specific items too expensive as well vs the kinah made.

    Fixing those prices should get the economy more fluid and headed in a better direction in my book.

    I agree that the soul sickness part at least is quite *sick*.

    I'm new to the game and yesterday I did my first "Nochsana Training Camp"

    Not only did it took me 3 hours as I wiped quite a lot, but I accumulated 185 000 kinah of soul sickness in the process.

    Now I insisted because I looted a stigma, so I thought it would make up for the sickness cost reselling it, boy I was wrong.

    The damn stigma is worth 50 kinah... And the other mats I got 1000.

    I'm at a 184 000 kinah loss for that first dungeon, and will never enter it again.

    I will probably never do any hard to tackle content at this point, as a bit too much death means 2 days of intensive farming to make up for the losses.

    Actually if this continues i'll just never heal soul sickness again (and I purchased the daeva pass but the way it is, you just can't play without those scrolls in hard content, unless you almost never die - which is hard when you don't know the encounters at all)

    This is broken design.