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    Is that a customised change for Aion Classic EU? Because on Aion Classic NA the items in those pet storages would just flood the inventory when expired and the unclaimed items in daeva passes would be sent to ones mailbox. That was a much better solution than trapping people into buying another pet.

    Thank you for clarifying.

    I don't know for NA classic, but on retail we had to bought another pet back then 'til later (don't remember if system changed or not)

    I also remember it like that, if the pet has the same storage capacity their basically shared inventory, so any 24 space pet would have the same as the current shugo lad.

    I vividly remember people tossing Manastones left and right when Aion originally released in europe. It was quite the inventory hog so either you kept just the main ones or you planned around having space for a full set of the current level as you would drop them constantly.

    Which was actually needed, because you needed a lot of them to get them in. Prices on Manastones were always pretty high already on the specific ones everyone wanted, with no good way to make kinah and almost non-existant drop rate of manastones they will be almost unobtainable.