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    The problem aren't even the drop rates, in dungeons or farming elites , it still drops pretty decent, but it requires hard bashing.
    The most annyoing & frustrating part is the kinah selling hard cap = around 2mil i guess, haven't checked that, but when i reached that out i was like : WTF ! Srly!

    Drops aren't terrible but even with hard bashing you can't make money , because you are limited by the game. Game me out !

    Depends on what you were farming , i suppose all mobs are not equally balanced in terms of loot table & %, did some farming aswell, on some type of mobs i even got 2 items on the same mob, farming was pretty ok, others that were even higher level were not droping anything.

    Not having white items on every mob is very fine for me, it's a bashing korean game, that being said, perhaps what's most frustrating is just the empty window with nothing in it, no even a bunch of kinahs.

    Might need to increase a bit certain drops % but not at some delirious levels some people around here are pointing. (this aion is not the vanilla aion , that's a fact).

    If some people came here for that, they bought the wrong product. the original aion was way more difficult but indeed more rewarding as well. I suppose u can't get everything, fast leveling, with tons of kinahs & so on, has to be a balance , else everyone will leave the boat in 3 weeks.

    -- Before quoting people, please learn to read first, than analyse & understand what's written , might help you in the future. --

    NB: Never said this Aion Classic is the same as the original Aion, way too easy to grind now & alot of different stuff, bosses may have been nerfed or it's way too easy to get fat stuff (not to mention the full gold on steel rake at 44 i mean Srly ! this stuff is nuts ) & my memory is very good, it would have taken u ages to drop this kind of stuff in the old ages where it was group dungeon. Whatsoever, the drop rates are better the way they are in this version than in the original Aion, where u could just be bilionaire by farming. The gear is supposed to be hard to get, the special stigmas are not meant to be in your slots day 1. Let the game be a bit difficult if not for the easy dungeons.

    Farmed at theobomos (not calydons) for about 2h , left with 700k of items, doing just regular quests.

    It is funny how People who obviously dont know what they are talking about trying to persuade people that what we have right now as 'classic' is totally fine , i was playing Aion since Aion 1.2 up until 4.6 and if things would be even close to what it was i would not have complained on this forum at all.
    No one wants an "easy farming or easy game" we want a game that resembles Aion from 2009-2010 and what we have now is far from it with all this nerfed drop rate, removed drops and obviously the nerfed kinah selling while everything from NPC shops/skillbooks and soulsickness cost is still the same like when items were selling for 4-5 x more and had more drops too. Plus some items even costing more etc.

    I played the old aion aswell when it first released in Europe, the economy was crappy, divine stones (paralyse) were selling for 180m , not to mention high lvl enchants & crit / attack stones, It was possible to make dozens of millions of kinahs every day if u knew where to run , that does not look like a healthy game to me, too much $$ destroys the game economy.There was no problem buying out ur deaths, so what's the point ? u die without any penalty's ? Easy Game, that's what people like nowdays, games for casuals, farming 10mins per week & being able to get the best gear available. Get me out !
    I prefer to have less items , & be careful to what u're doing, ain't supposed to die every 2mins, so no problems with money so far.

    People keep complaining 24/7, This version of the game is already way too easy compared to the real Aion Classic.

    Drop rates are not as the classic were but not as terrible as described around. as far as i'm concerned. Haven't got issues with death penalty, nor skills to buy , people just need to farm mobs & do quests.

    If you want the easy way well, maybe it's not the right game, it used to be a hard bashing game not a random game for casuals that farm 10mins / week.

    That being said, a slight increase in drop rate won't hurt the game too much but i'm pretty happy with the way it is for now.(yes i like bashing & earn kinahs the hard way).

    Welcome to the club, a lot of us are in the same situation , not able to play with friends, nor having the possibility to transfer the char to the other server, Hopefully they will do something about it & very quickly , before people get off the boat

    That's not the point. I have a life actually & can't afford countless hours on video games every day, & many people are in the same situation, so you don't want to restart the hard work, (why would you).

    NB: you can be hardcore for a limited period of time (still need to work to live).


    This may sound weird to some, but some people actually have a life , jobs & co . Since Gameforge closed Atreia there is no way to play with friends that came after the release, and no one wants to restart fresh after a lot of time & investment in he's character.

    Give us a solution to play with friends, and actually release some places on atreia. Give us Free character TRANSFER to Tahabata !

    Fewer people on Atreia, better balance between servers & happy people that can play together. We are already many people ready to transfer if this option is given to us.

    NB: Servers transfer is already implemented in Aion & it is not something new that can't be done.

    If you think this should be done by GameForge, like the post.