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    This is how it works. Then you buy cosmetics from AION shop for $$$ and sell it to the market for kinah. Brilliant idea GF. Nostalgia got me here so i came back to Aion and i hoped to stay longer then 1 month. But looks like GF is not giving a fk so it will be a time to leave soon. Was a great journey till 50 (except drop table and kinah rate).
    maybe ill come back later on.

    I did a 10 NTC runs and i got 11 stigmas. 5 of them was ranger stigma for elyos faction....and iam an asmo. So this shows a state of the game. How unbalanced drop is. Iam almost 50 and never dropped stigma for my class. I had to buy it in the market.
    With 10 NTC runs, 9 FT runs, 5 Steel Rake runs, DC, ADMA...not a single stigma drop for my class.

    This game will die soon trust me .. Its all about getting Daeva premium. I give this game max 6 months.

    I have the same opinion.
    They had one fkin job. Bring back og Aion to life. Now its more like a trading deava coins for kinah.

    Its not bad idea but if you wanna make it just do it right. Like ex. in Guild Wars 2 with gems and gold exchange system. No gold sellers, no inflation in the market, everything works like it should.
    Galeas left because he knew that this game will blow up soon. And he dont wanna be called a lier.

    Well you will not see this for now, because prices are low. Its about 1:1 200 kinah ratio for coins so fairly low. It will change overtime when people start hitting 50's and will be short on money.

    Idk, i played Aion after eu-release and it was fine. But then came those typical "everything is too hard" ppl and the game got easier and easier.

    You are completly wrong.
    I played Aion beta and after the release in 2008. And current version is a clownfiesta.
    Iam currentli sitting on ~3.000.000 soulsicknes kinah, I did 10 runs NTC after server start and got 11 stigmas which 5 of them was ranger stigma for ELYOS side (iam an asmo)
    I killed Hulker on level 4 and he dropped blue earings for level 21.

    When i was doing SR i killed mob level 47 and he dropped me a freakin blue sword for level 25.
    Dude grinding isnt a problem i can sit in one spot and kill 10000 mobs drinking coffee, listen to the music and chillin' (i used to play original Lineage II in 1999 so i know what grinding means) Its all about their monetization issues.
    There is shortage of items on the market so prices are skyrocketing, with 0 drops from mobs so you can vendor something or farm mobs for kinah.

    They are pushing players to buy Deava Coins and sell them for kinah.
    This game will end up like NA version sooner or later.

    They got us by nostalgia and thats about it.

    According Vash Drestam is now the main CM for Aion, i guess it's quite horrible timing to start working with so many things going on, but can we atleast get some official info on what is considered a problem and what will be ignored? Last days felt pretty bad

    This isnt a problem. Cant you guys see how monetization works for GF here?

    People are lacking kinah from variety of sources (white item drops, quests, etc) I remember till level 10 in og. aion i had a full backpack and warehouse of green/blue/white items for level ~10+ now its just like 2-3 items.

    Gameforge did a good job of monetizing aion. You have Siel Aura, Deava Pass, and on top of that you are able to sell cosmetics for KINAH in game.
    If you guys thinks that they will increase drop rates, or lower down Soulsickness penalty you are wrong. Players are buying SHOP items for real money and selling flood the market with kinah.
    Nostalgia is what took me back to this game. But in 2-3 months it will endup like Aion NA if nothing changes. Iam affraid that nothing will change....
    Theres alot of things wrong with this release of aion. And they got us with nostalgia....