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    I presume the slow progress is to force players to pay more money.

    Paying money gives you exactly 0 exp.

    Well that is certainly not true. Look at your Siels Energy icon when it's grey compared to when you have paid, there is a vast XP rate difference. Also there are a whole bunch of quests for XP you can't do without Siels Energy because they require you to loot quest items, even simple things like keys in KT or Theo labs. Also you can't roll on drops in a group. So paying money gives you access to a lot more XP.

    That said, I am going back to playing only 1 hr per day until they fix the horrific XP rate here, I have renewed my sub on the NA servers in the meantime.

    Well we all know GF saying you have to work at it to get something that's there saying so its GF who done this and yes i also played NA Classic so do know there is a big Diff

    Absolutely true.

    When GF release 2.0 patch I bought a 30day Siels Energy and was only able to get my L50 cleric to L54 in 30 days of solo playing a few hours each day.

    On the NA server it would take me 3-4days max.

    I would say that leveling on NA Aion classic is 10x faster then GF Aion Classic.

    I presume the slow progress is to force players to pay more money.

    Well, you could think it will be released on 16.08 - because thats the day when the upcoming BP ends.=

    I personally think it was a lie saying "we delay because community wants it like that - majority clearly didnt want the delay". In reality there are other reasons. However, the player number declining or people just come online for there daily and log off again. Its really boring atm.

    I am one of those the logs on for daily, and logs off again.

    I find 1.9 utterly boring, and thought starting EU Aion Classic at that level was a bad idea from day one. 2.0 is far superior, better gear, more AP, more interesting instances, and better daily quests for medals etc.

    Disappointed they have put back 2.0, I find 1.9 utterly boring having played 2.x on NA servers for well over a year. I let my Siel's Enegy expire and I am not going to renew it until 2.0 comes out.

    2.0 lifts the gear benchmark, 50e is really the only 1.9 gear which is worth carrying over, the sapphire medal gear in 2.0 is the thing to save up AP for.

    I have an i7, 16GB RAM, gtx 1060 on a 100mbps Internet connection and it crashes for me as well. The game client is not written to handle crowds.


    People already sayed that a few times, you aren´t supposed to get any AP gear part in 3 weeks... maybe the first part in 1-2 months. This is no different than original aion. The only way to get AP gear fast is stay 40 farming lower level AP instances buying E40 set.

    This is not true, I played original Aion in 2009, and Aion Classic when it was launched in NA, and in both cases we could enter all 3 x Dredgion sessions each day, which made a huge AP difference to what we have here.

    I average about 3k AP per day, and that has only just gotten me my L50 stigmas. I haven't been able to get a single piece of AP gear yet in 3 weeks since launch. If I go to the abyss to farm anything, I am killed and loose AP within minutes.

    Make a twink, stay at 40, farm abyss guards, and do lower dungeons each day. People already have a full 30e set and accessories by now doing that. You can easily solo all 3 lower forts and make a decent amount of AP, sometimes you get 15k sometimes you can get 35k from all 3. I rushed to 50 and sadly there's nothing much to do, the pvp in core or top abyss is just zerg and you can barely solo anything. Also don't forget to do your daily token quests and weekly ones.

    Doesn't help characters which are already at L50.

    The AP is a joke, Classic 1.9 which I played on the NA server, had much better AP, this is a joke to the point where when my 30day Siels Energy ends I wont be renewing, I will go back to NA. Play on this version of Aion Classic is too much of a grind, not entertaining, too much missing.

    At this rate it's going to take a year to get 40e.

    I don't have the patience.

    Also, the broker prices on things like alchemy potions are going down and down, which suggests a deflating economy. The GMs should look into that and figure out where the kinah is going. I suspect that soul sickeness, and skill books are still draining away too much kinah.

    Very well said. Most of us are playing to satisfy the nostalgia and probably will not stay for more than 3-4 months. There are other much better online games to play or will be coming out this year. Aion classic is a beautiful game and can be fun for a short amount of time but overall it is very problematic.

    Not sure about the nostalgia thing.

    The groups I have been in for Dredge don't seem to know what they are doing, suggesting they are new to it.

    Very few people will complete abyss gear before 2.0 arrives with this insane AP nerf in classic.

    That's what it feels like to me, I rolled a Cleric and it's hard going without AP or kinah, things like skill books, and stigmas are crazy hard to pay for, eg. Splendor of Purification, a normal stigma, sells for close to 3million on the broker, where are you supposed get that. I tried Alchemy selling pots, but they go for barely above cost because everyone is desperate for kinah.

    The price of stuff on the broker is set by the market, yet the price of skill books, soul sickness, armsfusion, crafting, etc are not determined by the markets relative to the amount of kinah per capita. It's a classic example of governmental economic interference distorting markets.

    Like I said before, it's an austerity server compared to how Aion 1.9 was on the NA server.

    I should add some clarification on my own journey.

    I rolled a cleric on Atreia right when it went live, I worked on the Cleric until level 34, but the frequent disconnects and crowding were making it hard to progress. I decided to roll a chanter on the other server which was a much nicer playing experience, however after almost a week of play, I was sick of the chanter, so I went back to the Cleric on Atreia. But I lost a week of progress, already people were at L50 and insisting on L50 groups for instances, and other discrimination like must have full stigmas etc.

    The point being how are new players supposed to perceive this discrimination and inequality when it impairs even people that are barely a week behind? Imaging how it will be when new players are months behind.

    Lucky new accounts on Atreia are still locked.

    Seems this hacked version of Aion 1.9 we have is not balanced. It was much easier to progress on the NA version, you don't need the p2w Dredge pays more AP and like was said before, they have upper fort instances. Also, Skill books are a fraction of the price on the NA server.

    If this is meant to mimic Classic 1.9, why can't we do Dredge 3 times a day like 1.9? That would help fix the AP austerity.


    make an automatic CHATBAN for the websites the goldvendors use

    warning the first time, and then 48hours for saying any of their website names automatically, automated response is a great way to fight automated attack

    If you do a google search on Aion Chat Filter, the first link has instructions on how to install a filter that blocks kinah spammers.