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    You are partialy right only.

    EU had ok rates before gelk/ingi, actualy it still has ok rates for under 50 content.

    I ll try to explain on UT/LUT, those rates that we curently have are korean 2.4, elite mobs in UT/LUT drops nothing, mostly gray 1k worth items, white gear wich sells for 100k lets say and mobs drops 3k kinah. That kinah drop is not from each mob wich singnals that rates are pretty low, proly its ment to counter bots but side effect is that game feels not rewarding and population of players will reduce for sure.

    We had this scenario when 2.4 came to NA, same rates as in EU, people quit. Then Nsoft saw and made 10x better drops, mobs were droping not 3k then 30k kinah, you could see alot of white stones, white sellable gear, like 5 green manastones per UT clear, like 2-3 fabled drops. People came back to game and was very alive before 2.5 wich rewerted drops and game died.

    EU server economy is in big trubles cuz of drop rates and also bad mistake of making siege rewards untreadable, instead of small inflation wich is normaln with new patch we are facing deflation.

    So basicly we have decent drop rates for under 50 lvls and korean "antibot" rates for 55. We will face server merge pretty sooon if GF doesnt fix it. And if they implement 2.5 with korean rates game will be in serious problems.

    Guard are only one of the benefits! Ofc they are cca 20k ap/h if you want to farm and loads of stigma shards, particly 3-4k kinah per guard.

    But there are plenty of benefits, for example dredge gives 7k raw ap and lower forts gives aprox 6k ap in relics per run and 300k raw kina plus alot worthy mats and gear.

    Any mob or rep quest you touch rewards you with pure gold.

    He complained about dredge, siege mistakes etc. I only wanted to explain to him that he doesnt know as much as he thinks that he knows and he is calling others noobs.

    And becouse of it you call people noobs?

    Ok, let me introduce you as pro what do you do wrong!

    You said you have problems with dredg wich means you are max lvl or close to wich is not pro move. If you knew anything you would have stayed 40 to gear that "archon gear" like ely. But you did't do it.

    2nd thing, siege is only fun atm and you gain less ap/kinah there than killing any 40 mob in abyss for same time spent.

    3rd stop being soo good and let us other noobs to chill..

    There will be e55 gear, as you mentioned stormwing bow, korie eternal bow etc...

    If you stood at lvl40 then it would be good to invest in 30e or 40e but at 50 not sure becouse you can be ok in anukart gear till you get 55e slowly.

    But at other hand you may have issues in 2.0 facing people in e30 or e40..

    Are you sure it's 15 percent????

    It was usualy 50 percent increase or 100 percent..

    15 percent is nothing, if mob drops 9 ap with event it will be 10 ap. Its nothing, so you cannot call this event!!!

    This is joke, I was thinking to play some extra time in Aion becouse of incoming event but it looks like I should buy early diablo 4!!!

    I am becoming fed up already wirh your actions!!!!

    The ration 2:1, if it were true, would constitute the first time in all of Aion's

    Yeah that's a wild exaggeration (assumed it's taken that way), but it does feel like that. Indratu area is perma camped with asmos, KKM/Divine dominated by asmos, shugo artifact for DP at the core camped by asmos everytime I go, so idk. It would be nice to see some actual numbers directly from GF.

    That's typical one who joins elys thinking it will be 4 ely :1 asmo, so easy pve etc for you.

    Asking to lock one faction can ask someone without any self honor. Eventho situation was like that, you would fight like any decent player.

    You are speaking nonsence, real situation is that there are more elies on server and thats good for us asmos. More players to pvp with.

    "Daddy daddy, he hit me with the ball!.."

    Watching they stream atm and i can say, guys get used to white manastones. But rest will be fine :D

    So this "worthy" open world - Drops is the same like in NA?

    Drops are same as Na 1.9 classic, so we wont be droping much manastones in open world. Mostly you will get manastones from prem pass and enchants too but its kinda expensive 20 euros for a pass without ap relics atm, and proly later on like 10 euros when they implement event passes.

    Well gj of releasing Aion Classic in EU, it's possitive that you made it.

    We will have nice number of players, but after watching todays streaming I can say that you didn't do good job regarding mistakes that other regions did.

    You focused non sellable candies and stuff like that wich is fine but it's not what matters the most.

    We will have to adopt to fact that our manastones will be white for some time. It will be utra premium resource. Wanted to commit here but not worth from my POV, but I ll give a try for sure and play some pvp with cheapest class :D

    Is it fine for you that in one version you could get like (example) 4k Kinah from one mob and then in the other version only 150 Kinah? It's like spoiling a kid with 4 candies a day and then all of a sudden from night to day he receives 2 candies.

    Well i agree with you, but only I dont agree with spoil stuff.

    I ll give you one example on UT/LUT when they were only instances we could do, and lets say BTHM at NA. With Korean rates mobs were droping like 3k kinah but not each of them. In UT there are like 100-150 mobs, if you farm them with good geared sorc and you had some exp, you needed like 1:30h to clear full instance and you earn 300-500k kinah. If you use only casting scrool (aprox 5k each) and fine mana potions(prox 5k each) you would spend for that time like 200k + kinah on remedies. So for 1:30h of hard farm of the most effective farm and most boring one you will earn 1/7 of price of 1 manastone if there is one at broker at all, so 1 week to of boring farm to even get chance to soket one with those rates. And to socket 1 x6slot part you proably need between 20 and 50 manastones.

    Basicly you would play the game only to bucher yourself!

    Robie you are right.

    NA was in a good spot before this 2.5 nerf. Game felt alive, you could play and drop smth, many people came back for 2.5 and then nightmare started, no drops at all, you see 1k drop from mob, only gray items.

    2 months or smth like that nobody ever saw any drops from 55 mobs in gelk or ingi where we do dailies, nobody droped sigle even white manastone. You could only drop gray item, it cannot be called a game.

    So i am telling this to Galeas and company becouse we who have played there at NA know what is coming, if rates wont be decent you will see the worse game you have ever played. But if rates will be ok, no matter of chash shop, if GF is selling ap relics/manastones/if canndies can be sold for kinah to NPC/ if they sell pvp low lvl accesoris like NA at cashshop/ no matter if there will be many gliders(no anim) wich will not be banned/ no matter if there will be 500-1000 bots game will be decent.

    If drops will be bad, we will pray that GF sells us manastones for cash!

    Yea same as they said when after 2.5 ap relics gave less ap that its how its intended and after people complained they increased it.

    Also, they did increase rates few times by alot, mobs that droped 3k used to drop 30-50k kinah. Also we had server reroll after many mistake of their GMs after they had lay offs.

    Also, they reseted several times forts to Balaur after lay offs probably becouse new GMs knew what they were doing?!

    They even gave us like 150k ap as compesation, lvl50 elite pvp weaps as compesation, becouse of their lack of knowledge.

    So its not if you may swap collor of car that you "borrowed", its can you drive only in 1st gear or use 2nd, 3rd etc.

    I ll give you one little hint, after i rewatched stream that we had I can say that you should start praying that GF starts to sell manastones in cash shop, otherwise you will see outcome :D

    I ll tell you tommorow when we see streams of Aion classic did you do your mission goood or you failed? And will EU succeed as we all hope for or it will be terrible fail :D