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    so many DP runs ruined, so many scales that are very expensive lost. Giva us god damnt chest with selectable anuhart gear, at least 200 scrolls, scales and time activation scrolls + crowns. Greedy gomeforge.

    I have no idea where you found information that there are much more asmos. Like 2 weeks ago elyos had all the forts, while asmos barely took 1, elyos got enough people to defend it and take another one at the same time, so it is not about balance, it's about how lazy elyos become. Even in Abbyss rank there are more elyos than asmos. And about your Indratu, you have like normal mobs there and in asmo side there are all elites so people farm there much easily. You didn't see asmo broker prices for scales,

    I understand that Aion could never been easily reached because i don't remember when i did not have problems with loggning. But how do i solve this Now? WTH