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    I dropped my last SW piece today. Thought: now that the set is complete i can socket it with proper manastones.

    60 Magic Boost +25 stones later i had one piece socketed 4/5.


    Yeah, i should have stopped at around 20 and say f**k it, use white ones...

    I do know GMs are real, they exist. But it seems they only ban if someone is reported by players.

    Why not go to popular main quest zones and just delete those 6-chanter parties teleporting around? Is there something i'm missing? Teleporting chanters are normal, nothing suspicious there? Do you really need any form of investigation instead of frakin looking at those frakin chanters porting around?

    Hello there kind people,

    After today's Asteria/Roah raid, it seems settled that the new siege rewards in AION classic EU 2.0 will not be tradeable. If I am not mistaken, the same medals are tradeable in Aion classic NA 2.0, via reward chests, which would mean that GF explicitly asked for these changes in EU.

    If i am not mistaken, morph method to put sapphire (azure gold) medals into boxes came to NA with a later update. So how about you just be patient ;)

    Your enemy falls down a cliff, you think "that's it, i did it, i won". Second later he pops up on the edge of said cliff and just destroys you - after all you were sure it's done.

    You see a nice place to glide to - jump, glide, and just at the right time you close your wings to gently drop off on that beatiful tree branch... Then game decides that you should be teleported 3 meters back. Say hello to the beautiful ground. 100 meters down.

    Then, fed up with all this bs, you decide to end things. You go to the edge of primum/teminon platform and just jump.

    And fall. And fall... and fall... this takes a long time, believe me. You fall... Wow you never knew abyss is so deep!

    Please, can we get rid of this stupid anti-fall system? I'm pretty sure that 99,9% of players that die due to rapid unscheduled meeting with the ground do it on purpose. And the 0,1% will die anyway, because they apparently don't know how to use their controls.

    Hooray, they started to ban bots, I'm counting my hunting and my contribution to purification, 47 is my account, who is more?)))

    Have they...? I reported a group of bots, with video, and week later saw that same group of bots. They not only 'bot', but they also use cheats like teleporting away when in danger, teleporting short distances to move faster, and ofc no animation. Smartest bot i've seen teleported up on some wooden structure to safely farm mobs with his spiritmaster spirit.

    The minimum GF could do is send just one game master into the game - just one day each week, to run around the world and ban obvious bots.

    Apparently that's not enough to keep Aion free of DDoS lag and disconnects...

    Unfortunately, we are fighting against DDOS attacks since yesterday evening. Our team is still on it and we are trying our best to resolve the issue. Please note that multiple Gameforge games are affected at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will continue to work on it. Thank you for your understanding!

    Drestam while the team fights against DDoS please think of something that will make us go on you easier for wasting instance runs etc. For example my team just wasted DP entry (177k rift essence + at least 250k in blue balaur scales, not mentioning the frakin time wasted on the run). Sould healing should be 1 kinah until DDoS are over (price like during events in the old times), ofc free time activation stone for all and maybe a bag full of blue balaur scales - because you know this shit will happen again, why not get ahead of it and compensate for it too?

    ok, but why side show us this if we cant loggin??---->

    Atreia 2023-05-24 10:29:45 ONLINE

    Is it an official Gameforge game status website...? No, it is not.

    So why ask? :) Wait for official info or check some other 3-rd party server monitor webiste that shows login server status, and don't complain if the info there is wrong, as it's not official.