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    As per the forum guidelines: "Do not discuss about laws or rights in our board (e.g. basic rights, constitutional law, freedom of religion, etc.) - there are other boards for that".

    - Zapiel

    Just saying , censorship is not the way to control the crowd , rather the opposite

    We will never have such chance , it would be bad for business

    The legendary transformation on the last page of the shugo game is simply bait . I feel embarassed for even requesting legendary transformations in the shop when there isnt even ancient , but at this stage and the way things are , i honestly feel it is the best way to solve things and mend all the issues created by antagonizing our community with all this RnG .

    Patch 7.0 is close , no idea yet if we are having only 7.0 , or 7.2 altogether , therefore , new legendary transformations are comming too , new content is to be released , and we are simply not ready for it . Most are fusing 6 x large transformations and still getting large , same with ancient ones , repeating over and over again , while a rather small percentage succeed in agetting legendary , all that , because the chance is soooo low , contributes to an unbalance between players and factions .

    It is not as black and white as you say , but on the other hand , it is a tad out of hand at the moment ... we have gold sellers on LFG , people announcing facebook pages selling kinnah , an endless number of bots ... it is not a pretty sight

    No no , im saying , put it inthe shop , once and for all , random , although you wouldnt be able to choose for your class , would still be a legendary transformation .

    yes, on sillus a random player got 2 hameruns and 1 Bollvig, the question is, how many chest he/she bought? 100, 200, 300? if we have 30% coins will be fine to test it, atm is the best chance to get nice leg form if u are melee.

    Are we casters gonna have the chance to test our luck with a box in the shop in the near future ? Like...Veille box maybe.

    U got my point.

    i think next weak. bollvig or veille.

    It is not the way to grant the community with the opportunity of getting a legendary transformation.

    How can you predict the needs and necessities of the community 6 months in advance ?

    It has been said before , that the shop is planned months ahead , therefore , it cannot be changed last minute ...

    You get censored or banned when you break the forum rules so let's move on and stop the off-topic. Discussing moderation is not allowed. And no, people don't get banned or moderated "just" because they criticize the shop. So please no fake news ;)

    Well Galeas , it is rather frustrating when the community is clearly talking to the wind regarding a great number of situations . Frustration Galeas , mere frustration .