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    Guys you should just stop pushing them. I'm sure GF is doing it's part to prepare us the best possible classic experience we could ever think of.

    We seen how pushed copy paste from korea worked in NA and i'm sure noone want the repeat of it in Europe. So let's just get some more patience and give GF as much time as they need to make the classic the best possible

    Googled and did not found anything, mind sharing an link or so?

    ngl, it sound so much fake

    After reading the article with help of google translate it seems valid, which is in fact super interesting

    i'm sure aion classic can get healthy amount of players to be able to bring decent profit with subs only without need for p2w and i'm sure gameforge is well aware that there's no point in making their new game p2w- they surely got their lesson with normal aion, so there's no need to worry about gameforge making classic p2w

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    Here you can say whatever you like unless it is against the forum rules, as they will awlays prevail.

    Unsure if you know/are allowed to tell, but when aion classic got released will it have the same staff as the retail now, or a different team will manage it? Also will it have separated forum or just a section in this forum?

    I really would wish that I´m wrong, but GF has proven us so many times that they can "do not good for community". Sad but I think everyone has an example for that.

    They made some less fortunate decisions in the past, but I'm sure they learned on their mistake and will do better once they get a "fresh start" with aion classic

    Was the same with NA Classic, ppl super hyped full servers etc. Then 95% ppl quitted very fast cuz it was awful and they merged servers into one server only, yay.

    With the difference they wont quit this time as it will be released in EU by very capable and experienced publisher and they will make sure not to repeat errors from the NA/Kor launch and it will be perfect, all my friends look very forward to play it

    Try to make 1400+ gear, Sleepy - in LA. It is even worst feeling than here. U know, and 1400 is not really op gear, if we know, that much better gears R extremally hard to collect ^^

    LA, FF ... is not the same game model like AION. It could be similar from a far side, but AION is unique.

    idk what you mean, i quit la on 1437 ilvl in May, you could get there easily if you play daily without spending a penny. Sure getting to the best best ilvl without cashing is pretty hard, but unlike in aion, amazon makes it easier to catch up with every patch.

    Also you pretty much answered yourself about tera. It existed, noone really cared to play it so it got closed

    Nobody care about classic is same as retail is dead.

    Yes, there are some players who still play it but for modern mmorpg standards you could consider it dead.

    Same with aion classic, there are a few members high on hopium waiting impatiently for it, but for gaming standards that's like none existant amount of ppl.

    Gameforge don't have any problem releasing poor quality games as long as they bring back even slight profit (look at kingdom under fire 2 or sword of legends offline) so i really dont see how they would skip classic just because it would become an empty desert 3 months past it release.

    With no clear definition how views are counted this number means close to nothing.

    Fact is out of 14000 posts there were only 500 unique users (including inova staff, their CM made over 850 posts alone, you should take notes Galeas).

    Sure I'm not trying to deny that there are some ppl who are waiting for classic, but some ppl seems to thing it will achieve lost ark types of numbers once out which is extremely delusional and not backed up by any facts.

    Thankyouverymuch. So the so called "Aion Classic russia Countdown" that have started is literally russian CM stating same as Galeas that there's no date yet whatsoever because the technical problem is still not fixed.

    Its info from tuesday btw, i belive the most recent on the matter in the linked thread.