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    Overall in my aion most of things seems like big W, only thing I am worried about is the monetization in the game and the poor idea of just working with some low viewers streamers instead of aiming for some bigger ones, but I guess not much of a point talk about until more details are released

    TLDR from the stream

    1. Release end of Q1 2023
    2. Gameforge would like the Client to be 2.0 version, but with the content past lvl50 to be temporarily locked - they're currently in the negocations with NCS
    3. No goldpack, we will have siel aura (called siel energy) and battle pass
    4. TBD about prices, server amount, servers for specific nations etc
    5. Audio will be korean only
    6. It will be separated account, you won't be able to use your retail aion coins there
    7. No plans for name reservation or early access server
    8. There might be custom adjustments to generic stuff like drop etc
    9. They will take most of streamers who want to cooperate if they apply via the hero platform >LINK< and they might also have some sponsored content from bigger streamers
    10. They're checking with NCSoft if they can make candies untradable

    People were quitting out of boredom?

    I know completely different status, where people were enjoying this game. How possible to quit from the game if someone enjoy the?

    You know it only because some other ppl told you that - what people are trying to point is that your opinion on old aion patches are only theoretical as you just repeat what you heard without actually experiencing it.

    To say more, you know it from players who didn't quitted the 1.x era - so obviously they liked it atleast a little bit and will talk about it positively

    Now, to people who think that sub2play got any chances to survive in modern days - if old aion was doing so well on s2p, why do you think NCSoft decided to sell publishing rights in EU to gameforge instead of keeping them for themself and why gameforge decided to make the game free to play?

    If you have good playerbase as s2p then you're generating very stable income unlike f2p where incoming is pretty rng oriented. No company would convert their product from s2p to f2p unless s2p is doing incredibly poorly.

    So now, it is already the 4th post about it :)

    Thanks for the link!

    So... you watched video from the release of korean aion where an NCSoft Korea employee talks about business model of the game they're releasing in Korea.

    And based on that you came to conclusion, that Gameforge, an European game publisher will release the game as sub to play.

    I mean feel free to belive that conclusion, but personally I see no connections there.

    a) Because of speculations or / and telling about the game's model. There is told by the KR Developer about it.

    That's why.

    And people - it seems - didnt even watch it by just 2 years.

    b) no - sub model is not stupid. And this, we have 2022 has not any argument for putting free to play model

    It's atleast third post you did about this video, yet you still didn't even bothered to link it

    There's pretty cool (but lengthy) explanation on how s2p and f2p are both viable and when by Ghostcrawler, who's really experienced in the mmo(rpg) game design


    Personally I think that Aion won't make it with only aion diehard fans, and with s2p we won't get enough of new players to keep the game populated enough, but it's totally cool to have different opinions

    I mean I get you, it is hard not to assume anything Gameforge or NCSoft touch will turn extreme p2w, but that's kinda missing the point of what this thread is for (as we all want classic in EU to be good).

    So far we don't know if reworked Aion will be p2w, we know that classic went kinda ***** with being able to sell candies and other oopsies ever since 1.x but I'd say it's worth hoping Gameforge will do what it takes to provide us healthy game for longer period of time

    • Can I not pay people to pass relics for me? Like in Krotan/Kysis/Miren/Esoterrace/Splinter?
    • Can I not purchase silver/gold/sapphire medals off the broker or pay players to pass for me?
    • Can I not purchase other loot to make abyss points easier obtainable for me (except for Tahabata)? Why can I not buy Beshmundir Temple gear with kinah?

    Please correct me if im wrong, but this issue will be present either way.

    If someone is willing to spend real money on getting gold packs to get an advantage in a game they can aswell just pay to the players directly outside of the game - for some it might even be more convenient.

    I don't think there's solution to that, sadly

    I wouldn't be surprised that most of the people voting for 2.0 release actually have no clue about what's in classic 1.x, like this guy.

    I'd say it's going both ways as in people aren't aware of of the differences between the original aion and classic server so:

    - Some players vote for 2.0 because they want more QoL

    - Some players vote for 1.x because "nostalgia"but classic is quite far from original patches

    I think it would be great if there could be some neutral post explaining the differences of both patches so people can pick more reasonable decision

    • We didn't "wait" for 2 years, we tried everything we could to have it for those 2 years, we couldn't have anything before that. My bad. In fact i meant that the release of the classic in EU took 2 years since the KOR release and in that time quite a bit of hype died out. Did not meant to say that gameforge did nothing for 2 years.
    • We were 100% transparent and explained exactly what the issues were a long time ago already (platfrom problem), we didn't give any other info because there wasn't anything else to give at this point. Also going too much into the details usually gives the wrong impression that something will happen for sure and it's just a matter of time, which was not. It could have been that we would have never gotten a working platform. Also a lot of people actually thanked us for not promising classic without even knowing if we would get it and completely understood our approach. Reality is more complex than just saying we got a lot of hate, caus we trully didn't at all. Most people understaood the situation. Pretty sure I remember it quite a bit different than what you described, but not to argue on that it's still a fact that quite a bit of the people who were very enthusiastic about classic are now gone. Its also a fact alot of players didn't really felt like you're too transparent (as you can even read in this very thread)
    • Announcement was a first step and explained already very important stuff if you pay attention. We already explained the next steps in that very news, so no one is really left in the dark, there are milestones already. I think I will never understand complains saying we don't have info until the next info. Especially when the next one is planned and announced. Ofc until then you don't have more, that's what news are for :) We still don't know the essential stuff like whether the game will be truly f2p or the premium will be required to progress like it was in NA. We got no information at all about why even picking 2.0 over 1.x (it caused quite a bit of mixed feels for players yet it still wasnt even explained - we are supposed to wait for an news "early december" so in like 20ish daysand that was the main thing i was pointing out - none of players concerns that came out got address in a reasonable time frame, most of ppl who dont like an decision just wont stick for clearification or anything.
    • Since the release is not before some time there is plenty of time to explain the details properly. We can't yet give answers to everything as many things are still being worked on and not final, if they were we would release sonner.
    • It's definitely not the time to advertize the game, this is way too soon. It makes absolutely no sense at all right now when there is not even a date so blaming us for that is not really a good point in my opinion. I honestly disagree with "it's too soon" but that's fine if in Your opinion its too soon. On my side i'd just say that if you gonna listen to the players feedback before the release then atm youre only gathering feedback of very limited group of hardcore aion lovers, and not to more broad audience of ppl who could be interested in the game, because only they know about classic ATM due to lack of advertisment

    Answered to the points with red

    Dont take me wrong, I want aion classic to succeed as much as you (or even more) - i'm just still very worried and will stay pesimistic as long as proven i dont have anything to worry about.

    To summarize, so far:

    - Gameforge waited like 2 years to release classic in EU after it got released in Korea

    - During the wait time they already got plenty ppl annoyed by lack of transparency and information

    - With the announcement the made yet another part of already decreased audience by their decision to release 2.0 instead of 1.x

    - Announcement caused many questions and didnt really explained much of anything, more info to come in the future, but until then players are left in the dark

    - They also did literally nothing to advertise the game- the "big announcement" got 130 likes 40 retweets on twitter, the unofficial classic discord got very few members, the official aion discord didn't get that many new members either

    Atleast to me it looks quite concerning, but I still hope Galeas and rest of the staff will do better and classic will succeed in the end (*wishful thinking*)

    We don't even have classic yet and we already have players complaining about others doing things wrong, with that attitude no matter if we get 1.2 or 2.0 or even 6.0, the game will be dead before most of ppl reach max lvl and it will be literally retail 2.0, less players => harder monetization => even less player => and it go on and on.

    The game won't work out with only "veterans" - to keep the things going well we need also nice amount of new players, and putting too much difficulties for them will just won't do it.

    Personally I'm fine with that.

    Big part of old aion for me was that it felt free - you could do whatever you wanted at your own pace, without being forced to unlimited grind to just keep up with content as it is now.

    With 2.0 alot of content become less meaningful as it would be in earlier patches, but unlike what happened past 4.x it's not getting removed so anyone who want will still be able to enjoy it anyway.

    I feel like choosing 2.0 over earlier patch mostly hurts more serious players while making it easier for the more casual audience, so it's good decision