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    Just checking in... Whats the current state of affairs!? Are we getting a step closer to Classic EU or is Gameforge still silent on the subject?

    Hello Stinkable,

    It has been officially stated by our leader and main CM , Galeas, that we'll be getting news regarding the future of classic till 21.09.

    It cannot be told with certainty how big or small the news are going to be. However, he's promised to try his best and provide us with the news asap.

    You are wrong. Whatever is stated by the main discord admin, galeas who's also the main community manager, stands. Discord is as legit as anything and is displayed on the forums for users to join.

    It's September 23rd this year

    Good to know. Regardless, Galeas stated he'd try his best to get us the news sooner than 21/09 (:

    Let's see!

    Where did he post? I need to check prev pages

    EDIT: aa U R writting about the stream we had. He wrote after the hype, to he will not say anything else after that happened, to not push people to feel bad after the info, to unfortunately we ll not receive classic - if this will happen. So, the good idea is to wait for something new. But y, already 2 years gone by

    On the official Aion discord my friend. Forum is dead. People use discord a lot.


    IF we ever get classic, do you know whether we will have the race-skill balance-adjustments korea just made this month from start, or would we have to wait til 2.x to get them?

    As it has been stated we'd be starting with 1.2 patch in Europe and from my own perspective there's not a chance in hell KR will bother with implementing such a fix for us. I mean look how long they've taken to even provide us with any version of the game.

    I couldn't agree more and I truly wish this took place but I highly doubt it'll happen. We'd be lucky if they removed candies but don't think the coins will be removed.

    fascinating numbers!

    Galeas I am curious, does gameforge have the ability/allowed to fix the issue themselves if you guys want to? Or are you not allowed to touch the client etc? It's a little unclear at this point to me regarding the platform