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    But of course I agree with you guys elite levels are not a way for everyone to get a legendary contract of their choice, it's a chance for a good amount of people but not everyone.

    but why?
    it's just frustrating, i play VERY active again since 6.2 patch until now and this is the first legendary transformation i could get my hands on and of course i get a useless one for my class.
    it's 10 months into the system and i'm still runnig around with an ancient transformation with no real way to get any more anytime soon

    i would like to ask if there will be way for everyone else who didn't get the right transformation to finally get a useful legendary transformation anytime soon because the random contract just is just splitting the players more and more. Running around on a giant map without legendary while group member can just run out of range is frustrating and enemies just running away before you can kill them in open pvp even more.

    so overall, i am not happy with those elite rewards, i would have been way better if the contract was in a selectable box

    Overall good suggestions for improvement, love to read that.

    Some more suggestions to make content worth playing and actually rewarding:


    Since i don't think you/ncsoft would change the Battlefield overall pls make it worth it to actively try to win the PvP one. The repeatable quest is only 2x available which only encourages people to enter those Battlefield with low equipped alts just to get the Cubicals. This would easily be fixed with changing the 2x weekly quest to an unlimited repeatable one. The whole concept of getting the Ereshkigal Cube to be able to do Senekta is flawed in my opinion, but you could at least make it more fun getting it with our main instead of forcing us to use alts.
    Also the rewards in the winners chest is questionable: Rolling with 48(or 24, depending on the battlefield) on low amout of loot is just frustrating if you're not overly lucky with rolls. To improve that you could add a quest/hero trial to actually reward winning/participating in the pvp pandora battlefield.

    First of all, please remove the function to kick people from Neviwind, giving players the power to exclude others is just bad since it gets abused a lot (also gliches so you could get almost infinite entries to neviwind)
    Second point is the reward for being active: Currently if you are actively playing Neviwind you get rewarded with more legendary LYDIUM. I mean really? Legendary Lydium is such a useless extra reward since we get waaaay more of that than we need already. As long as the Morphing recipies don't use much of it you just stack it up since you only need 227-300 of it to fully upgrade ancient pvp gear to legendary (depending on how many weapons you need) and most players are running around with a few thousand lydium if not even throwing it away.
    So please change the activity reward to something more useful like for example more pvp-enchantment stones bundles or add a quest/hero trial for that.

    Since you seem to be unwilling to change the morph recipies, i'd suggest you put some more of Bundle of Fighting Spirit Fragments in your next event, A lot of players still need those to upgrade pvp gear and at the same time it gets more and more expensive since it's also used in morphing recipies AND supply for e.g. Malleability stones got reduced in 6.5 so we have just a messed up economy at this point which heavily burdens those who still need more gear while also greatly taxes people who want to be able to improve their ultimate stuff to +15.
    And please not just a few, but treat it as a pity reward which you get just on the side and don't forget the real rewards with Transformation Contracts / Enchantment Stones / Daevanion Skill Chests (which you seem to value WAAAAAY too high, like we only need one of each skill once... but we actually need like 100 of those in a decent amount of time to be even close to get some skills >+10)

    That way we might have some decent rewarding events in the future to keep people happy and wanting to play the game instead of bore them with low rewarding events like this month.

    even if you do all the content mentioned above, + are straight logged in for 2.5h a day, you will have a total of 6351 magic blooms at the end of the 3 weeks.


    thanks to misinformation by me this calculation is about 3 weeks of event, which wouldn't even be enough. but the event is actually only for 2 weeks which denies all possibility to reach the ancient contract as a free to play player since you can't even buy the 15 nectar in 14 days even if you had enough magic bloom, which you don't.



    And of course we even get the worst name out of the 4 >.<"

    Well, I am okay with Sillus, but Odin is a bit funny of me :) I think Wotan sounds better. The others are too long imo.

    An official server name poll would be better, but at least the merge happening :)

    Votan was a servername already so it's out of the question

    also there was a server name poll


    Did all the quests a few hours ago, even morphed a few times already, no progress is shown.

    real nice gameforge, bugged trials that are even required for other trials so you lose out on even more rewards. :cursing: