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    thanks for the answers.

    as a newbie i know that i have to struggle with pvp for a long time but i can catch up on the gear over time, but such extra skills from an event are very questionable =/

    do you think at the event for the last weapon there will also be side events where you can get the sun and moon weapon or only the moon weapon again like it is now with the sun weapon during the moon weapon event?


    i have been watching some aion streams lately and decided to check out the game.

    Then I discovered this moon weapon event and saw that if you have this weapon, it fires a buff at 20% remaining life and gives you a 30k dmg shield. Then there was probably a sun weapon with a skill before that?

    Is that correct?

    Then I read something about another skill in connection with the weapon which increases the crit and healt by 10%.

    All very confusing. Can someone explain to me in more detail what skills these weapons give you?

    And how is it as a newbie, if you don't get these weapons anymore, do you always have a disadvantage e.g. in pvp because other players have an additional heal + the 30k shield at 20% life?

    I can't imagine that because it's pretty unfair.