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    I think there will be 15-20k online at the start and its would be amazing if that amount of players will play on one server.

    in a normal AIon, the server limit was 5000 people, I don’t think that in the classics the servers were expanded

    When does the beta test start?

    It's so nice to watch old screenshots from the last beta test, first bugs, first sieges, first kills, and knowing that there will be a wipe in the future, you try to experience all the delights of the game as quickly as possible before this time... The spirit of the classic Aion is extremely pleasant

    nah. ppl say some about any class. like legendary "stupid glads play with only 2 buttons"/ "stupid ranger can only hide-pew pew- and run" and others

    some differences vs classes possible in the same gear in 1vs1 but its super rare/duels/solo arena

    on real in aion

    1 = top pvp gear max enchant run solo ( any class ) and kill low geared noobs near bases who do quests on blood marks

    2 = ppl 3-4 /full pt/ zerg run and kills any

    Hmmm..... 4.0 was controversial: the sieges were funny: basen/silus/prades, but cowboys with dual pistols, terminators with rocketlauncer, trasformers/gundam and dancing pinguins in classic game like "sword and magic" were superfluous and turned the classic world into some kind of trash with their presence

    in aion 4.6 Feather ornament made an advantage for rich donators and people who spend a lot of time in the game (nolifers ) and the game began to turn into p2w, so I left the game