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    yeah you got prob "Ip ban/block" by their autoip filtr :) like maybe haundred of ppl :) and me we must w8 xD when they fix it and waste our time of siel aura :) i cant login into game like 6day :) and they give me 3 day siel aura WOOOOW idk but if it doesnt work in monday I will go to court with my lawyers because I don't think GF hasn't received any lawsuit for a long time, and it will be a simple lawsuit for failure to fulfill the contract and fraud / extortion on players because paying for "subscriptions" should not be such a thing as IP blocking

    Hello i need help cuz im new player, i start play on patch 7.3 and start farm cube for attack etc but now i dont know where i can get it faster ;/ when after an hour of killing monsters 10-15 cubus falls but no one under physical attack worries me a little bit because I only have 140 additional attack and my friend has over 400; / so a little trace of their lack please help where I can take them Asmo