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    how many years it took them to do Hero trials? and you want a anti cheat..good luck with that

    Everybody is always so negative, I still believe this game can become alot better.
    Gameforge is doing a good job overall, the whole community is just way too toxic.

    For you having dogs. it in shop is good job overall ..... lol

    There is noone on map there is nothing to do in game even those last hero trials are a fail but yeah good job overall ... sure when you just play to cash may be yes..

    funny here people still and always complaining about AT hahahah what about sins !? And Gunners !??

    Ah but yeah you got reckt only by AT cause only 2 AT pvping in open world and you don t manage to kill them so they cheat right ? Hahahaha nice deduction !

    + these players you like to shamed and named are playing also Other classes like painters sin or templar and still not detected in dpsmeter so let me guess they found a way not to be detected also with Other classes ? Wow that s another level in cheat hahahah

    I think gameforge should remove AT from the game cause in eu the main problem for all players seems to be AT loooool

    I could report so many ely running faster than my kaisinel but what s the point to complain about something EVERY one is using !? Even those Who made and support that post lel ? The game iswhat it is !!

    That doesn t change the fact that when you re bad you re bad sadly ...

    Sorcs is not sh.t bad or weak class, just sorcs in eu are in majority bad and weak !

    We're all waiting a 1v1 compilation on your yt channel. Against ppl with gear, that we can check.

    you can also all Keep qq about sorc the truth is sorc are bad and weak sure the truth can hurt but still is truth :(

    AT is probably atm is the hardest class to play btw even if you all don t like that fact feel sorry for you :(

    It could be ok that rng system if they provided more legendary contracts in game cause the problem is not about failing but about gathering leg contract to try !

    If AT least players ( by playing the game lugbug, events, heros quests etc ) could gather enough to try once per week or more or once per two weeks it could be ok but waiting several months for 1 try 2years after 6.0 release ...

    + the game would be more active

    But what can we expect from GF ...sadly ...

    AT tier C for sure !

    This patch solo it s the hardest class to play or at least the class that requires more skills !