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    Thanks you so much for the information, of course im playing for fun, i just didn't seem to progress after a point. Ill try getting in a legion then, and do some of the stuff you mentioned. Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate it 😊😊😊

    Hi , i need some info!!!

    I lvled up to 80 my gladiator, and done most of the quests i had what is the next step, i mean, how do i become strong. In pvp i ALWAYS get one-shot and i just want to know if i can do something to change that. Like, do the cubes from the lab and some bosses, give you something? Insignia gathering, or some siege battles? Magical crafting? But i dont thing thats quite it...any information about getting better is welcome.:saint: Also, how do i take a mini-fortress in dumaha? The Alters....yes.