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    I voted NO because I don't want to offer GF another chance to disappoint me

    your reason makes absolutely no sense,GF already ABSOLUTELY dissapointed already....they can go higher but yet no point voting no..cause they actually believe it..

    In other words I voted "no" because feedback topics are completely useless for gameforge, as proven countless times. You could've written "unicorn" and it would've been the same to them. Sorry guys

    Thanks to all who have joined, watched, supported us and the players.


    The winners:

    1st spot - Have, whose stun rune and damage was just too much. He was tested in several times by other strong opponents who almost defeated him. He wins 10 Gold Packs, 50€ Aion Coin coupons, and 100€ that Kinjishi decided to sponsor at the very last moment.

    2nd spot - Retiredkidney, he delighted us with 100-0 paralyze combos almost as if we were watching duels from early bard's days. He wins 6 Gold Packs and 35€ Aion Coin Coupons.

    3rd spot - Anahk, showed us that chanter is still super tanky and annoying. He wins 4 Gold Packs, 25€ Aion Coins Coupon.

    4th spot - Tzu, the MVP of the day, he played some of the best duels in the tournament with his Sorc. He wins a 10€ Aion Coins Coupon and the love of the public.

    A recap montage of the tournament will follow.

    Thank you once again to the almost 500 people who have watched the finals and who supported us for the entire stream.


    Important info

    We have gone through the logs and confirmed one multi-char registration.

    The player has confirmed the mistake, apologized and has been warned.

    Should we find other duplicates, we will remove both characters.

    In order to keep the bracket intact and only because he has attempted to register a few minutes after the ending of the registration time, I have added Francolaroccia as replacement.

    The bracket is not affected as he has taken the same exact place of one of the duplicated characters (match 7).

    The bracket has been updated.

    extra questions about rules:

    - you cannot use candy transforms (panda and so on...)

    - you can swap transforms during fight

    - flying is not allowed

    - not allowed: power shards that act like godstone (see this item: link), godstones themselves, weapons with godstone effects

    - you can use 20% potions (mysterious recovery serum)

    Thank you! Maybe, who knowns, let's first finish this one without getting murdered by the community :D

    About reports: of course we will not name & shame on the forum and follow the correct channels to report suspicious players.

    Bracket and participants revealed!

    See the bracket here:

    Full list of players with classes server race:

    Anahk Chanter Stormwing Asmo
    Asiraseth Sorcerer Stormwing Ely
    Bellatrixen Aethertech Stormwing Ely
    Block Templar Odin Ely
    Bopgun Ranger Sillus Ely
    Brewzlee Templar Sillus Ely
    Delac Spiritmaster Stormwing Asmo
    Dimacy Gladiator Stormwing Ely
    Doridori Painter Stormwing Asmo
    Dpjelly Templar Stormwing Ely
    eisenarsch Aethertech Odin Asmo
    Fakefriendz Gladiator Odin Ely
    Francolaroccia Templar Stormwing Ely
    Globuli Cleric Odin Ely
    hadesss Sorcerer Ragnarok Ely
    Have Assassin Stormwing Asmo
    Jeedy Spiritmaster Stormwing Ely
    Kami Ranger Stormwing Asmo
    Kurow Templar Odin Asmo
    Libertywalk Gladiator Sillus Asmo
    Restos Assassin Sillus Ely
    Retiredkidney Bard Stormwing Asmo
    Rhazin Ranger Odin Asmo
    Scaaaaaaaaaaaar Gladiator Odin Asmo
    Sharpcut Templar Ragnarok Ely
    Slrena Bard Stormwing Asmo
    Sscylla Spiritmaster Stormwing Asmo
    Steilomat Cleric Odin Ely
    Taptrix Assassin Odin Asmo
    Timyturner Templar Sillus Ely
    Tzu Sorcerer Ragnarok Ely
    Unbeknow Painter Sillus Asmo
    Verdene Painter Sillus Ely
    Vvilliam Gladiator Odin Asmo
    Yukifire Cleric Odin Ely
    Zates Assassin Stormwing Asmo

    Tournament spot: Dumaha, Sand Squall

    Tomorrow I will post a recap video, for now here is a short clip

    Thanks for joining and good luck!

    I will have people helping me through Dpsmeters and I am sure GF staff will also watch the tournament un-officially. You would be quite stupid to cheat live with several people monitoring anyway, so I hope common sense will be the first anti-cheat.

    You may not agree with this, and I respect that, but if I get a warning from dpsmeter I reserve the right to remove a player from the tournament. I will double check before making any claim on this topic.

    I can't directly ban a player's account but I will report that player and Gameforge will check if anything is wrong.

    I hope this clears your doubt

    New Coupon Codes added

    As a very late update, we got support from Squall who provided us with more prizes from Gameforge, a total of 140€ worth of coupons.

    I personally want to thank Squall and Gameforge for this nice final touch which significantly increased our prize pool.

    See you tonight for the pre-tournament stream


    Tonight's pre-tournament stream announcement

    First of all, I want to thank all the people who donated Gold Packs and who joined the tournament. We did not expect to gather so much support and players.

    Today I will be online on my twitch channel with Mooony starting from 21:30.

    We will close the registrations at 22:00 and proceed to create the bracket live. I will go through the rules list one last time and comment everything so it's all clear.

    Finally we will show you the tournament location.

    An important point: since we have 30+ people playing, I already ask everyone to be at the tournament location on time, on Friday at 21:00. If someone does not show up, the opponent automatically wins the round (obviously).

    If you are late please let me or Mooony know and we will try to move your duel to the last positions.

    We also decided to reduce the waiting time between duels from 1 minute to 30 seconds. This will allow us to save a lot of time and keep the tournament "more active".

    Since we are going to play in a map where the hourglass is required, I ask everyone to check that you have enough time left. You can buy very cheap hourglasses in your base city in gelk / inggi at fame vendors, up to 9 hours of time. It should not take so long, but it can help if you are low on time.


    3 days left to join! Rules should be finalized now.

    On Wednesday evening I will close the registrations at 22:00.

    I will be live on streaming the bracket creation, will show the tournament location and go through the rules to finalize everything.

    See you there!

    Ulti form shouldn't be allowed, why should you force people who don't have it to cash ulti potions for the tournament just to be able to compete at the same speed, when they are already at the disadvantage of not having ulti form collections which mostly give add crit dmg, the most broken stat by far in the game.

    On top of that, most of the top tier classes (bard, cleric, gunner) profit way more from ultimate form than the others.

    I generally agree with this point, but since we have quite a bit of time, I opened votes to some topics. It's impossible to make rules that everyone will like, I appreciate everyone's feedback.

    Edit: I hope to finalize rules within this week. If there's something critical that is a deal breaker to any of you please let me know