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    But you saw legendary contract for 20/32?

    sure an contract that contains the old ones, nice reward. if it would be an old apostle, fine - I take it but as I said it contains 1 of the old legendary form.

    aha and what are the collected 11th anniversary coins for?

    I posted rewards for the hero trials not related to dreamlandscape event ;)


    - you play and you're being rewarded (fame system)


    - fixed time when you can enter Dumaha/Red Katalam (should be like Lakrum, can be entered 24/7)

    - if Makarna and Prometun NM will removed, there is no really source to get some kinah (Makarna or/and Prometun NM should still be there and give the same as before 7.5)

    - Makarna HM and Prometun HM shares ID, you have to enter Prometun HM 4 times before you enter Makarna, if you enter Makarna HM 4 times first you will be not able to enter Prometun HM anymore

    - you get way too less experience and you need a lot experience to even buy something from fame system

    - cube system still not improved, still hard to gain platinum cube for specific boss

    - loot from world bosses is kinda low not kinda rewarding

    its not a nerf, they made our strongest dps skill from dots every 4 seconds to every 2 seconds, thats is pretty op

    maybe read it again. each 2 second for 30 seconds lesser damage (~-200) than before, how is this not a nerf?

    new cd for healing wave (from 3 sc to 12 sc) it only affects in general, heals in groups for pve and pvp( support clerics) , a dps cleric never cast that skill, not worth it.

    yea give it 4-times more cooldown why not, right? 2-times cooldown would be enough, 4-times is way too much compared to chanter heals. and why the hell dps cleric would never cast that skill? even on dps you can have +heal boost?

    also they took the initial heals from some skills and buffed heal dots, pretty OP.

    heal dots? you mean hot (heal over time) and not damage over time. and no its not even a reason to call them "OP" since usually you need inital heal to survive burst from classes like painter or bosses ;) hot's wont even save you.

    and last but not least this patch is kinda forcing cleric to play like a stone, well there are enough clerics that play like that. hopefully ncsoft revert or think about it again. even korea player laughed at thoses changes to cleric - mostly of them didnt upvote thoses changes - understandable.

    Nothing will happen and if there something comes, it's already too late. Damage has been made and people that didn't "abuse" the event for the first week are having more and more disadvantage. And of course the fraction that is dominating the single boss benefit way more than the other fraction.

    Just in my eyes - bad event just like the previous one.

    Now I want to ask you ... "Should a event rewarding only one fraction or all?".

    As far as I can see this event is rewarding way more the dominating fraction and this shouldn't be even possible just to keep the game at least at some point healthy.

    But well, well done.

    btw man kann auch die benötigten VZ's "ergambln". :) man kaufe

    [Gravur] Stabile Kiste mit einem legendären PvP-Verzauberungsstein


    [Gravur] Stabile Kiste mit einem legendären PvE-Verzauberungsstein

    mit glück bekommt man bis zu 100 VZ's, sollte man 2x das Glück haben, dass man 2x 100 bekommt, kann man sich Waffe mit nur "30" VZ's kaufen.

    wenn man natürlich nicht scharf auf den Skill ist, dann kann man natürlich auch die Ultimate VZ Kisten kaufen, bei diesen ist es möglich bis zu 50 Ultimate VZs zu bekommen.

    [Gravur] Stabile Kiste mit einem ultimativen PvP-Verzauberungsstein


    [Gravur] Stabile Kiste mit einem ultimativen PvE-Verzauberungsstein

    heißt nicht, dass ich "gamble"-gedönse für gut befinde, aber dennoch - es ist möglich ohne unmengen an kinah/€ auszugeben.

    also so bad ist das event im großen und ganzen nicht, nur die PvP-bohne hätte ruhig nicht sein müssen, aber naja - wer's nötig hat, die bohne in PvP zu benutzen - why not.

    You can't face tank it but you will still get hit by the boss. The attack after the stun is ranged and can target anyone in the group. You can still pretty much get one hit by it if you don't have defence + HP required to tank this hit. Then there is the group share of damage. If you take too much damage from both, you're probably dead or close to death and force the healer to waste cd's. So overall it does matter. But I don't get it. First you say defences matter a lot and you need 15k or more then you say it doesn't matter because you can't tank it. And you know what? Not only that group composition matter a lot, excluding lots of other classes that can't compete in pve, but it also mandatory to use luna, which comes from shop. Someone defending this, and blame it on brainless and ignorant players that can't kill the boss, especially when you haven't killed the boss yourself yet, can't be taken seriously.

    All what I read is that you don't understand what I wrote.

    Physical Defence = decreases the power of bosses auto attack, if the cast isn't physical.

    Magical Defence = decreases the power of bosses attacks, usually skills are magical.

    So if I 1+1 that information:

    If I am a tank (templer/aethertech/gladiator) and want to face-tank him, so I have to go for maximum physical defence.

    If I am not a tank I have to go for maximum magical defence to survive at least shared incoming skills.

    Since the tank wants both sources he goes for both defences values.

    As non-tank you are not able to get the physical defence/PvE defence to face-tank it.

    And as far as I know, it was always a problem in the past PvE instances where every class could tank the boss, but it shouldn't be like this, right? Sure you complain about this now - always at least 1 Tank, 1 Healing class, rest will be filled - but this is another topic.

    speaking the truth is always a smartass, hm?

    you asked if you missed something - I answered.

    I gave you the information about minimum requirement defence to finish at least this boss and not being 1-hit and still being a dickhead and not even thankful. Yes, this is toxic, isn't it?

    defence = magical defence/physical defence + PvE defence.

    as I said - start thinking before typing. ;)

    and as non-tank physical defence doesn't matter that tbh. even with cubes you can't face-tank him if you are not templer/aethertech(/gladiator). simple isn't it?

    but that should be enough information - figure it out by yourself and you will see - the boss is possible to kill.

    Nobody did it so far means it's not possible? :/

    When we have enough time to do it, sure. Last time we were at ~75% stage (w/o luna).

    But it was just a "try run" and not taking it too serious at all because it was already late 10-11pm or so?

    You don't need a templer/tank at all for 2nd boss - just sayin. ;)

    All what I can share with you guys is

    - if you are below 15k defence, you can leave the instance alone. :)

    and 15k defence should be possible and there is no +15 gear needed to reach that.

    well if you go this way so go ahead and proof it that instance/boss is not possible at the current state. it can be tough, yes, but still possible. so stop being ignorant and start thinking a bit.

    there are enough videos on youtube thats shows the mechanic how to do it. ;)

    and it will be unfair to people like us if we explain the mechanic if you guys are not even trying to understand how the boss actually works.

    as I already said - you just need the defence and you are good to go to finish the boss.

    I prefer to have hard instances that require at least some brain and not just "dps'ing boss".

    and yes, it was your fault that you died in that videos.

    there is no random target switch ;) it's part of the mechanic - just sayin.

    and it's all about defence. if you don't have enough, you will die to his hand. ;)

    but hey - at least it's a challenge to finish him - with cubes it will be too easy. and PvE is already too easy if you ask me.