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    +1 but I doubt will happen, also like this more and more people would get geared faster so more and more people will be able to RUN these instances....and enjoy the game

    Keeping a healthy and happy community is key for any game nowadays. Will an unhappy customer spend money again after spending luna x4 for a reset with ZERO rewards? Not likely. There are many more games out in the west that are FAR more rewarding.

    Hello dear AION Gameforge Team,

    I'd like to propose a certain change for the current 6.2 Endgame Instances "Infernal Makarna" and "Prometun's Workshop".

    Please change the Ultimate droprate to 100%.

    There's literally no good reason from a business aspect (Gameforge Model) to keep it Korean. Because we're already "forced" to purchase at least 1 Goldpack a month to keep up our trading/broker feature as well as other bonuses that can be vital for our experience. It is totally nerve wrecking to go through an instance 4x and perhaps only drop 1 or no ultimate...or go into Infernal Makarna and get out completely empty handed. If you consider the amount of drops you'd need to fully gear up.... and time to form up an Infernal Makarna alliance/group.

    I will not do the maths for you but keep in mind that each member will need to drop at least 16-17 ultimate gear parts in total from those two mentioned instances. The amount of time it requires to drop the CORRECT gear part and then the amount of time to gear up your mates/premades and distribute them fairly is too abysmal. There are always those lucky people that will get in one single week 2-3 parts but that's a small fraction of the whole community.

    There's more pros than cons if you'd change this setting. Firstly, people will finally get some gear for the upcoming hardmore instance 6.5. We'd need to enchant that gear to +10 or beyond anyway to perform well enough in it. IF we had at least the possibility to get a guaranteed ultimate gear drop, it would help us spend our Legendary or Ultimate PvE enchantment stones.. or buy those from your event boxes. That's a pro for your business. If the player knows that they will get rewarded for those instances.. they will more likely use their LUNA to reset those instances. Another PRO for you as well... I doubt that anyone would actually "cry" about PvE having a P2W element. It's already P2W to reset instances such as GoK and/or Mirash for Kinah or event items.

    I will leave this up for discussion. However I doubt that anyone here would be against such a convenient change. They would rather welcome it. I, myself usually think.. "Why run Prometun? When I had 60 runs behind me, I had only managed to get my 3rd PvE part." I don't think such a feature is welcomed in 2019 in any western MMORPG. We're the west, so we'll need some optimization to keep our community happy and engaged instead of just going out with zero rewards.

    I really hope someone from the AION Team takes stance too and leave their opinion and feedback. Be it a positive and welcoming one or a negative and declining one.


    How did they manage to partner a player that bashed Gameforge and Aion for years?


    It wasn't for years. It was mainly for the 5.0 KR design and the westernized version for Gameforge which was flawed. I also never did it to an extreme and rather stayed objective and had good arguments. I simply stated the flaws and what could have been done better. I obviously also stated that I would not play that version and quit. However, things got better with 6.x so I am glad that I have returned. Also they chose me for various reasons. They didn't choose me only because of my popularity. They wouldn't take someone that would criticise them in a bad way like a ticking bomb. I had my reasons back then and as Galeas mentioned, it's past mistakes.

    Anyway, people can change and so can Aion EU because people pull the strings behind the scenes.

    Cheers :)

    Hello there Daevas!:slove:

    I'm just your everyday guy who likes video games. I've been playing games since the age of 6. The first console I owned was the SEGA Mega Drive (SEGA Genesis). My favourite game on SEGA was Sonic the Hedgehog. As I "grew up" I eventually got a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and a Gameboy. My video game obsessed life was flipped 180 degrees when I had to move to a new country at the age of 11. I got back into gaming when I turned 13 years old. I owned a Gamecube and a PlayStation, but enjoyed PC games the most due to the better graphics it provided. I loved strategy games more than RPGs, such as Command and Conquer, Pharaoh, Caesar, Age of Empires and so on. Gaming isn't controlling my life, but it's something I do at least an hour a day. :)

    Now I'm yapping quite a lot about myself without telling you who I am. My name is Matthew, I was born on August 9th and I live in a beautiful state of Austria, Salzburg. I can speak three languages fluently: German, English, and Arabic (that's the country I had to move to and live in for 7 years). Some people wonder if I understand Korean. I don't, but I want to learn it someday. I understand some Korean words due to the games I played in Korean and figuring out what they mean.

    I am a partnered AION Gameforge streamer on Twitch, mainly playing AION but I fit some variety in there every now and then.

    I'd label myself a veteran since I've played AION since it was released in Europe. I used to play Cleric, Ranger, Spiritmaster, Gunner and Aethertech. I am currently playing an Asmodian Chanter on Deyla. Hit me up if you have any questions. I can't promise that I have an answer for everything, but you can at least try. I am always up to help the community.

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