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    hmm ok, what can you say about classes like cleric and chanter?(as they in pvp of a(solo)/pve)

    Sorry that rushing from class to class just want to know all the nuances before choosing.

    I wouldn't recommend a cleric for a newbie. It requires much more gear than your average dps character which will already take a considerable amount of time to gear up.

    Is my fate to be a painter?(afraid of not being in demand because of the large number?()

    If you want to be popular in pve then your only class choice is painter.

    Bards are extinct by now, they require skill to play and their damage output is very low.

    Aethertech has been nerfed and is only sought after as a potential TANK in instances.

    Assassin is just a weaker painter that can hide and use more stuns.

    Yes, it may seem obvious that it's better for a beginner to take an painter (good in pve and pvp), but there are so many.

    And if not bard, then can cleric?(as he in pvp of a?)

    :)Hello Yes stupid topic, but it is extremely important to me. So here is help please will determine with choice class, and choose I between bard and assassin. Just want to say that I'm a newbie(in the game), from a class looking forward to have more emphasis in pvp,but just want to be extremely popular in pve.:cookieshugo:(I write to you through a translator:|)

    P.s. Was thinking more about the painter, but they are very much.:invalid: