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    Nah its okay, its just that its still not normal that you have to spend 10x more than before for crafting those weapons and get fragments out of them, and the rest of the gearing process is already takes a lot of effort, yeah i could go for katalam gear but its still not solve that issue about crafting but yeah easier to ignore it.

    Thanks for the tipps, but its still weird that they dont trying to fix that and expects people to spend 3-4 billion just for leveling crafting while its costed around 500-700 million or so if its true what friends said.
    I like the game and all but if they dont care about such things i dont know what to expect later on , while this issue could be solved easily n make players less frustrated.

    Hello ppl,
    some friends made me start Aion few weeks ago i have mixed feelings but sofar i like it.

    But now im at the part where i would like to level crafting for fragments and some gear, but leveling crafting seems really really expensive ,i mean i think it would cost like 50 gp worth kinah or maybe more idk. Im trying to farm but the amount of ancient malleability i get compared to how much crafting needs is really bad.Some friend told me these mats costed 2000 in broker before but if its true how is it possible that its 15-20x more now?

    So long story short i would really appreciate if someone could share tipps for obtaining fragment or craft materials faster.