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    Take advantage of the increased enchantment chance now


    Countless Daevas lost their lives protecting their homeland of Atreia in the devastating Millennium War. The memories and spirit of these heroes have survived since this time held within the Stigma Stones, those mythical crystals laden with power and wisdom.

    Increased Enchantment Chance

    Enjoy an increased chance of successfully enchanting your stigmas in the Stigma Enchantment Event, one week each month. Plus during the event you can also pick up special items for Stigma enchantments from the AION Shop.

    The enchantment levels in this event start at +9 each time, but may vary. The current enchantment chance will always be displayed in the server maintenance information. Exploit the archaic might of enchanted Stigmas, learn new skills and become stronger than ever before!

    Happy enchanting!
    The AION Team

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    Estimados Daevas,

    Este miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2020, llevaremos a cabo nuestro mantenimiento programado. La página web y los servidores no estarán disponibles desde las 8:00 CET.




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    Join in the baking bonanza and earn amazing items for your heroes


    Each year when the autumn harvests come around, the endearing Moon Rabbits in Atreia bake Honey Cakes for the Daevas. This year, they’ve invited the Daevas to join in and help prepare the cakes. The Daevas have gratefully accepted this challenge, but this undertaking isn’t as easy as they thought: the cakes are time-consuming to prepare and they need to get hold of some of the ingredients!

    Help the Moon Rabbits out and as a reward for your efforts, not only will you be able to have a taste of their exquisite Honey Cakes, but you can also earn fantastic rewards like the [Rune] Special Autumn Harvest Transformation Contract (66 types), the [Event] Transformation Contract: Apostle (6 types) and the [Event] Daevanion Skill Chest (10 types)!

    2020-10-07_AI_Moon_Rabbit_Honey_Cake_Screenshot_105x65_01.jpg 2020-10-07_AI_Moon_Rabbit_Honey_Cake_Screenshot_105x65_02.jpg 2020-10-07_AI_Moon_Rabbit_Honey_Cake_Screenshot_105x65_03.jpg 2020-10-07_AI_Moon_Rabbit_Honey_Cake_Screenshot_105x65_04.jpg

    Running: 11/11 to 2/12

    How it works:

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a master baker right away – the event is very simple: first you get the ingredients, then you prepare the dough, bake the cake and then trade it for a quality item.

    Get the ingredients!

    You get honey...

    • from logging in daily (1x [Event] Honey every 30 minutes, but max. 5x a day).
    • by completing Lugbug missions.
    • when you defeat Honey Daru in the fortresses in Gelkmaros and Inggison.
    • in the AION Shop.

    A little tip: your hero can simply chow down on the honey. This increases their attack, casting and movement speeds by 5 percent for 20 minutes.

    You get Rice Powder...

    • by completing a weekly quest in which you exchange Slot Stones, Gold Ingots and Stellium with Journinerk.
    • by defeating monsters in the following instances: Stella Development Laboratory (easy/normal); (Weak) Daeva Mob Leader, Makarna of Bitterness (normal); Beritra’s Shroud, Prometun’s Workshop (normal), Prigga, Lower Udas Temple; Debilkarim the Maker.
    • as a reward for completing daily Lugbug missions.
    • in the AION Shop.

    You get Pine Needles...

    • by beating the Pine Needle Full Moon, which appears in western Inggison and eastern Gelkmaros each day from 8 PM to 10 PM.
    • as a reward for completing Lugbug missions.
    • in the Gold Sand Shop.
    • in the AION Shop.

    Now it’s time to get baking!

    Prepare the dough: To make 1 Honey Cake, you’ll need 5x Honey, 2x Pine Needles and 1x Rice Powder.

    Bake, bake, bake the cake! Use the Honey Cake Workbench to bake your cake. You can end up with one of three different cakes: [Event] Honey Cake, [Event] Small Honey Cake Basket or [Event] Burned Honey Cake.

    Don’t worry if your cake ends up burnt. It happens to the Moon Rabbits every now and then too. As mad as you might be about the result of your baking, you can still use the burnt cake and throw it at your enemies to deal 8,000 damage!

    Grab your reward!

    Did your Honey Cake turn out well? Then take it to the Harvest Festival Merchant in Inggison or Gelkmaros and exchange it for valuable items.

    Master the art of baking!

    Let the NPC Linnai take you under your novice baker’s arm to help you decorate your cake and clean up even better rewards! But take care, something could go wrong here too and if you run into bad luck, all you’ll be left with is a burned cake!

    • For a fee of 700,000 Kinah, Linnai will help you bake your [Event] Honey Cake into an [Event] Small Honey Cake Basket.
    • For a fee of 7,000,000 Kinah, Linnai will help you bake your [Event] Honey Cake into an [Event] Magnificent Honey Cake Box.


    You can find all of the possible rewards for this event in our Rewards List.

    Note: The following items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: [Event] Honey, [Event] Rice Powder, [Event] Rice Powder, Event] Pine Needle, [Event] Honey Cake, [Event] Small Honey Cake Basket, Event] Magnificent Honey Cake Box and [Event] Burned Honey Cake.

    Win Attractive Prizes in This Event That’s Full of Variety


    A rift in space and time has opened up in Atreia: Asmodians and Elyos are using the opportunity to advance into Tiamaranta’s Eye once more. Courageous Daevas are setting out to hunt monsters there, looting valuable chests and careering fearlessly into brutal skirmishes! As rewards for the bravest of them, the [Rune] Box of Triniel’s Apostle Transformation Fragments, the [Event] Greater Rune Selection Box and the [Rune] Vision Weapons Selection Box await.

    Running: 11/11 to 9/12

    How the Event Works

    Tiamaranta’s Eye awaits you: Pit yourself against other players in PvP, seize victory for your faction in RvR, go monster hunting or scour the region for exquisite chests.

    Face off against powerful opponents every day: Defeat Governor Sunayaka and Berserker Sunayaka, and premium rewards will drop for you!

    Entering Via the Rift

    You can reach Tiamaranta’s Eye via a rift in Gelkmaros or Inggison. Players from any server can join in the fight – the Dimension Hourglass isn’t required to enter.

    Inside Tiamaranta’s Eye

    Sunayaka will appear as governor or as Berserker Sunayaka in the Commander’s Room in the centre of the area at the following times:

    • At 8 PM every day from Monday to Friday
    • At 12 PM and 10 PM on Saturdays and Sundays

    Potential rewards are: Enchantment Stones and Manastones, Minionite, minion contracts, Rune and Odian Fragments, as well as the [Rune] Vision Weapons Selection Box.

    Other Rewards

    Bundle of Protectorate Gold Coins

    You’ll receive the Bundle of Protectorate Gold Coins as a reward for completing quests and for hunting monsters in Tiamaranta’s Eye. You can trade in your bundle for high-quality items with the NPCs Arseus and Lechi.

    Treasure Chests

    You’ll need keys to open the treasure chests that you will find throughout Tiamaranta’s Eye. You can obtain these from Keymasters, quests or as a drop from monsters.

    You’ll receive Lodas’ Silver Star, minion contracts or Rune and Odian Fragments from the treasure chests. As soon as you’ve opened a chest, it will disappear for a time and then reappear later.

    Note: The following items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: [Rune] Selection Box of Ultimate Enchantment Potions, [Rune] Ascension Jam (PvP Attack), [Rune] Ascension Jam (PvP Defence), Tiamaranta’s Eye Treasure Box Key, Tiamaranta’s Eye Treasure Chest Key, Bundle of Protectorate Gold Coins and Protectorate Gold Coins.