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    Hi there, thanks Tahak. Yeah, considering I have around 500,00o kinah and the stigmas are going from 7 to 15 mill on my server I am not able to purchase, don't call that cheap really it is a mad price.

    Good idea about the runs through. I wouldn't know who to ask though to take me through as my old guild on Asmo side seems to have gone and nobody really answers me when I put messages in chat :(. That is why I was hoping for the quest really, but if I cannot, thanks for the reply anyway x Thanks so much Sita for posting those I shall take a look :D x

    My painter is great, but I am going though so many potions as she takes damage. I remember years ago when you sat your health came back fairly quickly but with the painter I can be sat for ages and it hardly replenishes? How to recover hp on the painter anyone?

    I tried 3 times to complete the dungeon, the boss usually disappears and comes back to kill and then we can get through to the end. However each time I couldn't get through the door and the Oris kill didn't update so it was a waste of time doing it. Wouldn't have minded the wing reward for doing it but cannot progress. I have relogged many times on each occasion to see if it updates but it does not.

    Hi there

    Am a returnee from forever ago, last time I came back was when they had taken all my kinah away but I immediately rage quit about that, still have issues with that due to all the time I put in making it lol.

    Anyway, I am levelling my asmo chanter up from when I left level 65 and unlike my painter I cannot get the powerful stigma quest reward. (Obviously they took my kinah I can not buy one from the Broker) . The old quests don't show. Also on my painter it missed out a greater stigma quest reward and my friend who is elyos bought me one but I have no friends on Asmo side to help me out.

    So could anyone please list the quests with stigma rewards and also tell me why although I have ticked to see under level quests they don't show? Thanks.