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    4:1 Elyos:Asmo on Stormwing? Killing bosses whole day and getting 100 transformations? You people are high or something?

    People are crazy man, they think elyos get hundreds of legendary transformations per day from farming that stupid boss.

    I'd like some of these transformations too, considering everyone gets them!

    hey think elyos get hundreds of legendary transformations per day ? Think? We are watching it in command . You cant avoid it its spamming all the time.

    I reported it. WIll inform you as soon as I know more.

    Ma man in every 1h only on stormwing elys getting ( I can bet ) 40-70 transformation in mid day and at night period they can reach 100 transformation carried . Its only on stormwing and only elyos side. calculate this everything on other servers to.

    Since event started elys got more than 5000x transformation carried.
    In aion shop its cost 6k AC. 5000x6000 means 30 milion AC ) its means around 14k $ ) not even in your style )

    Eevery event what was starting name about "Hunt" was failed

    You cant roll back server . You made inflation and now transformation feed. You will be forced to do something to give asmo side same benefit to back up balance between factions.
    Good loock . Soon you guys will need new job ) and we will need to find new server.


    Not only 1 boss spawning. Its spawning everytime. I mean once 1 dies second appear at that time. So you can farm it in league hole days ) Hello new treasure chest event ) just only for elys side.

    And BIG thanks for your Event Beta tester teams <3 this winters they work so hard.

    This event is really good. Full Free to play but for only 1 faction in game. I entered in a game 9-10 pm fortress time and in 10 minute I count 7 + player get legendary transform. Guess which faction? dominant one Elys.
    If anyone in this game still try to make balance between two faction fix this fast. Every day elys getting uncounted numbers of legn transforms which means soon they will fuse it to kaisinel and already powerful faction can get more power with ultimate transforms.
    I already realised that you guys not testing events before you put it on server. Now im sure you dong even reading events what they doing and how its can app on players. :/

    PPL still living in lie? anyone left on this planet who think about others? really? mother teresa complex or what. OFC everyone talking for there problems.

    So yea just i said if i get in problem for this items. than starters would have more problem.

    So if ppl cryed about drop in pve. This must be more active problem.

    But no on server 90% of players are good to get top gear in end of patch season or even not have full top gear in them gameplay life. )

    I started problem with this. Ancient PVP enchant stones. Im back in game since september so yea now its started problem for me because when patch was changing I spent all genesis for this chests but I faced problem again.

    #1 Yes its selfish but its not only my problem. Most of players will have and have the problem right now because of limit for 5 chest in week? WTF . change it from Unlimited to 5 is not right.
    #2 If even I want to up gear alt or even new player want to enchant Ancient gear +15 or legendary gear with ancient stones to +6 he have to wait it so long . Its big problem to.
    #3 When you farming or want to do 100 weakly rega and suna. its total 200. and in grand its 2500 crystal. which means itself. 166 Legendary enchant stone. For this you need same 2500 ancient enchant stone. and You dont have a chance to get it even with pvp instances if you will win all hole weak . 0 chance to reach it.

    So request fixed patch for this to as you did on Drop. Since from last event ppl not even doing PVE instances to get legendary items to sell because non care legendary items in instance anymore and PVE legendary stones or Ultimates. So Trade it. Take back your legendary items drop and remove cap for 5 Enchantment chest from Genesis .

    So now guys. If everyone Agree and Im sure everyone Agree "like" this maybe some rational moderators can take this to special team for they request corrected patch for this. Because as we heared last time "good free things are good" now we dont request free things just we want to back what was good.

    None of the friends I asked would even tell me about these NPCs when I came back to the game, seems everyone is quite greedy about the issue. Of course I quickly learned the new mechanics and soared up through the ranks.

    Guards was giving main reward from this game created ) In past they was giving medals now they giving HP. ) nothing new nothing special. If you didnt know its your problem. In past you was same like you are now I guess because we always focus guards first than enemy from past )

    And yes Guards have to give HP its makes different between players ) who can farm and who cant . Who deserve to have Xform . Who is smart to collect more HP ) who have good PVE gear to farm it fast than the others.

    Fort battles giving reward mostly the same amount. 20 player gets only 640hp and so big amount 512 and 328 for lose. There must be something to make different between this. Gates and bosses die anyway. And when you reach cap for pvp AP ( for this you have 10 minute for example in dumaha ) you going for boss ) also there is weakly quests for boss in lugbug .

    Everything in this system is ok ) and this poll will not change anything because its main point of gameplay and even 500 player clikc "yes" nothing will change )

    For that reasone we can make poll for PVE and PVP gear for they remove it I want 1 gear you or i have to think that they will do it? ) Non gonna change main point of game.

    There is 100 Xform on each fraction and 500 non xform player ) so non xforms wishes to get xforms are always more and im not surprised when i saw 25 yes and 4 no in poll )


    Leo first of all If I would be in head office member in GF I would already fired off you because of your posts that "EVERYTHING WORKS AS IT HAVE TO" so now you accept that its not working as its have to? Using your options clothing players topics ?
    Does anyone have to trust you next time you say something? Leo  


    When you say "Nice senektra skin skills and accessories ? " You guys dont even play this game. If in drop list wouldnt be Kinahi chest and be only even Senektra weapons and splane items Kinahi inflation still would come because 32KK senektra item and minimum 12kk slpane item can sell in general merchant . Now you will think about Kinahi limit? Ppl would create 5 account buy gold packs there from first soled week and stay there numbers of item and sell them time to time. So on server you would see a lot of kinahi .


    Does any of you playing this game? Im sure no you dont . You read the posts even from first days . Why you didnt fixed it fast ? Why you came here and bullshiting that everything is ok? Why you didnt lick "Red button" that server have big problem to fix it?


    What you gonna say the players who will join server after this event?
    Non care now Instances non doing them. Why I had to do Makarna prome or such kinahi farm instances or gear ones? How new player can join the game with 4 entry run and maximum he can get 200kk in 1 week when players buying AP 50% scrolls for 100kk?

    If I would buy AC last 1 week before event some I would complaint in court in hole company for destroy economy . Ppl spent a lot of real money and on Tuesday theu sold Gold packs for 65kk and them 65KK on friday was 1,000% inflated .

    Leo I would Fired all of members who have duty response fast on in game problem. Because of destroy the GF company income to. Im sure AC coins buying state lowered so much because its simple logic ppl not gonna buy AC coins to trade them in ingame kinahi. I know F2P events are decrease AC buying rate but this would destroy it.
    Why I care it? Because if GF will not have enough income they would made some future problem those will be affect on us.

    This event is some kind of joke. Every1 can farm maps from others boxes even in league, no restrictions for buying keys / opening boxes. it gonna hard destroy economy.

    ex. 2h of farming on league give you around 800 unknown maps, you can exchange them very fast, you will get 30-40 special red ganker maps.
    Key cost 2,7kk each(no limit on them)- box contain 30kk, so you are like 27kk on + for each box.
    You can use map every 3min, so for like 4h of time (farm+openning) you will have ~1kkk(yes kkk).

    @Galeas are you sure that this should look like this?

    No matter you will limit keys or not. Ppl will make new characters ) you cant hold it. so make it limit is 0 point. as much limit you will make as more characters they will create. so point is 0 .

    Guys why non want it to enjoi? economy will not destory prices will up for every tradable items in broker.
    Other its amazing on reidentification and other kinahi spending machine.

    I never posted here before, but now I just have to xD

    You seem to have a problem understanding why everyone are against you, so let me help you out by addressing each part in detail WHY nobody can take you seriously. Maybe next time you can learn to express yourself better and get a better result.

    Against me? If hole forum will be against me and if hole server will be against me its can damage me or what? We talking about game and yea I dont care that much because Im doing what I want and Im getting what I want without anyone's help Like I was doing hole time .
    So my speach is my own and against me cant hold it.
    When I know Im sure I think right I will say and protect my ideas . No matter for some one will be harder to read or not agree or not take seriously ?
    Have you problem with some self-esteem ? or why you think that if even 99% of humanity thinks you are wrong you have to believe them?

    You want the poll results to be manipulated because you don’t agree with other people? And in fact you want the majority vote to be invalidated because you think you know better? So basically... you want to be a dictator? Who cares about other people, it's all about you!

    Who are you to decide who is a ‘normal’ and ‘good’ player, and why are ‘underdogs’ opinion to be censored? Why can't players who are undergeared have their opinions heard - are they not playing the same game?

    Do you realize how crazy and selfcentered this all sounds? Who do you think you are to decide for the whole community which opinion should be heard or not? It was hard to tell at this point if you’re a bad troll or just crazy, but your post history gives a clearer picture. Just from these first few sentences it’s very hard to take you seriously.

    Dictator? Objective action for other players? You think you live in Democracy and in Objective world? Again have you problem with self-esteem ?

    All big decisions was made by dictators . Protect your ideas and do everything to make it real is makes your selfish and dictator this makes you "Person independent"

    Even NCsoft is not dictator itself? why you playing AION which made by dictate ? Did some one asked you anything when was making new patch? Than leave dont play Dictators game )

    Even GOD is Dictator because he thought what was right what was good how was right way to humanity leave (if some one not agree than i will tell second) GOD made flower like it is now God made sky blue GOD made everything ! Did he asked you when he was making sky would you like it blue or red or green? God made everything and you living in God's world
    (No matter religion and God every religion God is dictator and selfish )
    So if you believe GOD and you dont want to live in dictate take big cube and live there.
    Because everything great made by Dictators and selfish ppl . Started from GOD

    And you cant find Objective ideas in subject's world ( Each person is subject )

    How mature of you to call out a player by name to announce to the whole community that they are sooo lazy and playing incorrectly. If you were friends with that cleric, I hope she cuts you out of her life ASAP. If you have any conscience, you should censor her name from your post and apologize to her. It does not matter what her reasons are for playing the way she does.

    Let me tell you something: most people have other things to think about than games. And yes, AFKing counts as playing, because you need to log in regularly, find out how the event works, and make sure you don’t disconnect. Just imagine if you have exams, a new job, or are moving to a new place. Imagine if you have serious problems in your life. It is not normal or healthy to have your life revolve around a game, and there are a million good excuses for not participating in an AFK event. Even ‘I don’t feel like playing right now’ is a fine excuse. It’s a game, not your job or your child. It's just entertainment.


    I didnt said they are lazy where I said it ? I said they are wrong . Do prome/Makarna/Stella every week 4 times with 6 players is not lazy action its fool action. When you doing 6 man gear take run when each players want something or (4 player) want something from instance and you carry ppl and doing instances to upgear them over 4 month when you doing same for not get anything for your self and do everything for others is also not normal action to your self. You have mother teresa complex? How rational human can get it? To live and spent your even 4h gameplay for other players profit? When they getting gear and dont do same and you still doing instances maximum quantity of players 3-6-12 to take 0 items from your self and give everything to everyone? Is this rational and healthy action to your self?
    Players like she(you) are blame here for not have anything and players who need players like you are also blame here for not have anything. Is this normal? I mean if you are "Person " with personality you dont have to act like that.

    but then you say that you yourself don’t even have the right transformation. So they didn’t do everything, right?

    I said I have sita on gunner which makes my speed 60% and attackspeed cap . Would wish grendal only because if some one add me attackspeed debuff.
    And second I said there was a lot of ways to get legendary transformations just when i get sita i stopped to hunt for legendary transformation.

    First of all, don’t assume that all players should maximize all content like this. It’s a game, not a job.

    Its not about a game and about a job. Its about wish . When you have goal for everything in life. Live good play good . Do everything to live good do everything to play good. Because when you want to do something you want to do it good so if you play you want to play good.

    First of all, don’t assume that all players should maximize all content like this. It’s a game, not a job.

    Second, all the quests for morph crystals you can’t really count like this for PvP, only PvE, because fragments for the morph are in short supply

    If you do hole your life and hole your game play pve instances for other players for they got something and you dont need anything you will never have Fragments because you will never have kinahi .
    Free tips. Makarna is 2-3man instance and you dont need to have everything +15 to do it )) Prome is 2-3man instance and again you dont need everything +15 to do it. Stella is 3-4 man instance and again you dont need everything +15 to do it.

    Sure, people who spend more time in the game should get better rewarded and should absolutely be better geared, but come on, we are talking about %speed and %cast/attack stats! I’m sure you know that these stats used to be easily accessible for everyone in old patches, because they are so basic and crucial. But you talk like 2-3h is not enough to have BASIC STATS when 2-3h totally normal for a healthy person xD

    Btw do you really think it's good for the game to be designed ONLY for no-lifers like you? Maybe new players are important for the game too? Maybe... that will keep the game alive longer?

    Than buy Playstation and play there.
    MMORPG need time and each players who is "normal and good player " playing MMORPG more than 3h in a day.
    You think Koreans are different humans or they are from mars?
    Or only europe ppl think that if you play 5h in a game you are not normal or you dont have life? ))))))
    You chose wrong time of game. There is no MMORPG games which makes you "good player" in 2h gameplay in a day.
    Buy Playstation and play some games there. MMORPG is not for you and not for players like you.

    Naming and shaming.

    - Zapiel


    I think Cube problem and Daeva skill problem can be fix with in two easy spets
    First Make 50% spawn chance for Gold shugo in Dredgion and Runatorium can easy fix Cubs and Daeva skill problem
    Second Back Cube exchange NPC or make it perma event .

    50% God shugo spawn in Dredgion and Runatorium would be good way . Its will gives another life with PVP instances and Ppl can get Cubes and Daeva skills more intensive . 5 run total in a day. 35 run in a week .

    I think players can agree that this would help us so good. Almost everyday Im doing Dredgions and Runats and maybe last month shugo appeared only.

    Dude just doesnt get it that you can have 10 leg forms and not even 1 for your main xD

    Anyway, I voted for stigma enchanting and manastones. Last time i wanted to buy phys attack 17 stone... there was 1 on the broker for 20kk lol.

    Good point. If some one bought attack manastones from broker all of them and only expensive ones left . You entered at that time in broker checked price was overhead and yea MANASTONE IS A PROBLEM ! ) good with that logic Cubes are a problem to for some players

    Want transformation? Do double weakly Lugbug on 2 char and in 2 month you will get 2 Legendary and 4 ancient . And dont blame for it because there is more things than Legendary transformation for this day.

    Please show me how this is possible

    You getting legendary transformation breath in every 1 month. Now I have two. In 2 weeks ( I have 30 fragmetn already ) I will have 2x legendary transform because Its account tradable item . So if you would farmed weakly lugbugs by 2 char you could get 2x legendary transfrom in same time in 2 month.

    What is hard part?

    Legendary gear +10? Really? How long you play this game? Whats your playing time ( Dont lie please) Whats your experience in this game?
    I count. 100% enchants collection. For normal players not hardcore.
    5 in week from altars stellium
    16 from fortress 5-4 we get so i will count minimum 4. total 16
    You have 200 quest for enchant stone . You can do 5 quest in a day for example shit rega 10 crystal. Its means 50 crystal in a day need maximum 1h for done it 5 time that is maximum ! ( 7x50 =350 ) which is 23 enchant.
    Weakly garrisons. some aditional crystals which gives 5 enchant stone.
    3 enchant from weakly entry.
    Total in 1 week you can farm MINIMUM 52 Legendary enchant stone in 1 week. This is 5h Gameplay in a day.

    Im playing this game more than 8h in a day and yea I got enchants im controlling it how much i want them .

    No if some one playing the game less than 5h in a game and dont have anything don blame to server please and dont even vote anything.

    If you say you working from 10am to 8 pm in a day. I will tell you than spent some money in a game if you wan to be geared like players who play 8h in a day ) if you dont want to spent it than dont blame because if you 2-3h gameplay playing will get everything than 8h players again will be better geared than you !

    And yea this is X1 off server and here must to be dificult between 8h players and 2-3h players. )

    Im checking and see most of players marking Transformations for this topic Your point of view on the main AION systems

    Galeas please cut that points to 1/3 who marking Transformations. Every normal and good players have transformation for them wish. Only underdogs not have Transformations .

    Im in a game from 4 september till today I got 3 free legendary transformation + I will open one in 2 week 100% . without paying money. And ppl who dont have Transformation for example :scensored: (Cleric playing as I know more than 8 month in a game ) Still using 11% cast speed Popoku its not GF or Aion problem its her problem . Most of players like her marking that option whats a big :censored: .
    Im gunner and I have 10 Ancient transformation which have more attack speed and cast speed.

    There was even event which was giving Selected ancient transformation and could take 25% cast speed one. But no as She and others was lazy to do some stuffs even like AFK events which you jsut need to stay char AFK and go out from home.

    So because of her and ppl like she is its could looks like Transformation is a problem but no its not ! ) GF did everything and Aion to players for this time had Transformatiosn which would help them. I would wish Grendal but I got Sita . So 0 problem for me.

    For me and Im sure for every Normal and Good player Daeva skills and Stigmas are #1 problem. Any other can be fix easy.
    Cubics are problem to but not that hard and important than Daeva and stigma . Also ppl marking Enchant what is another :censored:. Do quests ! and get free 100 enchant each week ! There is no any pvp or pve way to get Stigma enchant or Deva with essence !

    So Players who agree me Like this post please . Because Everyone get what I said ( Administration ) that some players who not player even this game and will not play in future marking some bullshits )

    Want transformation? Do double weakly Lugbug on 2 char and in 2 month you will get 2 Legendary and 4 ancient . And dont blame for it because there is more things than Legendary transformation for this day.

    Profanity / Naming and shaming.

    - Zapiel

    If no bots in game upgear would be so hard ) they droppes material prices so good and everyone can get spirits . so if you buying 1 spirits for 1 milion or even 1 spirits for 500k. Say thanks with bots )

    I know so many players even clerics who healing with 9% cast speed transformation even they dont have high cast speed ancient transformation.
    Why I said this?
    First we had 100% loot buff even when I was doing 30minute farm I was getting so many PVE pvp legendary enchant stoens and 3 time I got legendary transformation in Lakrum.
    Second they would farm bunnys to get ice hammers in that time when they was doing dredgion,illumiel.runatorium,Makarna,Prome.HT.Stella.
    Hole this spending time for why? heal with 9% cast speed even for right this time today?

    They had everything from GF Amazing Bunny event which only maximum 25 player used from asmo side in storwming. And they had even selected ancient transformation by hero trail .


    P.S now if some one will ask why i said examples from old events Bunny Mookie Hero trail. The answer is : Ok

    Naming and shaming.

    - Zapiel

    @Galeas Gj
    I think this events are so good. Why?
    You can have full PVE gear with already reidentificated ones and you avoid to spent some extra minimum 2 billion to full reidentificat gear everything started from Wings finished to belt.
    After you get what you want you can sell items in broker to get kinahi from other players to other events. If you get weapon or wings you have free 500 million with that money you can buy cards from players with AC or buy enchant stones for Skin skill event.

    Now players who cry about Chests
    This event gonna takes 34 days. Towers spawning 10 am to 2 am.
    Players who is in big legions for example Solo Players already have 80% of gear. So its really annoing to wait it every 10 minute and after first day ( It was new and had motivation ) We almost stopped to do it every 10 minute waiting only big ones every 1:30h . Even in 10 minute farming SP s also taking randoms ( if we see elyoses are many we take randoms from LFG ) so its logic point even if im not solo player and i could do it alone solo i wwouldnt inv anyone as everyone would do same. Me and any of player expect "incubator legions" thinking first for them self than to other.
    I am one who recruiting for Towers and so many randoms got chests in my alliance in this two days . AND TRUST ME IF NOT ALREADY GEARED POWERFULL PLAYERS NOT JOIN WITH THIS EVENT UNGEARED PLAYERS WOULD NEVER TAKE IT FROM ELYOSES !! IF SP wont farm that event asmos wouldnt get any chest even from big towers to small towers.

    You guys who blame for this event dont want to move your ass and you want to get everything without do anything ! )

    Because of that you will never have top gear never ever in current patch .

    Some one said about Mookie event ( only big legions was farming ) at that time I was in legendary PVE gear and me with my two friend same legendary pve gear we started game together we took 16 mookies in last 4 days. Each spawn we was taking 2 mookies as I said with Legendary pve gear. Because we saved spots ranger was making traps AT was getting ready and cast skills I was casting my skills on at at that time for aoe and yea first was ding so fast we could take second !

    Bunnys ! I was in incubator legion Chaos Requiem at that time. I killed 10,000 bunnys in event period at start I had no even legendary transformation. Get two geared players teach them how to farm it I was saiving time and spots and planing ways easy to farm maximum bunnys in 20m and i was on mount they was killing i was looting . Who I was some non even legendary transform player from Chaos Requiem for Solo players? But I had plan I had times and its could be looted in Alliance.

    My free tips :
    If you are underdog you always will be underdog . Stop crying and try to change something in you its not about game its style of life .
    Crying to non invite you anywere because you have gifted pve gear? Make your own run and you check other ppls gear non cant kick you from SW if they enter they had to hold you ..
    Do everything own and dont be wait help from some one )

    For example :
    Each players wo taking Non blessed altars and following leaders who forcing to get 7 stellium from a altars siege total 14 in a days are in Underdog list ! as I said dont wait to help from some one dont search Altars siege in LFG dont follow your crazy leaders. Non care if you have non blessed altars non its 0 point nothing will change ! Better go solo and farm 120-150 stellium in a day expect from 14. Start to change your self from this .

    After you change your self to dont be underdog ( which is hard because if you are you cant understand it if some one will not tell you and you think you are doing good ) everything will be so nice.
    Also you will find good points in event and how to do it to get maximum profit.