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    As a friend explained me once „The Enchant Percentage doesn’t matter, your rng matters“ ... so if you have a bad rng, which half of the Aion community has as I heard, then this outcome is nothing new. Sadly rng is killing this game.

    If I learned one thing in one of these promo events, then it was to not attend them. A lot of cashing with a lot of hope without anything good in the end. So just dont. I started hoping for Kaisinel/Marchutan rewards in each event... but to be honest I also lost that hope over time ^^

    I am at the point where I actaully dont care anymore, but I am also not playing as much as I did after I realized this.

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    Thank you very much Karyane.

    It's going to take a while to reach level 8 (3 months probably), but will get there. Will save the books from now on. In the meantime, saving kinah to get the gold pack, figuring a way to not get discriminated with the "gear check" and do ara infernalia for the first time. Still dying in prometun (normal) and in stella laboratory (easy), the goal is to do prometun (hard).

    Also, the stormwing event, what a nice reward (stigma enchantment stones, particularly, since those are hard to get).

    I am almost lvl 8 in Red Kata, if you do it daily and play hard its doable^^
    The Stormwing event was irony or not? In my opinion it’s one of the best events since a while. Selectable Daevanion or 3 Stigma Enchantment Stones daily, for? 30 Days? Really OP

    Nicht zu vergessen das Problem mit dem rerollen der Rüstungswerte... Für Kleriker ziemlich mies. Aber mit dem Event, Dred und dem Fame System ist es einfacher denn je seine Daevanion Fähigkeiten zu leveln und Stigmen zu verzaubern. Zumindest finde ich das, wenn man nicht einen dieser traurigen RNG Tage hat ^^

    Ansonsten zum Thema Raid, was sagt der Titel überhaupt aus? Mit PvP hat es auf jeden Fall nichts mehr zu tun, wenn man bedenkt, dass es nur noch drauf ankommt wie viel Schaden man an Mobs macht. Meine Meinung.

    Wer weiß... Wenn vielleicht noch mehr "Kritik" über die koreanische Sprachausgabe kommt, vielleicht ändert/behebt Gameforge das Problem/ den gewollten Fehler ja;D

    Es wird immer zwei Seiten geben. Entweder findet man etwas gut oder scheiße. Dass sich viele wegen der Elite Mobs beschweren, kann ich verstehen. Ich habe nicht unbedingt Probleme mit den Veränderungen, aber ich bin auch kein frischer Spieler ohne Rüstung, Transformation, S Miol, Würfel und Mitspielern und aus diesem Grund kann ich es auch gar nicht beurteilen, wie beschissen es für die neuen Spieler sein muss. Das Problem mit der Sprache kann ich nicht nachvollziehen. Vielleicht auch einfach, weil ich mein Spiel auf 3% habe. Aber ich spiele ja auch nicht wegen der besonders tollen deutschen und englischen Übersetzung und dem "Spracherlebnis". Ich glaube das hat aber auch oftmals etwas mit der Nostalgie zu tun oder einfach der Gewohnheit wegen, das könnte ich wiederum nachvollziehen.
    Ich habe schon ein paar positive Rezensionen gelesen, bezüglich Events oder Änderungen. Aber ich muss einigen hier zustimmen und sagen, dass das Spiel diesbezüglich schon bessere Zeiten erlebt hat.

    I can't entirely agree with you.

    When you're asked to do something in real life and you know you'll be paid for it, would you do it without knowing how much you'd be paid? This is no different. People want to know if they should bother spend time to farm for an event or just stick to their normal routine that they enjoy and play the game for.

    GF Should definitely work on improving the way they provide information. Or maybe it's NCSoft that isn't providing it properly? Think about it, GF gives us whatever NCSoft gives them. So maybe they have to be more demanding for details when discussing events and so on, instead of just being okay with whatever they get.

    Just random food for thoughts...

    And this is just what is sad. You are just behaving like in real life IN A GAME.

    Although MMO could be quite realistic...

    what is wrong about wanting more information and improvement in a game? Some people spend hours daily in here and I bet a few also spend already a few hundred in it. I guess it’s not too much to ask to get some small information. They want us to play and pay, we want them to inform us and give us smooth game content.

    it was written on day 1 that afk part will end on july 1st, I do not understand why there is something to complain besides that we lost the 1st weeks afk part (cuz of the bugs and not the event design) ;>

    I for example dind't read that the afk part is only till yesterday. But it's really a shame that we don't get compensated for GFs own failure

    Only the egg itself was a failure on their part, everything else worked as it should, and still does... All the time-line was also marked down. If you skipped dailys for the first week when you had no egg it was your own fault :rolleyes:

    Ok that’s good to know, I got it wrong. Then I didn’t say anything

    I guess the idea behind the whole accessory change is to "nerf" the cleric. I kept the old black feather gear for HB. But I will try out the Ara accessory, because I guess its the best support accessory at the moment and let's hope it's not only 1 time rerollable ^^'

    it was written on day 1 that afk part will end on july 1st, I do not understand why there is something to complain besides that we lost the 1st weeks afk part (cuz of the bugs and not the event design) ;>

    I for example dind't read that the afk part is only till yesterday. But it's really a shame that we don't get compensated for GFs own failure

    and btw you cant get lvl 8 even if you do all daily .

    70% off ppls are on lvl 5 right now so even if you do all you get like 9/day * 29 days are 261 and for lvl 8 you need like 280 boom stuck on lvl 7 ( if you have time to do all daily etc)

    252 you can get till the end of the event. 29th should be not included if it's a maintenance day. So you all can calculate if you will make it or not

    It's always like thatXD Every time we get an epic event, there is a hidden problem

    Well. Definitely not gonna waste my GPS for that :D

    I actually thought they would put at least 1 good thing which the 20 GPS would be worth... but a random Apostle Transformation? No thx

    Why GF not give all the spawntime and position of them so ppl who only play few hours a day or less have a chance to get them.. Dumaha little bosses spawn and respawn where nicec2

    If I am not wrong the spawn time depends on when it last got killed.
    And regarding the spawn points, there are a few videos on Youtube about them already:)

    Ich denke wir werden spätestens nächsten Mittwoch sehen wie die ganze Sache mit den Raids aussehen wird. Danach können wir Aion immer noch deinstallieren^^ Obwohl ich sagen muss, dass man sich mittlerweile etwas an die "Veränderungen" gewöhnt hat und der Patch neben Schwächen auch ein paar Stärken hat.