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    Morph recipe for "Special morph crystal" will be changed? Now it needs lydium/malleability from this patch so gonna change with new ones probably, but is it not possible to know if there will be any change on the amount of crystals as well? Just to know if i should use all now or i can wait next week without lose any morph crystals.

    The event is pretty good but I think the best reward of each bundle should be slightly increased. For example i'm wondering how much is the % to get ancient contract from letter 'Y'. I opened x277 Normal Bundle and this is what i got:

    x12 special contract (50 types)

    x9 special contract (62 types)

    x124 trasformation contract (50 types)

    x132 trasformation contract (62 types)

    and 0 ancient contract
    And earlier i opened others 100 and still 0; now i'm trying to collect even more, but i think the chance to get directly an ancient contract is really too low. I did something similar with letter 'N' and at least i got ultimate PvP/PvE enchant (3 and 1 on 200 bundles, probably because there are fewer reward in that bundle).