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    i think it is so fun that only active discussion is about classic :)

    i have already seen 10% drop from 7.9.

    more fun server siege times could seen 30% players but last siege was it on 19%

    classic on NA thanks to it has been moved from texas to virgina will eu players have decent ping without exitlag. logged in 7.00am players down to 4%??? WTF??? never seen so low numbers on a sunday morning. im alone in gelk.

    classic on NA will have huge EU playerbase but due to siege times is NA will be hard for everyone to attend to but ncsoft west "might" make a server EU friendly siegetimes but it wont call it "eu server". it is a open discussion in NA forums.

    i stopped play 7.x 4 months ago. will go 100% on classic NA.

    dont think 7.9 part 2 will save 7.x or 8.0 will.

    thinking classic is the only one that can save aion in eu.

    server capacity has been increased with 7.5 so thats why is has lower number then really is, also dont forget katalam/lakrum is not calculated in the numbers as they are seperated server.

    on storm sieges there is around 400+ players each siege.

    (calculated with my aion people that does DPS) then there is alot of players that never go siege and remain rank 1. if they had go siege every time they would be min 1*.

    as u can see in picure balaurea has the highest number well that is no new news as it is lakrum/dumaha/katalam.

    as soon people teleport from gelk/ing they move to "balurea"

    they spawn from bluepillers in gelk. they spawn random but people is fast kill them so hard see any.

    you need kill 1 elite mob that is not so hard solo but can take some time to kill

    In a previous davea tavern gales said we get HP reset with major patches more often and 7.5 is a big change to aion.

    so wonder if there is any plan HP reset with 7.5 ?

    As with 7.5 HP u will earn from sieges in gelk/ing and abyss core.

    HP is dps calcuated so people who go solo wont have chance get any HP at all (have not tried as solo if was xformed) and afk people wont get any HP as HP is self dps calculated.

    tried it on EAS be afk while rest got HP and i didint get any even i was in alliance but was "standing" still.

    No idea if it is fixed with later 7.5 patches, depends how late 7.5 patch we get.

    to tell the eazy way: need be active on sieges to get rewards.

    should put one time selection legendry contract in shop.

    u get 1 ancient selection contract but that does not help much.

    instances is so hard even u got some gear cleric dont have enough healing speed to heal group.

    also there need be some way get stigmas. if u want all stigmas for a class you need level a second charater class to level 60 but thats seems a waste of time just becuse u need all stigmas for variabel reasons.

    is there anything i can do, to prevent a blackscreen when using dpsmeter and starting aion? kinda annoying

    I'm not sure what do you mean. MyAion DPS Meter doesn't modify any client files. It shouldn't affect client launching process. Could you please show me how it looks? Are you saying that game is launching differently with and without MyAion DPS Meter turned on?

    when i have the dpsmeter running and start aion, the game wont load and crashes, doesnt matter if its from the launcher or bat. file

    have u started myaion first before started client?

    Livo i dont know if its a bug or not but aion in full screen dont show dpsmeter in game even u got "always on top on"

    I have only managed get dpsmeter in game when aion is at window mode.