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    idk .. reading some posts obove maybe im not the only one so unlucky ... but seriously im sick of getting powder and new year forms which always give white form and rarely green one ... idk what is the % of getting ulti form but for me is less than 0 . I think its time game forge let us have event with decent chance of getting ulti form .. its annoying and frustrating so many people got it by p2w or just lucky on fusions ..what about the rest of us ... :cursing::rolleyes:

    In my opinion the cat egg event is not that bad , considering game forge indeed lowered the price from 2kk to 200k kinah. Also considering its a PROMO event it has decent chance for non p2w people to participate in it. Only thing i don't like is the butterfly thingy that we have to farm is veeeery low drop rate .. Im farming all day for like 9-10 hours and i got only 12 of those ... too low considering the rng of lvl up the cat is also very bad. For me from 1 to 10 i give it solid 5..

    Hellpath event i won't even comment .. from like 30 chars all i got is stupid powder and new year contracts (white form xD ) Also too stressful , chance of failing is big if you decide to kill the cat too >.<

    is it me or event with bomb mobs is getting worse each day ? yesterday i got only 1 legendary manastone box from the last mob before 1h event drop expire.. is this a joke ... :dash:

    Galeas doesn't sound very optimistic in this conversation , but let's hope as long as it takes at least we are going to get it. By then most of the ppl already would quit 7.7 and there won't be left anybody to milk anymore ... and new classic server will for sure provide a lot of $ for Game Forge 8o Anyway , i would gladly pay monthly subscription for the classic Aion and im sure many more people think like me. At least those who played the game from start like i did ^^:cookieshugo:

    after failing my blessing of wind that was +11 i was like , hey lets trust rng and make it +12 .. guess it went back to 9 .. ever since then i can't even make it +10 .. used over 30 stigma ench stones in a row..nothing,its still +9 .. i think it got borken lololol ;(;(;(
    On another note finally passed +11 on protection spell ..can't even believe it after being stuck there for months too .. =O

    that is the meaning of full gear for the majority of us .. so i can relate..
    Just starting my 2nd black feather set and 7.5 is in the corner ..:D stigmas still+11 max, protection spell didn't moved from 11 since months ..:D

    i play this game from beta so i played almos all char some more some less time .

    i Never played temp-glad-ET-sm.

    all other char i max gear at every patch and after i just reroled ( i know is hard every time to max gear but is fun :D)

    Then i would recommend you to try gladiator ! Im playing since beta too ,it was the first class i ever tried. You will have some fun time with it , that i can promise! +gladis are still boosted enough in the new patch :)

    on another note , how sad is that most ppl are like you , me included .. able to finish their sets thanks to the bugged event map in december.. Here seems to be like that , else you can't gear up..its just pain :D

    no worries, you will get your slot stones, no promises for the rest tho

    You know... if there would be slot stones in rewards (for coins) i would buy it

    exactly , we joke but the truth is slot stones aren't nearly enough .. i do all lakrum weekly and red kata and still half my gear doesn't have 3rd slots opened .. pain ,such pain .. and @Alucinor i know events are planned ahead of time but you know .. never lose hope :D

    Dear Game Forge ,we are soon entering in the new update 7.5. Please bring at least one decent event before that so most people can catch up at least a little bit regarding stigmas,daeva skills and some gear. Things you should think of including:

    daeva essence
    ulti pvp/pve stones
    daeva skill books
    stigma ench stones
    legendary forms
    stella armor/weapon boxes even untradable ones (some ppl are missing like 1-2 parts , let them have chance to finish their personally i have it full but it would be nice boost for ppl who are left behind)
    minion A lvl 4
    minion S ?
    lots and lots of A minionites..
    slot stones ! :D

    Galeas Please forward this to the team , maybe we can get something decent to finish this patch on good terms and no drama <3

    lol nice trash rollbacks , can break your nerves .. got ported behind like 10 times in a row|| thank god rewards are trash as well so i won't bother doing this with all alts ;d

    why noone saying a thing about huge nerf in open world drop rates????? 3weeks ago in 2k mobs I got 5 minion cointracts and a lot other items ....but now nothing drops I got only 1 daevanion skill in 10k mobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tnx GF but I will not spend money to buy ench stones or minions.....

    i think rates are fine , im farming everyday 1k mobs not more. everyday i get at least 2 minions + some pve/pvp stones or skill box. Fail rates on fuse the minions is other thing tho.. still stuck on sita of change after soooo many fusions .. ;(:D