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    Ever thought about that, you get a mount, a pet, a minion or anything living for 30 days.

    During those 30 days you learn to love them, you get to know them. You will learn to know what they like and about their personalities.

    They been together with you in all sorts of adventures and fun. Even defended you and helped you.

    You even got to know their name and learn so much from them.

    But there are evil people who cannot accept the friendship, the bonding and given a time limit to these gentle creatures.

    So one day...

    ... when you login. Your friend... companion, has disappeared and perhaps never seen again.

    I consider very sad. How can there be so much cruelty towards these creatures? I say they deserve to live longer than 7 days or 30 days. The time limit should not exist, because it's only evil.

    The people who do most DPS on boss:

    Gets more HP from boss

    Same as doing most DPS on gates: Gets most extra HP.

    This already would increase the "difference between players"

    Also legion efforts: Winning legion would get increased HP.

    Removing HP from NPC's would improve:

    - Xforms would be used properly and not just at beginning for personal gain to get more HP from NPC's.

    - More activity to capture the Fortress.


    - Instead they should increase HP gain on: Gates, Siege Boss.

    400kk for gold pack is still about 16x Makarna solo xD Pve is very rewarding now

    There are still players who make new characters, wanna get their ultimate pieces etc. Not to mention hoping to get Shugo for cubes etc.

    Also pve can be enjoyable activity. There are still endgame instances, Stella NM, PW Difficult, Manor EZ/NM etc. Senekta, the activities dont end at Makarna.

    The thing I dislike when it is about "Events", is when events are made so people can ninja or grief your stuff.

    There are many players who are not that fast to open a box or get griefed while trying to open a box, not to mention a lot of people even lag a lot at the 30M kinah spot due to so many players around there.

    I just think the event concept in Aion sometimes is just more stressful in a way than "Fun". (I am not only talking about this granker event, but many other events also).

    Some events I even skipped because I can't bother chasing after a loot, where are 30 other players and most likely you will be even killed if you had iniative on a mob.

    I like the events that are aimed more towards the player comfortzone, meaning you are not distrupted by outsiders. Even those Shugo events where you go into a 3 man instance are less stressfull than the ones open world.

    I doubt that it will increase the activity though. There will be a hit on numbers cause ppl will get frustrated on the kinah differences. Rich ppl will just focus on stuff they actually need to do. General activity will drop and it leads to ppl getting more bored with the game. I might be wrong but we will see.

    There are still people who wanna attend to endgame instances and activities. A lot of the players in Aion community needs often a "Leader" to show them the way. Many hardly take iniative to start a group of their own.

    But you always will find eager people to join your groups. Perhaps even build up a premade. In old days you could do a lot of Legion activities and even Legions were proud of themself doing something "First" or "Best", nowdays I think mainly due to Cross-server option (which is a good thing) the meaning of a guild activity is not that good anymore, since you can build up a group out of other players from other servers. I guess you could always throw a carrot towards players who do it instances inside own servers, to increase legion activity also. Simple things as "Higher increase on ultimate drops" and legion tasks to complete for example: "Kill PW HM boss 100 (50?) times and get a selectable ultimate piece" so people dont get frustrated for not having drops.

    But currently people wanna avoid the troll/ninja/griefer conflict towards the end of the event, so they try to give out their boxes fast as possible.

    I would not wanna be the last people giving out boxes, considering how many greedy people will be wanting their boxes after they dont have any maps left, but possibly have keys.

    The reason is not that we can hand in boxes faster, because it is boring to wait 30 minutes to hand in 10 boxes. (Well I guess one of the reasons).

    But main reason is:

    I want my teammates back. I wanna go to instances and play the game with them. They are too busy opening boxes. Please give me back my friends and teammates. :( ||

    You sure you can call them your "friends" if they prefer to open boxes which you can open absolutely any time rather than play with you when you're up?

    They are online about sametime as me, play about same much as me.

    Not everyone are jobless or being students with short days.

    Many wants to open the chests fast as possible, since it is already predicted that towards the end of the event, griefers / trollers / ninjas will start to become active at box spots due to them not having anything to open anymore. So people who wanna avoid this from happening, need to open boxes fast as possible.

    The reason is not that we can hand in boxes faster, because it is boring to wait 30 minutes to hand in 10 boxes. (Well I guess one of the reasons).

    But main reason is:

    I want my teammates back. I wanna go to instances and play the game with them. They are too busy opening boxes. Please give me back my friends and teammates. :( ||

    While other classes can change weapons all they please, AT is stuck with 1 single weapon during a situation.

    AT can't even use pve weapon to go pve in openworld, since if a enemy attacks that AT, they have to wait 8 seconds to change their pvp weapon and that also can be hindered with a silence.

    And on foot AT can't even defend themself anymore because their pistol skills were removed.

    So dunno why the complaints towards AT class about this matter when they clearly got things worse than a gunner. :P

    How I wish I could switch weapons on AT depending on the situation and use different kind of buffs, weapon skills etc.

    Just add the ninjas into block list, so you don't have to play with them anymore in future. Many players showing their true nature during these sort of events.

    Exclude the ninjas from community, they do more harm to themself then.

    Economy will become back to "normal":

    Poor players will sell items = Rich ones buy them, Poor players get more kinah

    Players with a lot of kinah quit the game = A lot of kinah disappears at once

    Eventually people lose kinah, others gain kinah and like earlier stated: Some just need kinah for normal ingame activities that has nothing to do with tradebrokers or buying items from a instance. (which in a way is actually a exploit)

    Currently everyone want to get full advantage of the event.

    Instead of having fighting constantly and chances of losing your event loot, it is easier to do it in peace.

    It is already "stressfull" enough to open boxes and having own faction ninjas around. Many of those ninjas are afraid even doing it on their main character because they will get blocked by a lot of players and not be able to participate in future to activities.

    For example on Sillus the biggest asmodian active legion even ninjas from their own legion members. How annoying must that be?

    Of course others will feel frustrated if you come to a zone and start griefing enemy faction, while others try to do their event. This can mean the other faction gets frustrated also.

    We already have ridicilous people coming even in xforms to kill everyone and act proud of it.

    It's more about take advantage of the situation 100%.

    I still don't believe players having huge amount of kinah will make huge difference to new players. Players can still buy goldpacks with real money, nowdays it is common that you use real money on games you play. Aion is not the only one. So I am pretty sure a new player would still understand that there is a "monthly subscription" included.

    Also a normal active player does not need tradebroker activity either to progress in game. What a new player can do of course is, put items on sale on tradebroker and get a nice amount of kinah to progress that they obtain from normal gameplay.

    I still do not believe the big amount of kinah amongst players will make that big of a deal. Personally I don't even use tradebrokers that much, since I can obtain everything from "ingame" already.

    So I don't believe this kinah influences new players that much. People can still play the game normally.

    Some players think that skins have value, some others think it's a total waste of kinah and you can live without.

    Not to mention thanks to the transformation scrolls, the skin value decreased even. Well perhaps now when people got more kinah, they might even buy transparent scrolls more often.

    I judge by the situation that often these players does not like the situation that they can't be richest or best geared anymore.

    where u got that info????.how they cant be? if they always were and they always will be. its in their nature. if they were rich and best geared means they were doing a lot before. dont u think that this players will be poor in future? for sure not. mostly people complained , who didnt want any rollback or nerfs on kinah because they got so many kina first time for all years in aion. U saying like this, that situation what happend with kinah and pve gear, is like end of the world, like everyone will be rich and best geared forever till aion alive.

    I am saying what these type of players did complain about, you can talk straight to them about their motivations and try to get a constructive feedback out of them, since I only met this sort of behaviour, therefore added it to the list also. If you want more details about these players, go chat with them about it, simple as that.

    Also I already gave you the resources where I met these sort of players having arguments about this sort of behaviour / situation.

    I just added the players who complained about having best gear complaining that others will get closer to them with gear, many of them from pve perspective.

    I am not saying it is end of the world. On the contrary, I am saying this event was a good thing, since now I get more players to choose from at endgame instances. I like the fact that people can get closer towards endgame activities, since it's been limited so long time and there are players I would want to join me at the endgame instances. Now they can thanks to this boost.

    P.S: I am actually good geared and been active with endgame instances and had already before this event +15 items, so this does not bother me at all. I just don't like that every event should be "crap" or "p2w" model, because it would be a "end of the world" that someone gets a item for free.

    Because they wanna be richest and best geared. Too big ego to handle this.

    do you judge by yourself? i mean, why point out that someone has a big ego in the game, just to be richest and best geared? makes no sense specialy in this situation, because it was always like that, even without this event. U basicaly only provoce such players.not constructively. players with big ego, they will always have more gear and more money, since they were always like that, since it is their target of internet life.

    I judge by the situation that often these players does not like the situation that they can't be richest or best geared anymore. The ones that rarely add constructive feedback towards any kind of event, but only keeps complaining that others get free items. It's always the same people who complain samething about any "better events", yet never seen a constructive feedback to why they complain.

    And when you question their motives or feedback, they get angry and start insulting everyone being idiots, etc.

    Met quite a few of these kinda players in mmo's and in Aion. Earlier topics and threads already brought this sort of behaviour out by many, that's why I added it into the list from Facebook group, Ingame, Discord and Forum where I experienced this to be read or heard at.

    Although, I wish we had seen pvp stones and fragments instead in this event. Yes I know there are players who would prefer to be best geared and many didn't even need to ever know the struggle of bad RNG when it comes to enchanting a full set (due to people having almost full set with compensated gear from beginning, they didnt have to go through every part like many new ones). Especially when in between there was even "Tier2" introduced. So many had to start from 0 again because there was no point making legendary gear into +15 then to Tier 2. Was easier and cheaper to start from beginning.

    Then there are players who are unlucky, like me on a character that been failing like 8 ultimate pvp stones in a row to try getting weapon from +13 to +15.

    What I am aiming at:

    To have a ACTIVE and HEALTHY pvp community, we need people to have gear so they can actually participate into pvp activity, especially when it comes to world pvp. With pvp its not the fun part "to gear yourself and kill lower geared", well... apparently many also enjoy that, but the fun part in pvp is actually doing pvp.

    While gear matters way too much, a low geared can't kill a high geared player. That's why there should been event to balance this out.

    The point is that PvP should be fun by DOING IT. Not by "grinding gear so you can do do pvp someday". The PvP part is already more fun than gearing for it. It's actually a activity that doesn't even need to be "prolonged and hard to get" all the time. People should be able to do pvp daily for fun and enjoy the pvp aspect of activity.

    But apparently this feeling was forgotten along the way, since people rather only collects pvp gear instead of using it.

    I still think GF should do something about the huge amount of kinah gain from last week directly and not thru an event.

    Look at it this way, ppl that couldnt play last week or didnt farm much due to rl can still barely participate in the event and lose out on a ton of rewards. :s

    Still other people having a lot of kinah does not change anyones gameplay inside the game.

    You can still do the normal activities inside the game, even if you did not get billions of kinah from the event.

    The ones that this kinah thing affects most are:

    - Kinah seller sites and individual players.
    - Players who do not contribute a single euro to the game.
    - Players who want to buy gear by doing nothing.
    - Also players who can't handle the situation that other people got similiar gear or kinah amount as them. Because they wanna be richest and best geared. Too big ego to handle this.

    Personally I don't consider this kinah situation actually change much ingame for normal active players.

    Personally I wish I had collected more kinah, if I had known the event was gonna end this fast. I still managed to grind nice amount of kinah to last longer time. I am more interested in pvp aspect of view, so I am happy that I can put more focus now into pvp also. Not to mention the pve enchantment stones and accessories brought more players closer towards endgame instances. These items brought people just closer to a place they should been able to reach long time ago.
    This even hindered us who are at endgame to participate into endgame because many are battling RNG.

    Virta just blind by money. that's too poor I'm seeing this. You missunderstand the mean of "event".

    If you are refering that I am blinded by money or kinah, you are talking to wrong person here. Like I already explained earlier, I could care less how much kinah everyone got. Most people find owning kinah a competation of some sort.

    This Kinah event wont still stop players from being active ingame. I think the biggest reason is not the "Oh no prices will be high", since everyone got equal ground to grind.

    It becomes more and more clear that main reason is "Oh no, I am not richest or best geared anymore" kinda attitude. Since that must hurt many players ego. Even I had the thought first "Everyone else gets pve gear +15, I made my pve gear +15 with hard work", but I am more happy about that more players can join me now for endgame instances. I can now even make 2 different premades thanks to the enchantment stones.

    I am actually more happy about that we can have activity ingame and would hoped this enchantmentstone event actually been pvp one, so more people can get endgame gear done, so we have a healthy pvp community again like in old days.

    But everything gets hindered and complained about those, that either put real money into the play or games 24/7 unnatural amount of time without sleep all year.

    I thought first "This is stupid", but now later on I been thinking more about it and consider this actually to be a good thing when look from a different perspective of view.

    For example: I get more teammates to join me at endgame.