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    But at least unstil some time ago they would remove these items some time after the end of the event... now they delete it in the same maintenance.

    They didnt even delete all items that said "Deleted at the end of event".

    So which is it? Delete or not deleted?

    Are the servers similiar to each other?

    We have a fun game lately "How many Odin players got ultimate transformers coming across", it s a fun game to play, its like when you play while sitting in car what car color comes next or how many audis or bmws are trying to get past you. Because other servers you see like 1 out of 20 having ultimate transformation.

    Odin people have like 1 out of 3 and its becoming a funny meme amonst some friends.

    What is the cause of this? Is Odin server more lucky or do they have more p2w people on that server?

    Just a noticeable curiosity.

    Also use the head abit, I show MyAion to show that we killed 15 bunnies during that run, with a theory that relogging can cause not getting bunnies also. But of course you will go instantly for the player instead of the mechanics. The player is doing wrong. It's always the player, never the game mechanics. Gameforge never made bugs.

    Are you the one that developed Hero Trials or are you the guy who tested it? With few other guys here in thread that are in denial sameway.

    Samething was with the ordeal gear disappearing bug and getting one shot killed by bosses.

    If I recall even same people were "You dont know game mechanics","There is no bug like that" and whoppe fibbledooo, there was a bug like that. That was even mentioned in the frigging patch notes.

    But "I never had deaths like that". .. "I never seen that happen" people were already attacking players who brought it up. Support made automatic response to it. Luckily Ncsoft had found it out so it got fixed.

    It actually starts also to piss me of when people have issues have to waste 40 Luna to get few bunnies that for some reason does not wanna count, even when everyone are nearby, everyone does wait for them to get bunnies because the runs are done amongst friends.

    Then we got few people here who always blame on the players, because they dont have this problem. Nothing pisses off more than hearing from someone "that you are doing everything wrong", even when you clearly kill every single bunnies together almost standing ontop of the stupid bunny.

    Everyone gets experience and nobody is away.

    Yet people get the situations bunnies not counting. Do you really think we wanna pay 40 luna to get 2 bunnies? Do you really think that you are the only one that knows about "game mechanics".

    It pisses me off to waste 40 luna for a Stella Easy instance, when I could be using it on something better on a endgeared character.

    And I will say: I got experience from every single rabbit that was killed. We wait for everyone to be nearby the rabbit when they are killed.

    Or are you saying being next to rabbit within 5 meters does not give you experience in a instance?



    - Zapiel

    And now my main needs to use reset scroll too.

    First run: 15 bunnies.

    Second run 15 bunnies also, but one relog due to door in Paplap.

    There is proof in my Session, do you think Gameforge would look at my MyAion Session, when they clearly stated before that it is not proof.

    And clearly it's those 2 last ones that did not count due to relogging to open door. Everyone else got 30/30, except me.

    Ty for survey.

    Hero trials are not partf of game content they are aditional content, stop complaing about them and find yourslef a real life jobs.

    Stop complaining about Bugs and such? So you think we should be quiet and not give feedback about bugs?

    Personally I don't understand why we don't get any responses to this. Do Gameforge know about the issue?

    Will Gameforge do something about it? I mean, are many wasting their time hoping that they can still participate for the Hero Trial?

    You only login to do Hero Trials?

    Sieges, Altars, Lugbug, Makarna/Prome Easy/Garrisons/Red Katalam etc. you get the picture.

    Not to mention you are saying times how long it took you to do them. But what about the time gathering up people, waiting for someone to arrive, etc.

    We had to change our premade schedules for difficult instances because of the HT and it gets stressfull, since we got a lot instances to do already outside of the Hero Trials.

    A lot of people wasted their runs to Stella Easy, because they couldn't get past first boss, due to people bringing low geared characters there.

    So even the lower geared main accounts can't get 60/60 anymore. (We are talking about new players or players that currently are mainly focusing on Makarna / Prome to get gear).

    Also on the first week people had to use reset scrolls for Narakalli and Prome NM, because they got this exact same bug as many keep getting 29/30 or in some cases 28/30.

    Myself included. That's why it is annoying to watch always someone come here trying to be like "There are no problems with it, because I dont have problems, nobody else can have either, you are just playing the game wrong."

    Not everyone have problems with this event, I even got legion mates that dont have issues, but I have also people in friend list who had problems, also people in instances that I gone with had problems with updates. Like yesterday also everyone else got 15 bunnies in Beninerk Manor easy, while someone else got only 14. The one that got 14 was the tank, so how is it possible person in front line for the bunnies did not get the update?

    Are you trying to say Mr. Zenuri that we should accept this and just pay Luna for resets because it works fine for you? Maybe we should not speak out. Maybe we should never tell bugs, because everytime people bring out a bug issue or something, you are here trying to tell it's not real like the comment indicates "Me and no one who is walking with me, nor in my legion or shouting on Odin Asmo, had a problem by now.^^" . Every post you make, always sounds like this, like there is nothing wrong with anything. It almost sounds like you are one of the employees or would wanna be to Gameforge that wants to make people quiet and say "It is not true."

    Almost like the comment Community Manager made here "Its cool to be a hater", when people are trying to reach with feedback, but they are ignored. They are not re-assured about anything. Is something going to happen? Do they know about this? Or are everyone left in dissappointment and should be just quiet about any kind of feedback or bug reports.

    Because everytime the people giving feedback are considered by certain members of forums as "Haters" or "Whiners" "Crying". "Not knowing the game". It's like we are not allowed to tell about the bugs, not allowed to give feedback.

    Yet, even if you dont have a problem, does not mean others wont have problems. Which already been proved several times in this community.

    People blaming players instead of mechanics, like that whole one shot kill thing that happened in instances. Yet there was a fix for it in patch notes. Several people were here saying "You died because of mechanics, you just don't know them."

    Sameway as you are saying that you dont have this problem and saying that whole Odin Asmo side does not have this problem. Well I got news to you: Yesterday I talked to someone from Odin asmo side in Runatorium while we waited to kill Kunax.

    He or She told also having issues with HT not always updating. So not everything goes only around your bellybutton. There are many here who had problems, many inside the game that don't come here to forums tell about it.

    They can do a quick survey with 1 reset scroll for beni/pw hm/stella nm, these are the instances where u might mess up, for the other stuff u can reset with LUGBUG weekly scroll.

    Thing is if they realise how they messed up, also if ur game get bugged like Finnishguy had....u are preety done. Unless u have scrolls from elite rewards

    Well, think how people will struggle today and tomorrow to get Beninerk Manor Easy done. I saw already in cross server how some people were trying to gather people together.

    Everyone did first day because they knew it will be hard to gather 12 people together on the next days.

    Also I witnessed few times how people tried to ninja bunnies when going into instances. How much griefing happened by some, inviting people into instances where they already killed bunnies.

    Also bugs where all bunnies didn't count or just simply did not spawn.

    The Hero trial quests are not that easy "afk" event anyway, so I don't see any reason why there can't be few extra quests to help out those who either can't do a instance or gets problems like things bugged.

    I think it was silly to make it exactly 60/60, even Lugbug got few extra quests to do.