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    So lets they say in code that YOU COULD not apply to Instance if you dont have gear on themselfs and even if they keep gear in invetory they can add finder for strongest pvp part (Example if you have ancient ring and ultimate ring they will count ultimate and ignore ancient but only if it have pvp stats)

    So we all once in while meat OP geard ppl in open world pvp or battlegrounds

    So i thinked about it how we possible find way to play against similar geard ppl and have good time in aion

    So Gameforge could add RATING SYSTEM for example they could use our pvp stats to separate us

    They could count total of our pvp atk. and def. and if you have like around 3k pvp total (example 1.6k pvp atk. and 1.4k pvp def.) that whould put in tier 2.(2.5k - 3.5k total or somthing different to balance dmg) so with that ppl tier 2. whouldn't be able to kill players tier 1. and etc.

    They could use PvP total to separate player in battlegrounds for example your group have 12k of pvp total they whould play against 12k-13k of group pvp total tier and with that NO ONE WHOULD posibble instantly kill you AND you whould always be able to kill someone who is stronger then you in your tier

    I whould love to hear your opinion about this :)