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    just calm down...eventually we will get a point asking same questions about it over and over again. ;3

    There R more others skins - new or old, just not available to get them. Could be nice to can get them again. For example this set from Beritra Invasion before patch 5.0 or others ... EDIT: why Team Aion doubled these animal skins ... i dont know :(

    EDIT #2: SWB was very popular skin also, but i dont know about drop armour from this instance. Weapons R beautiful <3

    Btw regarding skins..They are available in 7.5 as don't worry about it ;3

    Thanks for replying guys. And yes, I don't really mean that to rate clerics heal amount, but how much they even use their skills...
    like every instance is obviously different and amount of heals required are different..obviously based on gear and everything else... dps meters work is you can check the amount of skills used per run. and which skills were used also...
    this could be applied by looking at clerics used skills. gear or lisiel gear, some dont even bother using their own potential, when using only healing wave and it kinda annoying.:D
    but how to effectively rate a cleric before even taking one is hard...without checking names in the system and how well they did in any particular instance you are trying to recruit one for.
    Just wanted to put it out there, because like you all said, it is very hard to rate a cleric before you actually get to use them.

    Hey, one request we were thinking of being added..
    Since its nice to check dps of people applying to you and you pick your people..
    Though there is no check on clerics based on healing, only after a run obviously.
    Would be cool to have a separate ranking for heals, since majority of us don't dps.
    Can add a little competition to fellow clerics on that part also imho.
    Don't bash me if its silly :D but some of us are curious on how we do.

    Most of you might not be even bothered by it, however some of us would like to level up our respected villages in Peron.
    However the quest that we need to complete in order to finish it is not dropping the required item.

    [Daily] Essentials for the Flower Bed (Rep) - requires to kill Umbronites for the Sacred Fertile Earth...
    no matter how many of them u kill the item does not drop...

    Could anyone from the team look it up and see if the drop still even exists or it is a bug...
    Would highly appreciate any information ;3
    Have a good day

    I also agree that merging again will cause more inconvenience than good..all in all people will be annoyed cause all the resets will be in place again and as we all know some people had bugs after merges also..So I believe we just need to wait for 7.5 for the integrated maps to be live.

    What is going on with the servers all day??

    Can we please have some info regarding this? We have tons of disconnects on all servers every 30 mins or so.

    Thank you

    the thing one said about the price of those items...could be free once per day or smth, since this item is custom, you can't get it from game, there is no option than put it in cash shop.

    So i will find out later whats the case of it..however the general idea of it being account tradable and tradable via broker, also having them drop from pvp instances is a must have imho

    NA just got this!!!

    can we please have the same??!

    • Kamar Battlefield, Idgel Dome, and Illumiel Brawl will now provide Fighting Spirit Fragments to the winning team.
    • Added a new morph recipe to package Fighting Spirit Fragments so they can be sold on the broker or passed through the account warehouse.
      • The morph will not be available right away due to the item required for the recipe being added to the Black Cloud Marketplace in a future update.