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    If we calculate that to get a +15 ultimate pvp equip (without shop) we will have to play several months (if not years), I will be able to be full exactly at the next patch change! Because it works like this here ... you completely change the game with other sets once every year! They have not yet understood that to change the game we must not necessarily change equips and maps! We need to improve it and REALLY implement new features! I make a trivial example ... swimming .. underwater maps, different instances! But no, they just change sets and put back old maps to entertain mediocre players!X/

    This does not change that the success rate is TOO LOW! I don't want to think about what we will have to do to bring a PvP Ultimate piece to +15, if for the legendary they are sweating so much!

    They cant change success rate so what is the point of this thread?

    Can't they change? They are the ones who manage the servers! Although there is a big difference between to able to do and waiting to do .. The reason for this discussion is to point out to those who should need to listen to their users every now and then ... if I'm talking to one of the many who use the shop every day then yes, I'm wasting my time.

    Belgharat please, tell me what has AT more than SM, i'm very curious now.

    you're joking, right? The AT is a magic tank .. we talk about the paralize, of dissolving the magic shield with 1 shot, almost perpetually active shield due to the reduction of damage, skill to evade magic attacks ... ah here .. the complete refull of life? ! (Aside from the massive damage it does!

    I could talk to you about every single class, and each one has much more than the sm! Do you talk to me about dispel? But where?!? There is nothing left to take away, leaving aside the fact that every single dispel was obviously nerfed! So what I try to do is an objective discourse not a way to vent your misunderstood frustrations. I am not one of the many that as soon as a new hyperostatic class arrives rushes to change their own! That's why I'm observing the horrible consequences of my class. If you were correct you would admit the same thing, but since your goal is to let off steam from behind a monitor I would ask you to pass the next post.

    I wanted to emphasize how you are bringing the game to an impressive paytowin level! Not only the legendary PvP stones that are rare enough to obtain (except for the 5 in seventh with the stellium) without talking about the ultimate .. but the probability of up from +10 to +15 of a legendary piece touches on the ridiculous! I consumed 15 legendary stones to try to get a pair of shoes from +10 to +13 .. the result? get the piece back at +10 :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:!!! It's about 20 days that I try to do this thing and nothing has changed .. I understand that you would like every person to spend thousands of euros buying your damned stones at the shop, but apart from being cynical, you could simply increase the probability of success, or at least put a lot more legendary and ultimate stones in play?:/:/ Perhaps you would avoid that many players, like they did, get tired of seeing the game collapse due to your management !!! :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    X( Every day worse, every patch does not helpX(. We found ourselves having the "old" magic classes as dummies. I take the SM! A class that controlled the adversaries and slowly killed them .. now I find myself having a character with useless defenses (see the pet who dies with 2 strokes and with weakened bodyguards!) Leaving aside the now useless dispelles and calculating that we can no longer check anything with drastically lowered fears! Let's move on to having a fear that lasted 10 seconds to have one that lasts only 4 !! The physical classes (not to mention the Painters) are clearly superior with the same equip! What goes through the heads of programmers? They have already ruined the game from the point of view of craft and maps! bah ... what a shame they make me!:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    Dunno, the purpose of the map is to be a cross server PvP area, somehow like Pangea was.

    You're supposed to fight against opponents for those mobs, not going in for PvE when nobody's in.

    The restricted access period aims at having the most players at the same time.

    I understand the desire for pvp, but so you can not do neither pvp nor much less pve ... Let's talk about 2000 people on the same map at the same time .. is a perennial siege .. should make sure to spread people in different schedules or divide the servers differently. We are too many, it's a fact!

    Hi all, mine is not a criticism but a suggestion. From the new update 7.2 with the arrival of the "new" map we are many, too many in my opinion, having to kill the same mobs ... My suggestion is to add an entry time to the red katalam also in the morning, maybe for a few hours (2/3) to allow those who can't connect in the evening to still do some quests. I hope that this post is shared by many and that it can reach the right people ^^. In any case, good game everyone!:)

    But are you crazy? Do you continue to update pvp sets in such a short time? You can't complete one that already has another one ?? But relax a few years before continuing to change patches !? !! Not everyone throws thousands of euros for a game !!!!!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:


    This Wednesday, September 25th, we will perform a special maintenance to fix a bug with the current event. The maintenance will start in a few minutes (~15min).

    Depending on how long it takes to perform it, we might have to postpone the GM event to a further date.

    We will keep you informed.

    I had just entered the instance (Heremin Mine) when you wrote this. You can at least reset the inputs to the instances ... they are 1k of ap less !! :rolleyes:

    I believe that if they wanted they could turn this game into f2p and still gain money! Let's not go too far .. the American servers are COMPLETELY free from the gold pack and have not failed! Then, in my opinion, those who spend real money to have more privileges in the game are not a "hero" who carries on the server but a loser who confirms to the gf that this business can continue ...

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask you if there is an instance or a way to get stigma that is not to the broker. Thanks in advance and good game!:/

    Hi everyone, I started this post because I am pretty fancy!;(;( It is absurd that for about a year I have been operating transformation contracts and I cannot find contracts of ancient rarity or more! The percentage in my opinion is really too low !!! I understand that the legendary transformations must be difficult to find, not to mention the definitive one, but hell it is not normal to always find penguins and kobolds!:!::?::!::?: Do something!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Using Pandora Set (including accessoires) and enchanting everything except Wings & Weapon(s) to +5 only with ancient stones should be fine to complete any content except maybe Senekta. If you want to do top dps you will need to replace it with better gear from PW/Makarna/Senekta and enchant that to +15.

    Depending on your overall situation (Kinah for stats-rerolling, Manastones available, dropluck, etc) you could very well end up with keeping the Pandora gear. I'd advise to do Makarna though, farming those Pandora Accs is pretty time consuming.

    Thanks for your advice! I try to do all set with accessories and at same time try to drop samething to makarna...