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    So the first day this 100% chance for ancient is on the shop, f2p need to be able to get it instantly?....First it's on the shop and in the future it will be ingame, just like every other game with a cash shop model like this, except this time, there was an event with 100% chance for ancient for f2p players before there was one 100% in the shop... You're just complaining to complain now aren't you?

    yep, depending on the price that means 1 per month on main and 1 per 2 months on alts. Not bad for alts imo especially ones u just do garrisons/gok with.... but for main it's meh, since i barely see shugos in instances.

    And i thought we will be able to craft at least one box per week. LOL. Gameforge being gameforge.

    what made you think that?

    I am gonna reply to you even if ur quote makes me sick.

    I did not say i have no ancient. I asked what is the source atm for f2p players to get anxient contracts in game as long as u put it in shop for p2w ones.

    events & chance to get them with contracts that are: free from shop, with HT, buy ingame from shugo bot & gold sand shop

    If it real and they really add this bundle for 200 euros it's madness. 200 euros is half salary for some people. And the ones that dont buy it ? Where should they get their ancient transformation contract from ?

    Where is f2p players source of getting an ancient contract Galeas ?

    Really?... Half my friend lists got legendaries from the previous events, and you're telling me that active f2p players haven't gotten an ancient?.... a short while ago there was even a free ancient for everyone who logged daily lol. More events will come for f2p players... hell, I even got a legendary through a free weekly scroll that gameforge doesn't have to give us.

    I don't think you quite understand. We're talking about an RNG box that costs hundreds of euro's.

    We're not talking about an RNG box though. People see what they buy, sure the contracts might not give what they want but if someone wants to spend 4900 on 1 box for transformations, he'd also spend 4900 on individual transformation contracts. If you are disgusted by the existence of contracts then you're complaining on the wrong region's forum. Gameforge is just selling the items Korea decides is going to be used for sales, just like in last patches there were serums and ape's on the shop, now there are contracts.

    In any case, I really doubt that anyone would buy this box just for the ancient xform and the "A" letter if he's not already someone spending loads on individual contracts.

    People asked, mostly screamed, to get a pack like the one in NA. Basically 100 transformation contracts and as a bonus, one ancient.

    They got it. Now they complain for getting it.


    its ok if they give our a Legendary for that price but just a Ancient? really?

    It's not "just an ancient", it's 100 scrolls and an ancient.

    Someone who spends a lot on the shop who wants to buy 500 scrolls can choose between 500 scrolls or 500 scrolls + 5 ancients. What will he choose?

    I would not buy that personally, but that's cus I don't buy transformation contracts at all, I only buy skins and gold packs. But I can imagine that if some guy who has a well paying job and wants to buy contracts will rather buy this than bulk buying special contracts.

    1 contract = 49 coins, this pack is 4900 coins for 100 contracts + ancient + some event stuff.

    Why are people freaking out ? Every region has this type of deals lol, it's just that for us it's more expensive, as it usually is, nothing extraordinary either since it's literally just 100x 49. But in Korea they get legendary xform instead of ancient for an even bigger gap between p2w and f2p.

    Can't afford it? Don't buy it. Can afford but don't want to buy it? Don't buy it. Easy no?

    i would rather get more good events too ofcourse... i'm just saying we shouldn't be mad cus there is promos ... because i can continue playing as f2p player thanks to this promos and thanks to the people who spend money on these promos ... im not one of the ppl who quit due to events/promos but yeah there are some that leave with lack of events, so i hope there are more/better upcoming... but even then they will still need to push promos, so you should try to not let it bother you

    and what is your point? ... sometimes there will be promos.. sometimes events, sometimes events that are more like promo. This keeps the servers online ?(

    I don't care for kinah drop IF hero trials will give similar amount and not a few shitty bags of RNG kinah where you can get like a few 1.000 kinah.

    (keeping kinah event and hero trials combined would be nice too ofcourse)

    Who is calling the Kinah drop event a promo? I make 15-20m per alt every week for less than an hour work which isn't there in the original version... It's definitely an event then, isn't it ^^ .... but yeah heaving it permanent would be nice ^^

    Disappointing indeed.

    Would be nice to get fair and RNG-free events in which you are rewarded for active gameplay instead of AFK-events or "events" in which whales are the target-audience.

    Yeah, hero trials will give us permanently rewards for active gameplay. I rather they put a random promo and focus on hero trials instead of having to test and work on events.