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    No, you will be automatically banned if you don't play for a long time. But your account and character will be safe.

    You can login on the shop to "unban" yourself.

    But currently there is a maintenance going on so it may not be available, you also can't login to the game right now, try in a few hours :) maintenance is every wednesday

    If you forgot your login details, contact support.

    Agreed that they have massive eu audience, but most of Asmon followers would go to play on same server as he is (so NA) so it wouldn't be that effective for EU sadly.

    Also one thing i am afraid of is that if we get somebody like asmon then we would also need somebody equally big (or multiple smaller streamers) on the different race than he would pick or it would very break the ely:asmo ratio

    Probably would need to get him to make asmo, cus elyos is more popular in a vaccuum and would balance itself overtime. (faction lock in case it doesnt)

    And would need to make sure he reiterates that theres a EU version for EU viewers,

    I tried playing on NA servers before, the ping is horrid for experience, I think his EU viewers would prefer playing EU version instead of high ping NA version where they might see him ingame during the few sessions he would play, but im not sure.

    Whatever they decide, I feel like we are lacking hype, theres hardly more than a few 1000 views on aion EU classic videos/posts

    As for how to make the game better, yeah you can do all that no p2w bla bla, but even selling an exclusive skin in cash shop, that is sellable in game, is a huge advantage. Someone can buy those, sell it for kinah, use kinah to buy enchanting stones.

    As I said, you can't really stop these type of advantage, at best you can try to keep it to a minimum.

    Easy, make everything from shop untradable, as it should.

    Realistically, that's not gonna happen, so sure, let them sell skins and gold packs.

    Aion in early patches is a lot more about skill than gear anyway.

    Not letting it get out of hand is important with unique items only on cash shop like the candies and AP mentioned

    Honestly I have no idea what they can do to make Classic successful, at some point I did, many years ago.

    Most importantly . Regular updates, NO p2W, ban bots, RWT, and overly toxic people.

    The era of F2P MMO where you get income from cash shop is over, a few weeks and a lot of new players will leave, 1-2 years later game is a desert.

    All good things come to an end. Most people who played Aion back then are in their 30's now.

    And also as some1 says ppl that played a lot Aion now are in their 30s and have jobs or maybe even familys, and i couldnt see a game that respect less your time and needs so many hours as Aion.

    Runescape started 20 years ago, people who played when it started or early on, they are now 25-40

    Yet oldschool runescape (sorta like a classic version of the current rs, so not actual original runescape) is very popular with even young people. Very active streamer community and a lot of love from the devs. Regular updates/patches, etc.

    If classic is launched well, and theres is a lot of adverts and sponsorships with big streamers, then it will bring new players.

    And if the new direction of aion classic executioner focusses more on story, it can bring in lore players.

    If they dont bring out all the items that require special enchanting stones that have barely any sources to get ingame... then I'll be happy :D Keep the game attractive and rewarding without having to spend € and more players will stay and pay a monthly gold pack, a skin here and there and some QoL things like pets. Which will give longterm income :D

    Having to enchant and socket manastones is enough XD

    Remember the days of trying to fill 6 slots and them breaking on 5/6 all the time, we dont need holy upgrade serum and all that jazz.

    When are the next Elite levels?

    an ulti transformation would be nice :love:

    maybe an improved stigma (class)? :/

    Enchanting materials :/

    Please make them useful considering the low player count making things harder to collect :thumbup:

    If they want to pull this off they need some kind of advertising as well. Not just that, they will need active GM's, active people, active systems that are against AP traders, cheats etc.

    Yes definitely!

    Advertising is key. There's not enough existing players left that can tell their former aion friends to come back and try out Classic. I knew MANY people during the height of my Aion time, as I was an active chatter/player, but I talk to max 5 of them, even that is at an irregular basis.

    It's vital to push out ads. One of the potential problems is that I dont see an active Facebook Pixel tracker on this forum or on their main Aion website, so Gameforge is less likely to know who the target audience is on here. Likely resulting in lower return on investment from ad spend. Maybe they have other ways of knowing (market research, etc) or GA4 but we will see.

    If classic is confirmed, they should already be spending on ads (maybe they are? I havent seen any ads which would show targetting is suboptimal). Even if more people use adblock nowadays, you only pay when there is an impression (ad seen). Partnering with active MMO streamers/YouTubers would help too.

    If the playerbase is high, Im sure theyll assign more GM's to take care of things.

    Is anyone else having an issue with this instance? I went in and the timer didn't go down, it just stayed at 1:00:00 and mobs kept spawning. So I just clicked on the autocombat thing and did other things. After an hour or so the unattackable NPCs turned into fightable enemies and those were the ones who dropped pumpkins.

    But even after the timer the mobs kept spawning, probably not as intended.