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    Found this korean video, even with auto translate subtitles, very useful and explain everything as it should be done, but we don't have (interest) EU version. [Cheer to all those EU streamers/youtubers,who gives us free goldpacks or show us how to open boxes or unfold their pvp/pve skills (like we cant notice if they are 'geared' to the teeth or not ...shshsh...)Keep up the good work!]

    playing 8h-12h/day is 'out of manual' , no game should be/is projected to be played that long.....Lets go in middle and say 6h/day play tops...

    Work in these game 6h/day and also pay at same time €10.000-€20.000 for at least 12 months , so you can start play it and enjoy it, and you will still get shot by dozens of top active players that you will encounter very often(leaving apart the talent of both sides)because you need more time/cash to catch up with your 'stuff'

    Lets not go against the much would cost to me to get there?

    AionRetailFanGirl99 so you say calculation of probability (rng) is impossible to be calculated

    or no one can be comfortable enough by putting a range of expenses on it like 10.000 euro-200.000 euro..

    .you made me recall Livo pulling out some Issac Newton dmg sure we can find out what 10% propability

    means and how many tries do we need to make,to be 100% sure that we take the item we're looking for.

    Babydots every work has a price but these is not the case anyway

    lets see the work needed : farming 10.000 mobs in new map for 50 chests pvp gear?

    (not talking abt unpractical or unrealistic things like taking accesories in pve instaces and killing

    Prigga with my premade that I got in 3 or 6 or even 12 months of game play,lets fake that part and we

    say I'd rather pay others to get them for me to save time and let others brag that i got carried by 'the smartest people of eu aion'(but thats

    history with the new patch),siege work,events partecipation,pvp dungeons(whose runs are not ment to be for improvements)what else?

    I'm trying to give just an idea of my picture these forum peoples try to analyze every world you say and

    happy to give you wrong because they feel smarter like that.Try to listen these time not just read!

    I think there is truly an answer to my question in time/cost so for a normal player How much euro he needs to spend

    ('wisely') in proportion of a time given (like 3-6-12 months with 3h play/day)

    Don't need excuses take a scenario and give me an answer if you can,I want numbers based on your knowledge

    Can you make a list like these and put a price next to it ?

    -Collections of all types to be at a 'good' level

    -full cubes (except the pve instances)

    -full improved +15 stigmas

    -2 sets of pvp gear at least ready to use

    -2 weapons pvp

    - accesories

    -all the passive skills of gear and weapons

    -Odians - 2 glowing 10+

    -Runes - 3 major 10+


    -some start abt the Extreme Gear and stones

    -minions S,

    -at least one ulti transformation



    -Deavanions +15 all

    How much would these account cost ?