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    better than 6.0 for sure but while some systems got better... others that is wasting our time were added.

    besides skills and stigmas +15... relic system is not fast or easy. you still need tons of rare form collections to be competitive in pvp. you still need 3 s grade minions. platinum boss cubes are still rare. getting the weapon... jorgoth or a nice enchanted extreme weapon is still very rng.

    i mean those are goals to work towards but this game still require more hours per day than a day has.

    with the current system of gear it's possible that you will never get your gear parts on your own... since there are so many classes and you can get duplicates for your class or others. wrapping system is the savior but not really... it will be so rare to see parts on broker... with this amount of wrappings. so even if you put work into the game... you're still bound to not get what you need.

    How did you farm your gear back then? Without doing instances?

    Thanks for agreeing with me, back then you need luck to drop anything at all and then randomly a part from all classes.

    Now you drop 1-2 parts safely for your class in the new instance. In addition, you have quests where you get random parts for all classes and you have the chance to buy roles from these NPCs.

    An higher number of scrolls (they can be traded via the broker or you can put them into the account warehouse) doesn't really make sence because after a week you have max gear on all your chars.

    It is kinda sad that we already have that rng box in shop,on day 1.

    I have mixed feelings about this patch but at the moment i like it more than not eventho there are some red flags and trying to getting new gear wont be fun..

    Some people will get lucky, some may wont even get any class item for weeks, and the amount of wrapping items from the npc that spawns at midnight should not be limited and maybe even be cheaper , or have lot more items available especially since its a cross server map.

    It would be possible to give us 2-4 wrapping items weekly from shugo gold npc for reasonable price? Like 50-100 shugo gold each ,so we could speed things up by selling/trading Spirit gear in broker.

    I would be for such an idea or increase or something but only if the random gear parts are not available via quests.

    Otherwise the new instance would make absolutely no sense.

    Selten so ein Dämlichen Kommentar gelesen ,wie von Dir Technique.Warum sollte man nicht auf Belohnung Klicken,die man von der Lugbug Mission bekommt?Ach ja sorry vergass,das man immer erst warten soll,bis von Game.Forge das OK kommt,Belohnungen auch zu Nutzen.

    An dem Item steht doch dran:

    Kann gegen verschiedene Gegenstände eingetauscht werden.
    Bei Verwendung erhaltet Ihr 200.000 Erfahrungspunkte.

    Btw es geht nicht darum wer am meisten Dux dmg macht. Ich war im letzten raid platz 2 overall im dux dmg und platz 1 meiner klasse und hab rang 2 reward bekommen :)