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    last stigma event i burned 120 stigma stones from +9 and it went to +11 never 12

    this is UNHEARD of and yes i managed have this bad tell me again why give these usless 30% just to make people quit....

    this event i used 28 stigma stones got 1 stigma from 12-14 with 24 stones after i stopped..

    waiting next months event hope its 35%

    Also Galeas pls put RUNE 100% Stigma enchant stones as reward in future events...some of us are not lucky

    the RNG in this curent patch is out of proportion...

    getting the new gear is impossible without putting more silentium flux in game...

    atm u get like 12x or so and thats it..

    the weekly x1 is a joke since u need lvl 5fame..

    i dont understand why they dont customize such patches for our region....i just dont get it.

    this patch got me lol so hard...i went to test the new map i love how it looks but making it server wide is worst idea ever.

    why put silentium x1/week at lvl 5 Fame chance there atm all tryhard try farm there now..people steal souls like crazy...

    lower the price for exp extractors..

    i hope in the future we gonna have some way of obtaining this gear easyer....

    So regarding the HERO trials which ended, best reward was the NOBLE ODIAN SELECTION BOX, most of people managed ot get they re missing skills...either from boxes or broker finnaly

    Galeas this was 1 of the best drops in the HT rewards.

    In future events consider putting GLOWING odians ALSO, and 100% Rune stigma enchant greatly people catch UP.

    most people got +15 improved stigmas allready at least on storm i think more than 80% got on they re main

    But some of us who are not so lucky enchanting are stuck pls add these events in future events/hero trials

    i was just stating a quick in your opinion the people who lost they re HT cuse mobs didnt cound should not be able to reach 60/60?

    i know people who are at 19/20 cuse hererim and minionite didnt cound and they are not high fame reset it

    These HT compared to last ones are better thought in my opinion....the last ht with mobs scattered on diferent maps, also u had to take garisons to compete q was a disaster.

    These ht quest are way better regarding pve.

    Now the problem for some people from what i saw is in hererim/minionite.....

    had been an easy fix to give 2-3 scrolls in weekend for free in shop to help those dunno why the gm staff neglected this

    finished all 11/60 HT quest on wednesday, only problem for me was in hererim mine after 2 runs i had 9/10 so i had to reenter to complete 10/10 mobs.

    Pumpkin event

    -x1 rune stigma stone

    -x2 selectable legednary box form

    - x2 lunaris weapons chest

    - x4 mercilessaccs

    -x1 rune

    Next time pls post on event notice how many bombs each boss require... since u are limited to 20 /day without farming...

    as for now

    Makarna-18x bombs

    eso-18x bombs

    Lower udas07x bombs all i know

    we need every month events which reward Legendary form apostle or normal wont matter.....

    so we attend fuse or whatever .

    Also S rank minions are PRIORITY....since in new update we get SS Minions

    Twinkel keiner postet hier, alle sind im Discord.

    Galeas hat gesagt es sind 3x mobs die spawnen die LEGE auftrag haben und x1 mob der hat ULTI

    also 4x MOBS in total die spawnen.

    Auf Storm wir haben die mobs gefunden

    Auf Sillus ein Bot hat den ulit mob gekillt xD

    Wenn mehr info willst check discord.