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    ofc it will come u think having classic for gameforge comes at zero cost? maintaining 1 new server , basically its 1 new game cuse its diferent client than what we got ofc its gonna be monetized.

    :) even if at 1st they wont admit, or they will just put cosmetics in shop its gonna make a 360 turn towards money in the end 100 %.

    its always about the money :)

    Galeas pls for the next elite rewards keep the VISION Selection box like we had LAST Elite lvls, it was great addition and was lots of positive feedback, dont take that item out no matter what.

    maybe ad finnaly some S rank minons etc, assuming u forwarded the FEEDBACK :)

    i know after Nananerk stuff we gonna get some new Elites so keep this in mind.

    why would u cash in the 1st place for something u are not 100% sure about. We all know how this company works and that they do whatever for they re money but well, its also the players fault.

    next time if u not sure just PING someone on discord/forum and ask away, anyway im sorry for the people who got scammed, hope u can fix something out and get ur money bk, but last time i checked if u initiate a CHARGEBACK of coins ur account gonna get perma banned so carefull on that too.

    Dunno why they dont sell honor points in shop, Hell pass nerf to 0, Lumiel another joke

    Events look so great after you take powder u decide to log out :)

    i only did hellpas on main char daily, yesterday i decided to do on my tech ALT and i got ERESHKIGAL :))))))
    about MOPRH i agree it sucks big time, but im happy people spam it like crazy and LFG is full of +15 selection boxes :), i got 6x IMPROVED for my tech in 1hour of spaming WTB :)

    Galeas Drestam could u forward to ur team that we get this GLORY POINTS/Medal NPC every time we get a HP Reset? would make more people go sieges, and rewards are nice like skillcards , fragments etc.

    So next reset will be probably with 8.0, could we again maybe then get the conversion from HP 2 Glory Medals and get this NPC back?


    i agree on 1 thing the communication from GF lacks a lot i even explained this to galeas,people cryed about ulti form since ages and they didnt say anything then with the last patch we got they implemented 100% ulti form...

    this info should have been teased since way longer....this last minute news hurt the communication with the playerbase but they seem not to understand this. tbh

    i sayed from day 1 , if classic comes playerbase gonna split in 2, in the end RETAIL will get a new MERGE in 1-2 servers TOPS. which is more problems...and so on.

    hence why i dont want classic, playerbase is struggling anyway like retail is classic comes its gonna get more and more empty.

    Doris i disagree, when u go to 1 Restaurant they present u with these options, and u can say , im not interested in any of them i prefer THIS OPTION :)

    this poll should have added u want classic or NOT, 2 easy options. so people can actually vote.

    cuse im telling u those people who voted they are not interested they dont care /want classic :)

    i dont want classic at all, cuse its gonna split the playerbase, also the patches up 2 2.7, u need grind ur life away :), and since im casual i dont enjoy that much grind.

    i prefer getting stuff fast and after enjoy casual pvp/pve and thats it.

    but main reason i dont want classic is that its gonna split the playerbase. Which i dont want.

    this is my opinion :) i know most gonna disagree but well its my opinion.

    udontwantmegedingear i think u dont know what u talk about :)

    getting spiked is not so easy , its RNG u can be lucky and get 4 parts in 4 boxes and the last 2 parts u can never get, but if u was lucky getting it :) GZ 2 u.

    in 8.0 i doubt we gonna see the newgear in such rng, also the NEW gear is already posted and is ok- its pve the APSU one.

    dunno but seems to me u got no idea about what is going on.

    7.9 patch is FREE ULTIMATE FORM in 4-6 months

    easyest kinah ever / week with TOC.

    easy gear with makarna....its NEW PLAYERS Friendly.

    8.0 is revamp of SKILLS /DPS + NEW gear PVE and even ULTIMATE FORM in goldsand shop.