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    Sendlog on either Account log in Screen or Character Load in Screen.

    Tried various things, nothing helping.

    Cant log into support because it's saying my password and email is not correct... ( Yes I reset it, typed it in 500x times, now i'm just annoyed. )

    Been trying to log in for the last hour. Any Known and Verified Fixes? would be real good right about now., Thanks.

    Serious problem, i just got out of hallucinating and it seems Our beloved Aion 3.0 is Not actually what we are playing... What is this Sorcery revert back asap. tyvm.

    Firstly to counter ninja's rework that loot system, make it so when you start fighting the mob loot options cannot be changed. and after it dies there is a 20second cooldown period before loot can then be changed. Instead of people doing roll / decline on loot. Add a NEED BEFORE GREED SYSTEM.

    Remove that magical crafting thing, the old crafting system was better it made the game more interactive, more team focused, buying armor from another person, or having someone craft a specific item for you, was so cool and inviting, it gave you worth in your profession.

    Remove the minion and transformation system, it was never a need nor a want, the scroll system was perfect the way it was.

    Add Worthwhile events back into the game, e.g. events that you actually had to go out and kill for drops, not a log in collect from aion shop and test your luck. a Pure inviting event.

    Add HP to more things, or remove it entirely and revert back to the old AP system, but with restrictions on Buying AP, as to not make it so P2W.

    Remove the PVE STAT from the game, people beforehand knew that items with no PvP attack or def on meant it was PVE.

    Revert back to the old Stat system, with no PVE / PVP Stat.

    Dont let Stigma's be enchanted, this game is meant to be focused on skill, not the grade of your stigma.

    Remove the Painter it has no Lore value what so ever.

    The way you level up is very streamlined and at the same time it forces you to go to a specific place, which negates the games artistic value since you dont see 70% of any given map.

    Would like to see it not the same as it was before, but maybe add like 30-40% of the quests you removed from the zones back in, to allow for more exploration and a reason to actually enjoy the leveling up system, instead of being corraled to max level.

    Instances dont need to be reworked, but the way to access them does.

    Instead of the 4/4 /week, maybe opt for a once every 3 hours, etc. Yes it speeds up progression, but it keeps the player's active and not just a " Okay i shall do everything today and not play until next week" you would have to rework the price on all the items though, maybe 1/3rd higher than what is currently is now, not to overprice it to the point of this system being null and void, but to still provide an actual exprience when it comes to item collecting, gear farming, etc.

    Normal Modes and Hard modes are pretty cool, so i dont see a problem with that, it adds a good balance to those that want to gear up but at the same time maybe want to take an easier / harder approach to the instance scene.

    Add an In game Voice system, for those sieges and alliances / groups that want to take it a little further in their progression and strategy.

    Siege is laggy, even with a propper high end PC, probably because of all the spells going off, but I feel it could use a little bit more of a rework, the siege option in options is alright it does help a little bit, but still an incredible amount of work to happen there.

    Maybe add in a propper signature line for the new maps that come out, and the end reward be something worthwhile, like a mount or a kickstarter bundle to that content, not just something that will be replaced in 30 seconds.

    Maybe add in achievements for completing specific stuff, quests, instances, hardmode, sieges , kills. dont make the rewards overpowered, but give them a reason to be aquired, maybe a really cool skin, 1- 2 enchantment stones ( of good quality since achievements can only be gotten once )

    Anyway that is just a few things, i can post so many more if anyone would like to hear any other things.