Missing events for Christmas

  • It is one if the big celebrations for the year and what we got? White transformations ... amazing. Considering the fact that due the year had only 3 events worth any efforts and that the hero trials are crap not worthy any efforts and even if you want do something you can not. Simple because the maps are dead and you can not do any pvp.

    If you wonder what was the good events - HT in the begging of the year where we could get ancient fox transformation for hp collection. Then the summer HT the part with selectable pixel for people and the last one the garden instance (for bot) for selectable halloween transformation.

    Galeas you had a chance to do something but sadly nothing was done again. Last year we got horrible event the fastest win and there had so many people who got nothing but you considered it as good event. Something so toxic ... Now you had a chance to make something to compensate the "great events" you made during the year and improve the spirit in the game but you did nothing. I do not understand why. Other companies make amazing events. Other companies give for free them product for certain period of time. I do not say give people everything for free. I do understand Gameforge need to gain money. But considering the huge disbalance and the fact p2w get extreme gear +11, odians and runes +12 and free to play skins. This makes people quit. Galeas Odin and Ragnarock are ghost towns. Soon this will happen with Sillus and Stormwing. After classic goes out the situation will be worst. And when people get disappointed by classic and this is gonna happen sooner or later they wont come back to the normal servers.

  • True, the 20 fireworks and 5 tea. and 3 ice cubes which all fail below +7 isn't appealing.

    But tbh, I haven't played in years, and out of all the people I knew I think theres 3 still playing the game casually.

    I think Aion is just very low on the priority list shapash . Also, I think it's not Galeas, but some unknown PD who decides events and rewards. Like Nic pre-2017

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