Maintenance - 16.11.2022

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    This Wednesday November 16th, we will perform our weekly maintenance. Web services and servers will be offline starting from 8:00 am CET.


    • [Event] The Daeva Boost - More information. End: 30.11.2022.


    • [Promo] Luxurinerk's Puzzle chests -  More information. End: 30.11.2022.
      • NPC and items deletion: 30.11.2022.
    • [Event] The Dark Tigers - More information. End: 30.11.2022

      • NPC and items deletion: 30.11.2022.

    [Additionnal Information]

    • Labyrinth Instance: The exit portal after the last boss is currently not working. You have to use the return skill, scrolls or leave the group to leave the instance.
    • There will not be an exchange of the Corps this time.
      This means for the Asmos that "Wise Judgement" will not be exchanged with "Strike of Wisdom" and for the Elyos that "Life Debt" will not be exchanged with "Primordial Wind" at a later time. For this reason, the Fame EXP via Quests for these two Corps will be reduced and another reward will be added for Reward level 2 of the two affected corps.