• Spend Lucky Coins on amazing event items


    Luxurinerk has an amazing surprise in store for the Daevas – he’s got plenty of autumnal treats wrapped up in his Puzzle Chests.

    Aside from the Puzzle Chests, Daevas can also get their hands on Mega Lucky Chests and many more exciting items.

    Running: 2nd November to 30th November

    How it works:

    Collect Luxurinerk’s Lucky Coins in the shop and exchange them for event items both small and large from two NPCs. You can also get the latter if you collect enough jewels from exchanging small event items.

    Getting Lucky Coins

    Lucky Coins can be purchased in the AION Shop in the following quantities:

    3x/50x/100x [Rune] Luxurinerk’s Lucky Coin

    You can also pick up 10 Lucky Coins for free once per account per week.

    Visit the Puzzle Chest Tower

    At the Puzzle Chest Tower you’ll get a quest which requires 10 Lucky Coins. After completing the quest you’ll get 1x [Rune] Puzzle Chest and 1x [Rune] Luxurinerk’s Jewel.

    The Puzzle Chest contains valuable items like the [Rune] Extreme Armour Selection Box, or the Ancient Transformation Contract (19 types).

    Visit Luxurinerk

    Luxurinerk has a quest in store for 35 Jewels. After completing the quest you get a [Rune] Mega Lucky Chest. This contains especially valuable items like the +10 Extreme Equipment Box, or the Transformation Contract: Yustiel.

    Each week, you can also pick up the Mega Lucky Chest three times per character for the sum of 135 Lucky Coins.

    You can re-roll the contents of the Mega Lucky Chest three times for a fee of 40 Lucky Coins.

    Get Your Rewards

    An overview of all the rewards available from the two chests can be found in our rewards overview.


    The following event items will be removed from the game after the event: [Rune] Luxurinerk’s Lucky Coin, [Rune] Puzzle Chest, [Rune] Luxurinerk’s Jewel and [Rune] Mega Lucky Chest.

    Enjoy the event!

    The AION Team