• Show How Fearless You Are and Earn Valuable Items


    A most uneasy mood spreads across all Atreia as the Pumpkin King spreads fear and terror once again and the Daevas must prove their courage once more!

    Waiting for you are daily quests, bombastic buffs, exploding pumpkins and impressive rewards like the +9 Extreme Equipment Box, the [Rune] Rune] +9 Stigma Selection Box, the Abyssal Knight and many more!

    Running: 5th October to 2nd November

    Daily Halloween Quests

    The two NPCs Esta and Isuta will be waiting for you in the main bases in Inggison and Gelkmaros. Pay them a visit, receive a quest, and bring them Magic Pumpkins, which you get by defeating Pumpkin Kings.

    You’ll also run into Kabe, who also has a task for you as well. If you complete it, he’ll give you 2x [Rune] Basket of Transformation Candy: Halloween.

    An Hour of Bombastic Buffs

    Get 100% more AP, 50% more XP and a drop rate boosted by 50% for one hour: you can get the buffs by clicking on A Nobleman’s Coffin, which appears in the main bases in Inggison and Gelkmaros. Activate your buffs as many times as you like – the only catch is that you cannot renew them when they are active.

    Explode the Pumpkins

    Log in daily and you can get 5 Candy Bombs every 30 minutes. Your hero has to be level 76 and can receive max. 20 Candy Bombs per day. Additionally, you have the chance to receive Candy Bombs from defeated monsters in Lakrum and Aphsaranta every day from 6 PM to 10 PM.

    Hunt the Pumpkin Kings in the instances listed and blow them up with the event bombs – it’s the only way to defeat them! Defeat an event boss and you will receive 1 Pumpkin King’s Bundle as well as 1 Magic Pumpkin.

    Here is a full list of the instances in which the Pumpkin Kings appear:

    • Lower Udas Temple
    • Promethun’s Workshop (hard)
    • Makarna of Bitterness (hard)
    • Stella Development Laboratory (easy and normal)
    • Beninerk’s Manor (easy and normal)
    • Ara Infernalia (easy and normal)
    • Beshmundir Storm Temple (easy and normal)
    • Heart of Aphsaranta (easy and normal)


    You can find details on the rewards and the exchange of Halloween Pumpkins in our reward list.


    The following event items will be removed from the game after the event: Magic Pumpkin, Candy Bombs, Pumpkin King’s Bundle, Simple Halloween Art Box, Powerful Halloween Art Box, Magnificent Halloween Art Box, Magnificent Halloween Art Box (time-limited), Milky Way Honour Bundle, and Magnificent Milky Way Bundle.

    Have fun and a spine-chilling Halloween to you all!
    The AION Team