• Collect Moonflower Petals, Pass the Hero Trials and Earn Rewards!


    During the last full moon night, mysterious moonflowers grew all over Atreia. The Daevas are very interested in collecting these flowers since they grant them decisive advantages!

    Join the Daevas on the hunt for moonflowers and grab items such as the +10 Extreme Weapons Box, the Cacklemoon Wings, the Ancient Polishing Stone and many more!

    2022-05-27_AI_Mysterious_Moon_Flower_Screenshot_01_105x65.jpg 2022-05-27_AI_Mysterious_Moon_Flower_Screenshot_02_105x65.jpg 2022-05-27_AI_Mysterious_Moon_Flower_Screenshot_03_105x65.jpg

    Running: 1st June to 29th June

    Get Your Hands on the Moonflower

    You can get hold of the Mysterious Moonflower by completing Hero Trials. The moonflower contains 1 of 3 random petals: [Event] Blue Moonflower Petal, [Event] Violet Moonflower Petal, or [Event] Yellow Moonflower Petal. Each petal has a reward in store for you.

    More Mysterious Moonflowers are also available in the AION Shop – be sure to drop by!

    Boost Your Strength With the Power of Moonflowers

    You can get the [Event] Moonflower Berry from Blue and Violet Moonflower Petals. This small, inconspicuous berry holds within the mysterious power of the moonflower. Keep each one of them safe in order to complete all 6 ‘Power of Moonflower’ event collections. During the event, the collections grant you various useful boosts.

    The Moonflower Hero Trials

    In this event you can complete 5 Hero Trials quests. Travel through the lands and hunt monsters is specific regions.

    Playable weekly:
    [Weekly][Account] Hunting in the South-east
    [Weekly][Account] Hunting in the North
    [Weekly][Account] Hunting in the Underground

    Playable once:
    [Account] Atreia’s Hunter Part 1
    [Account] Atreia’s Hunter Part 2

    As a reward for completing the quests, you will receive various quantities of Mysterious Moonflowers.


    You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards.

    Notes on the Hero Trials

    The Hero Trials marked ‘[Account]’ can only be completed once per account.

    You can collect your rewards from the mailbox in the shop. You can assign them to a character from there (Manage bonuses → Allocatable rewards).

    Defeated monsters count towards the quest if you have gained XP by killing them. If you die, you don’t get any XP, and the monsters you killed don’t count towards the quest.

    Since some monsters don’t count towards the quest, you might need to kill additional ones.

    Please note that there may be problems due to a high system load. This may lead to the Hero Trials window not being displayed or the quests taking some time to update. In this case, please wait for the system to complete all calculations in the background.

    The following items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: [Event] Mysterious Moonflower, [Event] Blue Moonflower Petal, [Event] Violet Moonflower Petal, [Event] Yellow Moonflower Petal, [Event] Moonflower Pollen, and [Event] Moonflower Berry.