• Roll the dice for great prizes


    Running: 4th May to 1st June

    These dice don’t lie: play and win some great items such as +10 Extreme Armour Box, [Rune] Zikel’s Transformation Contract, Magic Hour Robes and much more.

    2022-04-20_AI_Luna_Dice_Game_Screenshot_01_207x134.jpg 2022-04-20_AI_Luna_Dice_Game_Screenshot_02_207x134.jpg

    How the game works:

    Roll and win: there are different reward levels that are represented as chests. To start your dice rolling, you will need Luna.

    Let the dice fly

    You roll 5 dice in the game. Every throw gives you the chance of a prize, represented by a laughing Shugo. But what would a game be if there was no losing? Should this befall you, a blue Shugo will be shown.

    You can stop rolling at any time – or keep going until you have won on all 5 dice. No matter when you stop, you keep all the rewards you win.

    There is the option to have the dice roll automatically until they all win. If you select this option, the corresponding amount of Luna will be withdrawn. Alternatively you can roll the dice yourself each time by clicking on the button.

    Golden Die

    Now things get interesting: as soon as you win on all 5 dice, you will get the chance to roll the Golden Die. Naturally, there are better rewards for winning Golden Die than normal dice. The Golden Die can only be rolled once and you will have to pay Luna for every roll.

    If Lady Luck abandons you when it comes to the Golden Die, you still keep the rewards you have earned. You also receive a consolation prize, so it’s always worth giving it a roll.

    What does all this fun cost?

    Each roll costs you 5 Luna. The game with the Golden Die costs 150 Luna per roll.


    If your rolls win, you will be rewarded with chests of different levels. Once all dice have been rolled or you have decided to leave the game, you will receive a random item from the chest you have won. Depending on the roll, you can earn either 1 or more chests of the same level.

    Have fun!

    The AION Team